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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quell the spell for illness by the verse 199 of Surah Baqarah.

Assalam oaliqum,
This amal is meant to reverse spell which is meant to make the victim face health problems. The victim may suffer from pain in different parts of the body which do not respond to any medicine. Even if it does, it will be for short periods. The victim may face a difficult situation. Before starting this amal, my above mentioned posts regarding the pros and cons of reversing magic spell should be read. Hisar is to be done before starting the amal.
Durud shareef must be read 11 times before and after the amal. Verse no 199 of Surah Baqarah
ثُمَّ أَفِيضُوا مِنْ حَيْثُ أَفَاضَ النَّاسُ وَاسْتَغْفِرُوا اللَّهَ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ ﴿١٩٩﴾ (199)Then pass on at a quick pace from the place whence it is usual for the multitude so to do, and ask for Allah.s forgiveness. For Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

has to be read as much as possible. After finishing the amal, one should pray to Allah to reverse the spell towards the magician.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Alykum
I need urgent help
we have a women in my family who kep doing black/jewish magic for all of us,dystroying our life, getting staff that she do not deserve, we have asked many shiekhs in Saudi Arabia to help but their help was not permenant.
can you stop her magic and return it to her?

Anonymous said...

Assalam o Alakum.
my respected brother i am very much upset because some one did jadoo on us.because of it my mother is always sick i m younger brother is not getting success in his exams and also my youngest brother is very weak in his of amel said that some one close did jadoo on us and that is very strong.i am 24 i just engaged that amel also said that some one did bandish on me so that i did not get husband or if some one try he leav me and it also and my mother also use to see jinnat in dreams.please give me some poerfull wazifa so that jadoo finishes.i m living in saudia arabia right now.please do replay me

chand said...

Salaam Walekum Amel Sahab,

I am currently going through a lot of problems and I have been told that some one has done black majic to me. I have read your general analsys for Black Majic symptoms and it really matches all that is happening to me. Please, I need your help. I have a very strong feeling of using Quran verses to get rid of black majic.

ojana said...

Aas salamu Alaikum

How are you?

I want to know is there any art or magic that find missing people.
My father has been missing for long days.

I see one of your doc at internet.

Please response asap.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamalaikum, Maulana Sahib
To explain abit about my issue - myself and my wife have been married for 17 years now and have 2 daughters, alhamdholillah. We were always very happy together and had a lot of mutual understanding and were also complient in matters of deen and dunya. Apart from some sihr done between us before and financial problems we had and some minor mistakes i made in the past and some minor hurtful things i did towards her in the past, which we had overcome, everything was going really well. However, weve had an ongoing problem between us since 2 years now. Basically, my wifes father who was also a kaamil peer and also an aamil, died in 2008. i sent her to Pakistan at that time to the janaza and her scarf was stolen at that time when she was there. She came back from pakistan and i supported her as much as i could because she was very upset. A year later in 2009 we went back to Pakistan for her fathers annual ceromany and everything went well apart from some family feuds. After coming back from Pakistan in 2009, we were even happier together and had no serious problems whatsoever, then suddenly in 2010 we had a little argument that got big and we unintentionally split up (just suddenly), due to misunderstanding and a few minor problems, and though weve been trying so hard, we cannot, for some reason get back with eachother. I've realised that we are both so depressed in our own way and have both become so scared and suspicious of eachother and have both tried so hard to make it back, but its not happening. I humbly make a request to you that you kindly look into this matter for me and advise me what i could do and what i can prey to be absolved of this difficulty which i am, and have been facing, and have become so tired of. May allah reward you for your good work and if there is any hadhya towards your work inshallah i'll try whatever is in my capacity. Alhamdholillah, though not very much i am fluent in the recitation in the quraan e paak and wish to absolve my matter through this holy book, however if according to your knowledge or advice there is anything else (jaaiz) for me to do, i wish to know.

jazakallah ana khair.
Hope to hear from you very soon and hope your assistance, with the will and karam of allah subhan a wataalah, will be of help to me in removing my difficulty, and may allah make it easy for me and for yourself in finding a solution to my problen.
allah haafiz.
a. shah.
p.s. if you need any further info or details please do not hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Amel Soname,


I and my family are in very great difficulties.

1. My son has always been a brilliant and a studious student in his studies. Now, he has spent 5 years studying Medicine in SSR Medical College in Mauritius. In his final exams, he failed in one subject on the borderline. We requested the awarding body (the University of Mauritius) which gives the degree to give him a chance for a re-sit this year. However this was declined. We learnt that in the rules & regulations of the awarding body that it can exceptionally give graduation to final year students on the borderline situation. My son fits in this situation and we made an appeal and requested them to give him graduation as a doctor as per the rules & regulations. A Committee will meet next week most probably on Wednesday 18th August to consider my son’s case. Please give us your advice so that my son gets his graduation.

2. Last year, I have been experiencing serious difficulties since the death of my father in August 2011 and my mother in December 2010. Although I get a good salary, I have no money left after paying all my loans and expenditure. Sometimes, no money is left for food . I have to borrow money from friends. I owe a lot amount of money to many persons. Since last year, after the death of my father, my car has been broken down regularly. This caused me to spend a lot of money on repairs. At the beginning of this year, my car was badly damaged in an accident with total loss. Although I was not responsible, the insurance did not refund me back for the serious damages. I sent the matter to a Vehicle Tribunal. It gave a verdict against me based on wrong observation. Now, I have no money to buy another car. I have also started getting problems in my work after 36 years of service.

To summarise, I am getting all sorts of difficulties although I do not give problems to other persons. My situation is worsening more and more and I do not have any joy in my life. I am a person doing my salaats & ibadaats and do not do any wrong to other persons. I have great sabarr. Now, I feel I am becoming like a beggar. Everything I undertake is not successful.

Please give me your advice on what is happening to me and my family and what can be done to cure my problems dear Mr Amel Soname.

Please help me as I am a beggar knocking at your door.

Hope to have a reply urgently from you as soon as possible

nisha said...


My self Nisha is having trouble in my personal life after my marriage
Am pregnant of 5 months and lost my job too coz of my health.I have huge amounts of loans on my head plus no source of income and currently struggling for money .

I married and since then having problems with my husband and inlaws,my mother in laws does not like me and fills my husbands ears against me (he was ready to divorce me too a month back but i convinced and pleaded with him so he is ok ) and hence I left their house and living with my parents since 2 months.

Allah has sent you to help me kindly help me .

I want your esteemed help in the below things.

1)My husband is looking out for jobs in Gulf (currently unemployed), please help him find a job in Dubai
2)Please let not my mother in law turn him against me
3)Pray that I have a healthy child and I too find a job in Dubai and settle down peacefully with my husband and child
4)That i can get some help financially

Please please please kindly help me

khalid said...

since we moved to our new house my life has become a disaster i suffer from most of the symptoms i suspect my nigerian neighbor has cast a spell on my family for she seeks to destroys us she asked my mom to convert to christanity first but my mom refused of course later she would send us food sometimes she would act like she is locked out of her house and come in our house what is weird about it she did it over 20 times she would make us throw rocks at her window to wake up her son we found a bottle of urine infront of our door one time i talked to her for about three minutes or so a minute later i had a red rash on my nose she is a single mother and her ex husband used to beat her

Anonymous said...

ı'm muslim,my gender is male,ı live in edirne city in Turkey,ı have a disease,ı have pains all over my body,ı have pain especially on my head and on my penis area,ı went to doctor but ı couldn't find a solution,would you help me to get rid of this disease for ALLAH's love,please tell me a quran solution,please do a help from there,ı'm waiting your message,thanks

Fahtima said...


I stumbled on your website when trying to do some research about black magic. My name is Fahtima , and I ask you humbly to please assist me. I have a brother that married a Hindu girl 12 years ago, she has converted, but I haven’t seen her read her namaaz – she talks more like a Christian than muslim, She treats my mum really badly, she never visits our family, but always takes my brother to her family, my brother has become so tame around her, he is not the same, she speaks to him like he is dirt, and he bows down to everything she says. I know Allah does not want us to Assume or to always think the worst, but my brother is the only son, my dad past away without having to spend time with his son, and she is unable to have children, as they keep trying, but every time I ask them to try different methods, she doesn’t care.

Please make me maaf for like this, but I don’t know where to turn, should I go to someone to ask them if they can see she is doing anything to my brother and family?
Your help will be so appreciated.

Karim said...

Dear Soname,
I thank you for all the surahs download from your blog, somehow has help me reduced tension and my continuing stress and soul pains that I have to bear due to all the black magic spell casted on me by my black magic witch wife. I believe all the food she prepared for me has been casted with all the spell to jeopardize me.
My restless efforts after 20 yrs has never been fruitful cause the casted spell has been continuously repeated to ensure success in her attempts. For your info I have consulted several bomohs or amil as you call it,to ensure all the black magic attack will come to an end and it never came through . I have
Prayed to Allah to release me from the chain of disastrous situation that I have been bearing as a victim to my black magic witch wife. Deep I my heart I long for a divorce but it is not possible and I don’t require her as my life partner anymore. I long for a real muslimah wife and I cannot secure one due to her continuous attack on me and whoever I met to propose a better marriage.

There are hundreds of attempts to kill or drive away the jinnats that she used to attack me but it did not come to an end, she has continuously exclaimed all sort of jinnats after her 5 times daily munafiq prayer.
The storage that she created for her jinnats are the toilet and the bathroom. Flashes of black
Shadows can be detected by my sight after maghrib and several occasion at the food storage freezer. At
Midnight the shadows can be sighted loitering around at every rooms.

I have already advised and council her years back to explain all the consequences for practicing black magic but she denied it and even swear with the name of Allah and keep on jeopardizing me with her evil spell in order to take full control of the house and to confiscate all my belongings and she even attempted to decease me but failed. My life has never been at peace from then onwards. Fortunately I was never all the time at home because my career requires me to travel outstation but even then I have been followed closely and attacked by her jinnats where ever I have travelled. You might not have heard a jinnat flying around with her head and clinging internal organs and that was what I have experienced last 20 years. I have been consulted by several dwellers of my kampong that they have sighted a flying head with clinging internal organs initiating from my house but denied on the issue.

At midnight during full moon she will resemble a most beautiful women and will change to an ugly looking witch within seconds and the cycle continuous till subuh and there are times that she resemble a human with a black dog head. There are hundreds mystical happenings in my home which I cannot explain it all to you. Before wrapping up this message, I desperately seek your help to over this very painful paranormal experience of mine. May Allah bless me for my effort this time.

asif said...

Assalam o Alaikum Sir,

I read your posts and found it very useful.

Sir, I have got impotence problem without any physical reason. I get wet dreams but can't feel power in doing sex.

I consulted some roohani amils but they tell about Sahar but no solution yet.

can you please help me out in getting it solved.

Anonymous said...

Can u tell me something about this fish walla jadoo through which i can separate my husband from his husband does not come home.he stays with her. i have heard tat u can write something on fishes and throw in water which can separate them.i have four daughters who will feed can he come home.

Anonymous said...

Peace&blessings. My name is Sean. I have reverted back to Islam 2 months ago. It is everything that I have searched for. I visited many sites concerning the occult side of Islam and I seen your name in many groups. I know your is far more vast than mine. I was hoping to meet new people and learn along the way inshia Allah.

cesay said...

Asalamu alaikum my muslim brother.
You are indeed a very pious and humble muslim for sharing such useful
information on your site. Only Allah SWT can reward you and may he do
so with one of his highest rewards.

The reason that am writing is because am suffering from an incurable
acne on my face that ive spent loads of money on medication but it
seems to be getting worst. i dont know if its an effect of an evil eye
or black magic done on me but i surely do need your help please tell
me what to do but i dont want a reversal spell but a spell to break up
the magic. Hoping to hear from you ASAP.
Salam and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your entire family. May peace be with you..

urfa said...

I have read a lot of your articles and i need your help in breaking the spells cast on me and my family which i have not been knowing all these years.i got scared once and came to know some truth and i am not well since then keep having pain in the stomach as if something is poking inside, heart doesnt beats properly recently been diagnosed with PCOS and there are lots of things.I cant sleep at night alone, been getting bad dreams too.can you tell me the ways to find out the place of the item on which sihr is been done.i have been trying few duas but nothing worked out.I just want to have peace in my life and break all the spells with your help from The Quran.Nothing is working out properly in my life.i had drunk something given by a person saying that this is some recited water and i dint kno then that magic is real.Dad has lost his business and once my grandmom got a dream of a taweez hidden in our shop to be removed but since we never knew that these things existed we took it lightly but after reading all your blogs the reality came in front of my eyes and i'll be grateful to you if you help me in getting out of these spells.

dev said...

Hi Amel Ji,

I have read all your post very carefully, What u have written is 90% happened with me.
I suffered allot and still suffering I dont know this moment how to start my writing. I weeping from my heart with blood in my eyes not the water.

Actually I want to meet you if possible if not possile plz. plzzz. tell me who can help me in Delhi or near by I am totally finished man. I want the solution for my problems if not only to suiside, I am not able to live in this world, I am defeated man in this world.
Waiting for u. God Bless u.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaykum... We hope that you are well by the grace of Allah. We are writing to you as we think you are the person who can help us.
I hope you don't mind me asking you help. The problem is that my sister Mushirah has been suffering since June 2009. Since that month, my family has been facing a turmoil situation. Mushirah stayed in the hospital in June as she was ill, she had tight chest, fever, shivering and couldn't sleep at night. Then we took her to the hospital where she stayed for three days as the Doctor thought she had swine flu. They did a blood test with her and said that her life is in danger and she need to be observed for 24hours. They did blood test for three following days and from the last blood test result they found nothing was wrong and she was given a discharged from the hospital. On the following day, her aunty(Dad's sister) insisted to come and see Mushirah. Then the aunty came and we had a chat, everything went well and the aunty went to see Mushirah in her bedroom. After the aunty was gone, in half an hour, Mushirah was alone in her bedroom and everyone else was in the sitting room.

Suddenly, we heard Mushirah was crying and screaming very loudly. We all went into her bedroom to see what was happening. Then Mushirah came into her mum's lap and said, "Mum, there's snakes everywhere on the floor, look they are following me". Mum started to cry and Dad started to read Ayat-ul-kursi and blew on her. While Dad was blowing on her, she started to scream louder and her eyes kept on turning extremely fast. We noticed, while we were reading the ayat in the Quran, she was getting worse, then we took her to an imaam, then they did istekhara on her name and they found out, her own relative did black magic on her to ruin her life. The imaam gave her Tawiz and zamzam water, but still she was in the same situation. Then we took her to another imaam, and he did the same.

Till now we have seen so many imaams, mawlanaz and they all said, there's something like a shadow on her that is very strong to remove. Mushirah can't go outside, as when she steps out of the house, she becomes like a disable person and the longer she stays, the worse it gets. Mushirah used to get many mariage proposals during the time she has been ill, and when my family discuss about wedding things for her, She cant cope and she becomes very ill and her eyes kept on turning. Till now, she's still in the same situation and we are looking for a right and strong person to cure Mushirah. This July will be 3 years since she fell ill. Please see what you can do for us. We make dua, May Allah makes it easy for us to find the right person to cure Mushirah.

It will be very grateful if you would help us. I am looking forward in hearing from you soon InshAllah.

ahzar said...

aslmalikum varahmatulahi vabarkatuhu
amel sahab
my name is azhar
i have seen ur website and read it completely
it is a very good site i ever seen
i want to ask a question on black magic?
changing place would effect in black magic
i have some effects of black magic
and i want to change my place (moving from one country to other country )
would cut the black magic effects
can you plz reply to this question
inshallah you are doing very good work
by making known of the black magic
allah app per fazal karam karte reye

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,

I have gone thru the remedy provided by you to cure Black Magic.

Can u please tell same in Hindi....and at same time if u can tell to remove Black Magic from Husband.

Waiting for your reply eargly.


Anonymous said...

Salaam .

Sir i would like to no about my brother , he is jobless from last year , going through very bad financial condition .
let me no the solution and what else do u require?

khurram said...

dear amil sahab,assalamo alykum
i am khurram kamal from india,i am facing a problem that i fail to get
success in interviews for job,though i had got the job but it is not
according to my wishes,i am going to have an interview during next
month or so for the post of economic and statistical officer.i am
highly qualified and facing this problem for last 15 to 20years.please
help me through any wazifa,amal or any special prayers for success in
an interview.thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to tell me if someone has done black magic on my family. Let me know and i will send you more information. Thank you

shireen said...

assalamo alaikum,
my name is shireen n i am sure some1 has done black magic on me.its been7yrs of my marriage n til now only despair n difficulties have been in my way..not happy with my married attachment with my husband physically or mentally...plz help me with duas n wasifaas!

Anonymous said...

Salam alaykun, l came in contact with your website while thinking of a way out of my precarious situation. I'll be 36 in September, to secure a job became so difficult and this affected getting married let alone having children. Majority of my siblings and friends were married; l was made an object of ridicule. I attend prayers more than them, l am even one of the muezzin of my mosque; and l try my best to abstain from illegal sex. One thing that l noticed is the envy of my uncle's wife. She turns the back of the members of the family that can assist me. I know help comes from Allah, but l also know people can turn people's back on you. An outsider, l mean non-member of the family, warned me to becareful of her. My Mum is a devout christian she always want me to come to church but l stood my ground as a muslim. Where most of my friends get easily through, l usually find it difficult. I know many things are wrong spiritually. Please brother, l need your
advice and prayer on what to do. Barakallahu fika.

Heena said...

Salaam. My name is Heena . Me and my mom both believe that their is an evil eye on our home and family. It feels like we've been affected by it for a couple of years now. Is there anything you can recommend that will help?

Anonymous said...


Dear brother,

Please help me,I was a bright student, well educated, had a very good childhood. But from 18 yrs of age i am having lot of trouble in my whole life, divorced since 5 yrs( not married yet) no job, no income, in heavy debts.. all kinds of miseries since long yrs. I am on the point of ending my life. I dont know if you might be able to help me. After thinking why my life is like this, i came upon ur blog , From reading your blog

haroon said...


we have been suffering from black magic since some time .we have done
curing of it. can you tell me if its effects are removed and I am
cured of black magic.or do I still have(magic was made to stop getting
I want to go to saudi arabia for job is it good for me
Please perform isteqra and tell me

Simmy said...


I have gone thorough your article regarding Black Magic effects. One of my close relative is doing black magic on us. My mother is being killed by them few years back by Black Magic now they are against me and my father. We are really very helpless. I have visited all the Muslims near my near but me and my father is not cured by them but instead they have charged hefty money from us. How to get rid of black magic. Please advise.



gohar said...

Is there any way by which we got out black magic from the place where it has been placed by the enemy because i have listened from my elders that the power of magic cannot be finished until we brought out the magic from where it is the amal make it un workable but for the short time the best way is to get it out where it is placed to make it completely unworkable and please tell me the amal for with the help of which all my work begin fastly because when ever i go for any work the ones day work fell upon for month and all work happened very hardly and slowly