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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to cure black magic permanently

Assalam u alaikum,

What can be a permanent solution to the problem of black magic?
Permanent protection from the magic spells is easy in case of an amali magic with a taweez. However, things get complicated if there is a magician in the victim’s own family who is constantly trying to harm the victim. The magicians have a lot of satanic power, so getting rid of them is a little time consuming and tough.
If a magician continues to harm the victim by casting one spell after another, then the victim may follow these methods for protection:
Buzurgs who are of the same caliber as a Wali may be helpful in quelling the magicians. They have a lot of spiritual power and the magicians as well as their devils are petrified of them. Their persona is so formidable that the magicians and their satanic troops surrender before such buzurgs without any argument. However, such buzurgs are very hard to find because they do not show any interest in worldly matters. They spend all the time in worshipping Allah. Because of their closeness to Allah, their prayers are heard very soon. Such buzurgs can deal this situation very easily. They can summon the king of the devils and order him to stop his satanic army from casting magic spells on the victim. The king has to obey the command and he is asked to make a promise about not troubling the victim again. Thereby, the victim gets rid of the devils forever.
The second way is to visit the dargah of a buzurg to protect oneself from the problem of black magic forever. This way can prove to be fruitful only if the victim believes that he can be helped by the buzurg. Visiting a tomb of a Buzurg with a heart full of doubts does not make much sense. It goes without saying that the buzurgs are also subservient to Allah, but before passing away, they had appointed their Moakkils, jinnat etc to help out those people who visit their tombs. The victim should look out for such toms only which are well known for their magic quelingl powers. Those tombs of buzurgs are considered to be the best for such a problem where the devils who trouble the victim are forced to appear before the mokkils. The moakkils give them a dose of their own medicine and may even beat them black and blue. The battered devils promise that they will not harm the victim again. They return to the magician and take revenge for the pain that they suffered. But the magician has other devils too and he sends some other one to trouble the victim again. This method is a time consuming one and may take upto 4-5 years.
look this video how to cure black magic jinn through mazar

Self treatment is another way of protecting oneself from black magic. Since the magician casts spells nearly every day, the victim has to break the spell by reading verses from the Quran each day. This method is quite exhaustive as the victim has to read the verses many times to expel the negative effects of the spells.and do more thing do 5 time namaz and make wazu . recite toillet dua when victum go to bathroom and eat ajwa kajoor daily in sahih bukhare (7) Narrated Sad: Allah's Apostle said, "He who eats seven 'Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them." (Book #65, Hadith #356)
Lastly, the victim can hire an amil on a monthly basis, who is powerful enough to deal with the devils. It would be better if he is a kaamil too. The amil should be able to break the spell quickly. Allah has granted me with such powers that I can break a hex within 5 hours. At times the magic is cast on the victim by the devil himself. Therefore, the amil should be powerful enough to either kill the devil or scare him away. Moreover the amil should be paid in installments or on a monthly basis so that the victim may not any trouble in paying the amount.

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faiza riaz said...


I have a question to ask you. It is really good amal you have posted on internet but my question is if somebody is facing all the different jadoo you have mentioned like bandish, sarsam, khilwat, and so on all these jadoo has been done on one person and he / she is suffereing from these then what would be the single best way to get out of these things Only one way of Quran to get rid of all these things.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar talk on this subject and you point out something we haven't covered yet, appreciate that.

- Lora

Zarrar said...


My name is Zarrar , I live in uae ineed your help one of the jinn is after me he dosent say anything to me but whenever i want to get married to some one he tries to call my future inlaws and my parents to say bad things about me. He dosent want me to get married i am really worried about myself and please help me every one thinks i am doing this purposely i am sick and tired of these things give me your cell number i want to cal yuo

abdul rafay said...


Dear Brother

my name is abdul rafay for the past 2-3 years i am facing a lot of problems in my personel life and at job difficulties in 2008 i performed haj-e-baitullah with my parents(mother and father) after haj my parents went awat to india after returning from mecca to india on 3rd day our car was hit by a drunken lorry driver . some says it was a black magical attack on my family different people say different things ( kuch bure log hamare ghar ke logoun ke pechay lage huway hai) to till date our whole family is distrubed please let me know the root cause?? who is the culprits behind these and they should be punished and brought to justice.

i am involved in sufism and i want to learn all the ruhani magical arts please please help and guide me please give me your mobile numer i need to talk to you its urgent and emergency... please help me out
Jazakallahu khair

nadeem said...

Sir i want to sold my house please give me sum taweez thanks
People gave me so many taweez but no result please help me by the name of GoD

wafa said...

I want you for help.
My grandmother is not a very good lady. She is very selfish and spent her whole life marrying men for money. She is very rude to my mother ( my mother is her daughter in law) and i am very sure she made my father hate her. She makes my father hit her and do other things. I fought with my father and grandmother and told them to leave my mother alone. They haven't harmed my mother physically ever since but they are still verbally abusive. Recently, I found out that my grandmother calls a lady to her home and pays her money to do black magic. I think it is on my family. I think that she is now targeting my brother. She gave him money and he says he feels negativity and something crawling on to his arm when he touches it. His best friend no longer speaks to him and it happened for no reason. He says his eyes burn when he listens to quraan and he begins to feel weak. This is abnormal because my brother is the very opposite of this. He loves Allah (swt) and normally encourages every member in the family to pray. He feels sleepy all day and has very dark black circles around his eyes. He gets angry easily.
What do you think is the problem?
If it is black magic, what should I do?
Please help me.
Thank you for reading.
May allah bless you.

Anonymous said...

asalam alykum ya akhee. Amel.

am islamic lady, i have been reading ur blog for a year now and followed everything inorder to cure my problem. am disapoint to say that am feiled.

i wonder if you can help me with my problem by praying for me.

let me give you a history of my problem.

its was thusday 2007 when i was back form job, in my hand i was holding 500 hundred TSH. i keept in the table and left it, after 15 min i came back from i was, i found that money burning. and it was just piece of it remain i kept it until now i have it. from that day every one who love me was hating me, i get fired from job, i got sick for a long time, i sell every thing i have inoder to handel life again but was not easy, i couldnt gate any job from any company, even help, that means i have finished. after 5 month i devoiced from that day i couldnt get any help from any where in this world. i prayed and pray without a successs.

i have been in dream some chasing me, eatting, geting shower, talking to dead people. no promise has beeb kept for rahma its all died like everything. now days i can even think properly, in short am in big mess right now, could you help me. tel me what should i do to overcome those things. bcoz sometime i regreat and feel may be it will be good if i die.

even relative doesnt care about me anymore, no one loves and i dint done anything wrong. pray for me for GOD to have mercy for me.

(may Allah Subhaana wataalah keep you Amel for long with good health and be out husda forever.)

i might not know where ur, but i knw god knows where your and he will grant you with his mercy. please help me.

Azharuddin said...

Amel Soname

My name is Azharuddin from Hyderabad, India. The main purpose of sending this you, recently from six months our family facing with problems, like myself had very weird dreams where is was seeing Jinn and same with my sister, even she was also finding Jinn in her dreams. My father is also not keeping well himself as well as his business is not going good, My mother even she is not keeping well, she always mentioned that her leg is paining and hands are paining and My younger sister . So we are five members in our family , and please let me know that we are black victim or not, please me also know what to do with is issue and i am very thankful to you and keep me in yours prayers.

maria said...

Salaam I want to know about kala jadoo type rohal or rohil .what is this type of majic and what is its cure

farha said...

Assalam Waleikum,

I have been through your site and found it very helpful.

I am suffering from black magic bandish of nikaah. I have got many
proposals uptil now.
Around 40 guys had come to my house with the marriage proposal.

They are very happy when they come, but after they go they reject our proposal.
They do not have any reason for rejection. We have tried out many
different things but nothing helped.

I am very depressed due to this.
Can you please help me?

Waiting for your reply.

debbie said...

Hello Amel,

I have found your website and I appreciate the information that you have provided.

I have a huge problem. I believe my husband and all of our family have been cursed by jealous people. We worked hard and had things. We have lost just about everything we own. We have the following problems constantly:

1. My husband has health problems.

2. He finds work and loses his job for no reason, even the small amount of money that he manages to earn.

3. We lost our business.

4. We sold our home for no reason.

5. My parents now hate him. They used to love him.

6. There is constant problems with family and we seem to be the outcasts from all sides for no reason.

7. My husband and I separated on a number of ocassions, even though we want to be together.

I know that some family members have a lot of money and they have contacts who could do us harm. I was hoping you could refer me to someone who could help us in Melbourne, Australia. I am desperate to get help.

I hope to hear from you soon.

AYOUB said...

salamalikoum Brother
i am so so happy to know you people i am a liberian in morocco
i am marry to a morocco woman ;i love islam and i like to know more
thanks you very well but i will tell you all things about us liter me and
my wife and her family;


ikram said...

Dear Amel Soname,

Assaa laa mou-alaikum,

My name is Ikramullah and I came across your blogs on blackmagic reversals.
Currently I'm 42, but ever since I was a child, I was continuously being subdued by black magic, which I highly suspected coming from my aunt ( my father sister ); SHE NEVER LIKE MY MOTHER.
I even lost my job in february this year and remain unemployed till November!!!

My symtoms were:

1) lethargy AND HEADACHE & dizzyness
2) Feeling sleepy or lack of sleep
3) Confused
4) out of mind
5) cannot make a decision and think clearly
6) Was like a dumb person and very stupid
7) Watching porno most of the times


But my aunt continue to monitor me and every time she call, she ask if I am working.
Last week she call and then the following day, I start feeling LIGHT HEADED, DIZZYNESS AND SOME HEADACHE...SO THAT i CANNOT WORK.
By Allah grace I have some powerful RUQYA SURAH which I listen everyday to protect myself.

Thank you in advance... I really need your help.

manju said...

gurujiii , i feel someone has applied Black Magic on my sister . please tell me a solution ... to get her out of this and get her back to us ......

Thanks .....

asal said...

i am emailing regadring a concern i was having. The thing is that about 2 months ago i have developed an allergy all over my face. I got a really bad rash, and went to doc and doc told me to use some cream and it would go away on its own in two days and he said if i didnt use the cream it would go away in two weeks because its just an allergy. However, i used the cream and instead of it getting better it got worser and worser as time went on that i had gone to many docs and hospitals that noting was working. I started to get really worried and as time went on the rash spread to other areas of my face and arms and now its on my hips as well. Also, i have noticed my face aand body have gotten a lot darker all of a sudden which is really worrying me and have turned very red and now their are pimples on my face and drynesss.

The thing is that for these past two months since i got this rash weird things have been going on. For example, one night i was in my room and my room light turned on automatically which was really weird. Also, i have beeen getting horrible nightmares at night about my ex, the nightmares were showing me that he is not a good perosn and ever since that i have totally ignored/avoided him and am very scared of him. However, things got even worser as i started to hear strange noises. I heard voices of some girl when no one was around and i was home all alone, this happen when i was praying. I also heard footsteps of someone walking when no one was home and that really freaked me out, The thing is that this never ever happen to me before. Also, when i was telling my friend what happen then we heard bangs on the door and then when we talked abt it again we both heard bangs on the door that we both just freaked out. I am really worried because i am feeling always so weak, tired, i dont feel like going out, have missed my uni for a month and grades are dropping, i am in constant stress and just cant seem to find any happiness lately. ALso, i am feeling very tense and get pressure in body and sometimes have difficulty breathing and tightness in the chest. also most of time im feeling very dizzy and drousy. However, i have started to pray a lot and some symptoms have gotten better although not completely. And now the problem is i have not been praying like i was before and lost interest in praying i jus listenming to music and not idulging in prayers. Also, people have started to act weird around me and seems like they dont wana talk to me. Also, noticing darkness black pigmentation by my eyes and irration in my eyes.

asal said...

Another thing is that the same time taht this allergy happen, my parents found me some boy to marry and i somehow randomly and quickly felll in love with him even though he was not my type, he has no permanent job or status. My parents however later rejeceted him because they thought he was just using me for citizenship, they thought that he was very strict and controlling that my parents ended it. However, after me and him contatced each other again becuse for some reason which i dnt kno i love him a lot that he made me force my parents back into it and so my parneys agreed. However, i dont feel like being with him after my allergy because i felt ugly and also i thought he was jus using me because he did not treat me right so i ended it and felt much better. However. recenlty i started having very bad nightmares and he was in them looking very scary and doing bad things. I still again in contatc with him and i told him abt all this and he does not say anything at all he just avoids it, changes the subject and acts really strange. I am very worried about my relationship with him but for some reason im madly in love with him and although i dont really wana be with him cuz of all these things i just alwyas end up calling him and telling him that i love him. Also, the thing is that i had other proposals come which my parents really wanted for me and they were wayy better than this guy that i am in love with but i refused them and now they are gone and i feel like i would only get this guy which i am in love with now.

I dont know what is going on with me. I would like help on wat i can do to get better, Also my question is that is this black magic? or something else? cuz i am not sure, i would like ur help regarding my symptoms because the docs dont seem to know what is going on. I would like maybe some advice on what i can do and want to know for sure if this is black magic. Please i would like some help and prayers that i could read. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Ji,

Im in a big problem. Im in a love relationship from past 7 years . We love each other truely and soulfully. We have full physical relation also.
His parents dint agree to our relation coz we are cousins. But between us Everything was going fine from last 7 years. My family was also a bit angry but atlast they agreed to our relation coz they saw that we love eachother truely. In 2011 We decided to get married (hidden from his parents, but my parents were ready). We both were very happy and all wedding preparations were done from my side. But just one fine day, he denied for marriage. He said he doesnt wanna see my face and never want to marry me. He said he hates me. I was shocked by all this because we always loved eachother too much and he was always happy. After hearing such thing from him i committed suicide coz i felt i cant live without him, but i was saved. He stopped talking to me on 8th may 2011. And till date iv not heard his voice.

Then i went to many people in dargahs, met babas and everyone told me that his parents (mother) has given him something to eat. And that is why he hates me. They gave him something to eat so that they can brainwash him completely. I met many people to confirm this and Every person i met told me the same thing. And they also said that it can be reversed only by a black magic person. Everyone else will just waste ur time and money. NOW IM SCARED THAT IF THEY GET HIM MARRIED SOMEWHERE ELSE... ILL JUST DIE.

Ill die without him. His parents are cheating me. I never did anything wrong. We just loved eachother purely. Now i want to marry him.
Please help me if u can do this. Please let me know wat information u want.


Rehana said...

Assalamalikum !!

My name is Rehana. and am really in need of help :( . my cousin brother is suffering very bad. he is opening his mouth so much (like Yawning) we showed him in many places . like Hospitals , some Aalims but nothing is working out. Showing in Hospital, they are taking so many tests .. ( blood test, brain test, x-rays) but nothing is working out all reports showing clear. and den my Aunty showed to some astrologers ,Aalims .. and who ever saw all saying one thing (this boy fallen down in some place while playing, and the place and time he fallen is not good) doing many things giving medicens bt still he'z not fine and if suppose he gets fine , but not more then three days again its starting. please help my brother.


fauzia said...

Assalam Aleikum Amel.
InshaAllah by Allah's grace and mercy I hope you are well and in the best of Imaan.

I am in desperate need of Allah's help and your help because I and my family (father, brother and sister) have symptoms of black magic and have suffered for a long time with health and among other things. As for myself my health, work and studies have suffered for a long time. Alhamdulillah I put my trust and faith in Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah I pray and make an effort to pray in time, however I am always tired even when I have slept at night I wake up feeling tired as if I didn't sleep and sometimes I miss Fajr prayer.
My father has been under the influence of black magic since he married my stepmother and so have I and my siblings also been under the influence of black magic since my father married my stepmother. My mother passed away after my father married my stepmother and my step mother was telling people that she removed my mother and that if she was able to remove my mother then she (my stepmother) was able to remove any other woman if my father married anyone else.
To make the story short my father married again and so now I have two stepmothers and the second stepmother is as bad as the first one if not worst and the second stepmother also does black magic to my father and to us (his children) also. To make things worse I also have people who are always jelous of me because I was studying and working and trying to make a living for myself so I could help myself, my family and humanity - jamii Islam, and have had friends who have also done black magic on me so now I am not studying nor working and my life is at a standstill. The expenditure of money keeps going out more than income of what is coming in. Alhamdulillah I continue to pray and put my faith, patience in Allah SWT but I need to break the Black magic that has been cast on me and my family.

fauzia said...

I also was in a happy relation with a man and we was together since 2007 and we really cared for each other and he was always telling me InshaAllah when he gets his residency he will marry me. His friends have always been jelous of him and me of our relationship, because we was always happy and I helped so much in many ways and his friends also told him that - they put evil eye and maybe Black magic between me and him and I know they have played apart in how he is with me now. To make the story short he traveled to another country and got his residency there and he can come back here to live and work. He talks to me and I know that he still loves me but he now says he doesn't want to marry even though he still cares for me very much and I can see the pain in his eyes and face that he wants to be with me because he loves me but it is like something is holding him back. I love him very much and I know he does also but I also know that it is evil eye and Black magic that has been cast between us and want the Black magic to be removed so that we could be like how we was before happy together.

Please help me, I need your advice on what I can do to break all these Black magic that has been done on me and my family (father, brother and sister).
InshaAllah by Allah's grace and mercy I pray that He removes all difficulties for us all and all suffering human Ameen.
May Allah Bless You Amel. Jazzak Allah kheir.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Asalam wa alaikum I have had some people or relatives I know did jadoo on me my family for over many years I am now 36 years old lots of hair fallout some illnesses also my mom is cursing a lot using bad languages nasty with me my sister and dad when he was alive my mom and sister are very negative withme and in the past extremely abusive When I ask Allah who did this after praying for three days he showed me my aunt telling someone to make sure that I never get anywhere in life and. Ever able to this home. She used to cut my hair her daughter used to pull me and my sisters hair out from theroot. This I am sure they used to do black jadoo with I prayed so much duas Quran amals. My life is hopeless my once very thick hair Is gone with my looks deteriorating what can I do what prayer to effectively put an end to this also to prevent from happening again. I really want to be married have my hair back and be happy. I need your islamic knowledge advice. Sincerely sister shely.

ibraheem said...

Salam !
I am ibraheem my mother theeks and gumes r affected and doctor need too much mony(50000Rs) which we cant affort so please help us to treaet them in a good hospital i am give any prove which u needed

ambreen said...

Dear Brother Soname i have suspicion that my ex may have got his hindu friend to do some form of black magic on me by making face look unattractive (complexion getting dark and pimples on my face)also feel he doesnt want me to remarry and is causing a barrier. Now i could be wrong but i know one thing for sure he and his mother do a lot of shirk and biddat. please can you find out and tell me duas from the Quran.

imran said...


Can you tell me if I have black magic done on me? It seems to be getting worse. I have bad luck everyday and everything in my life is making me unhappy. I keep losing money in transactions and my physical beauty is going away. Please help me!!

tahzeen said...

Dear amel,

I believe I have symptoms of black magic
My body feel estrangled. Feel nausea at times , something stuck in throat, whatever i eat do not passes to stomach it will take time, doctors do not understand reasons. I feel tired want to stay dirty. I have pain in my feet like pins or numbness. Do not feel like praying or reading Quran though I want. I feel anxiety and depression.whatever I do it become negative. Please let me know what it is. There seem to be blockage in all aspects

Amir said...

My name is Amir H My sister inlaw is facing a major break down The evil has got into her someone did some very hard magic everytime it gets her she yells and says that someone is trying to kill her with knifes then she goes down and only breathes No talking nothing say a prayer for her and help she ins young 19 years please help
Thank you

Usman said...

Assalamualaikum w.. w.. Respected Brother Amel Soname..I am Usman from Surat-Gujarat-India and I am here to discuss something very strange that's happening with me in my life..
Actually there is a sort of sweet fragrance that I am able to smell and feel all the time [24x7].. when I breathe I can smell and feel that sweet beautiful fragrance with each and every breath that I take also when I try to speak the air that comes out of my mouth is fragranced.. the clothes which I wear gets fragranced.. I have tried to get guidance, advice or help from many Amels but they all never helped me ever the way they should. I am sure you wont disappoint me this time.
Actually, I really don’t understand why it is such.. like is this a good sign or a bad sign for me as since last 12 or 15 years of my life I am a very severe victim of black magic, I have tried to take help of almost every Amel that is present here in my city or at near by places but no one ever succeeded in curing me, I am going through immense pain shedding tears all the way.. nothing is going in my way at all.. everything is just going against my wishes.. whatever I wish to have or own is been taken away from me in the end by any means.. I was a very brilliant student in the early days of my life yet I was not able to complete my studies.. even my memory which was damn sharp before have become very weak now and could hardly remember the things like before.. also there are many health problems like, I always feel a huge weight over my chest and at my back and like my throat is completely chocked, My mind is never at peace and there is a continuous attack of bad thoughts which keep disturbing me always, there are suicidal tendencies and many times I feel like dying and killing my own self once for all, also there are incurable hook worms that too in abundance, urine terminal dribbling which is not allowing me to pray and offer salaat and do other forms of worshiping properly, Also there is a very severe back ache and joint pains continuously all over my body not allowing me to work and finally causing for me to struggle financially, and the biggest dilemma is none of the medicines are working on my body.. the most strange thing that happens with me is that mostly the people even the strangers whom I hardly knows starts fighting, quarreling and abusing and insulting me with no reasons even if there is no such faults from my end and this makes me more and more depress as to why such things are happening with me though I never spoke a single word to anyone and this have lead me to live and stay away from others as much as possible as I could hardly tolerate all such filths any more in my life.. its just beyond my tolerance level now and I just don't have any self confidence left in me anymore.. even if I do anything good to others they are never grateful to me for that.. they don't even say a mere THANK YOU for that to me ever.. also there comes a sort of obstacles with each and everything related to my life whether it is about job/business/marriage anything.. even if I try to earn I end up with a total loss.. there is no financial income source left and the present financial situation is getting more and more worst with each passing day making my life totally miserable and vulnerable with no happiness and peace of mind left in my life at all..I seek your assistance desperately and hope that you come up with a precise clarification about all such out of the blue things happening in my life which are simply out of my reach and control..

Anonymous said...

Dear Amil,

I write to you in the name of Islam, & in the name of Allah asking for a powerful taweez for good-luck, money and success in my daily activities.

I am a student of University of Ghana currently offering economics with so much financial responsibilities around my neck. I have tried all means to fix this problems, but with no avail.

I have read a couple of things on your website, & I am much pleased to share my problems with you. I believe every problem has a solution, and for every solution comes from a right scholar.

I promise to reveal anything you might request including my bio data if you with to fix this problem for me.

May Allah bless us All.

rahat said...

amel sahib
can you please help me . can you please tell me any dua for my son who is almost 2 year but cannot sit or crawl or walk. may be he is weak. dont know. doctors are confused.
bohat meherbani.

Anonymous said...

Salam bhai
U can do istikhara to find out who is behind this.
There are many ways to break black magic. First of all it has to come from Allah in order to break . Everyone suffering should take note, first of all give sadaqa in the name of Allah, this helps trust me. Second recite any astaghfir and ask Allah to forgive you for all the sins you have commited knowing and unknowingly. Do namaz five times a day, recite quran , the more you recite the better. Remember reciting quran properly with concentration is essential. Recite ruqya daily or listen. Itul kursi after every fard namaz. When going to bed recite the 4qul , itul kursi and last two ayat of sura baqara. And blow into youself.

Anonymous said...

I am 33 years old lady not married uptill today. Only wish of getting marry, I always pray "May Allah blessed with it" even when there's hope it tend to disappear. The last time was 2011 I seriously pray then Alllah has blessed me with man who is ready to marry me, but my father did all he could and stop the marriage. I performed that same year and pray may Alllah blessed with it. Everyday I pray at midnight. I think my father is stopping me from getting married because he may had use me to his worldly need and the condition given to him is I shouldn't get married to anyone. How can I break this spell, so that I'll get my husband.

Anonymous said...

my name is Laila ......plz help me

Anonymous said...

How to revert black magic spell ,i am non muslim.

Unknown said...

I can't get married coz my relative always tabij me. They write in tabij that I will not get married in my whole life. What should I do to stop this?

Unknown said...

Salaam My name is Mohammed Z. Mohiuddin
I am having problems in my life I can not get married or hold a job and I feel Burning of my Body all Over... Please help My email address is
Today's date is November 05, 2015
Please give me Guidance what to do...What to read... What to Drink...etc.

Anonymous said...

The best cure is recite quran and surah yaseen daily.
I was also a victim of black majic and still going on.
Allah has answered my prayers and giving me indications of the person. Allahe has inflicted pain to them the same as I was.
You need to give yourself 100% to Allah and ask him for guidance.

Unknown said...

salam,we very badly effected by black problems,health issues.n lot of enemies without reason..since from 2 years..pls post me some remedies soon..we r in very critical condition..pls

Fatma said...

Its been 2yrs since m married. Since den, my sister in law is beind destroying my marriage life so that my husband gets married to someone else for money. They already took away everything from me. She is very bossy and want everyone to fall on her feet. Infact, her whole family listens to everything she tells n don't do anything without asking her. I have no value in his family. I got to know that she is into strong magic on us. I have told my husbandany times but he never believed me. Now i have 4months old son and thinking my husband would concentrate more on me n son rather than her and her kids she has done severe magic on him. Now he doesn't have any interest in me nor baby. It's always his family in his mind.
I got soo fed up that I got to know about a hazrath n went to him. He told that his sister and mother is behind all this. I already knew it. Dpnt know how my husband got to know about it and my relationship os in danger today. I have never harmed anyone nor will I ever do tat. I just told him to stop theagic spell. But my husband doesn't believe. He is v angry n is coming back to India from UAE. He told he doesn't want to see my face n end everything.
God forgive me for this step though my intentions r not wrong. He just doesn't want to believe me. My husband is a v nice person. He changed just cos of magic. I need him back lik before. I want him to believe me. I have no proof against his sister or mother though I have heard that speaking about it.
Please pray for my relationship. Hope God shows him the truth

Unknown said...

Please mr.amel how can i contact you

Usman said...

Assalamualaykum, i was suffering from a prob from past 17 years that was related to my job...i am job less and im not hired by anyone plz help me

Anonymous said...

Whats your contact number and how much do you charge monthly?