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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reversal of magic spell that has been cast at night by Quranic verse 60 of Surah Al-Anaam

Assalam oalaiqum,
Almost all types of black magic are done at night. This is why it is referred to as black magic because it is done in darkness. Darkness is a symbol of negative energy. Hence magicians cast magic spell mostly between 12am to 5 am. More specific timings are 12 am or 3 am. During this time the magician send his devils to the victim. Since in black magic negative energies are used whether they are in the form of a devil, evil spirits or satan, the time after sunset when the earth plunges into darkness is considered the best for doing this evil deed.
Besides the association of darkness with negative energies there are two other reasons why the magicians prefer night as compared to day to cast spells.
Firstly when the magic is done by the magician’s devils, it creates some immediate effects in the body of the victim. The victim’s heartbeat increases and he gets fever. Any person with even a layman’s knowledge about black magic can easily understand when he becomes a victim of a magic spell. However this does not happen as the victim is usually fast asleep.
Secondly, the magic spell works faster at night. The magician sends his devils at such a time that they can get back before the azan. This is because the devils cannot stand the sound of azan and they writhe in pain.
Before doing this amal please read my above posts carefully.
Read Durud shareef 11 times before and after reading the verse no.60 of Surah Al Anaam.
وَهُوَ الَّذِي يَتَوَفَّاكُم بِاللَّيْلِ وَيَعْلَمُ مَا جَرَحْتُم بِالنَّهَارِ ثُمَّ يَبْعَثُكُمْ فِيهِ لِيُقْضَىٰ أَجَلٌ مُّسَمًّى ۖ ثُمَّ إِلَيْهِ مَرْجِعُكُمْ ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُكُم بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ ﴿٦٠﴾ (60)

It is He who doth take your souls by night, and hath knowledge of all that ye have done by day: by day doth He raise you up again; that a term appointed be fulfilled; In the end unto Him will be your return; then will He show you the truth of all that ye did.

This amal should be done during daytime when there is sunlight. The more the amount of light the speedier will be the reversal of magic. The magic will Inshallah boomerang at the sender with full force. He or she may start vomiting due to the impact of the reversal.

The symptoms of magic reversal are:
There will not be a feeling of burden in the shoulders early in the morning.
One shall feel energetic.
The face will get back its glow
There will not be a feeling of burden in the head
Irritability will get over.

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khadeeja said...

my name is khadeeja and I am from Maldives. I have so many symptoms that you have mentioned in your website about black magic. I am a married person with one kid and now my husband started hat me suddenly with no reason and also we are wealthy enough to live but we cant see and manage our needs. and also unhappy with no reason no peace in our small family. my husband told me that he doesn't even want listen my voice but afraid to lose me also he doesn't want divorce me. pleas help me I cannot tolerate his hatefulness. me and my son want his love and care and a happy life withe him. he cry every day for the sudden unknowing change and for hating me. he want love me but he said that he is unable to do that. please help me to save my marred life and my family. thank you.

rakshanda said...

Asalaam aliekoum Amel,

i want to know if you can cure the black magic for me as my life is miserable i get alhamdullah good things , but all of sudden i face problems
as on my job some bandish has been done was working for Government company, my marriage life is not good i took kuhla from my husband
he was nice in the beginning year only one month after that was never good, his family has cast spell that he don't get settle with me only to look them in fact his sister all got married his father died cause he did sum thing black spell he had died with cancer all of sudden appeared on him...
Now his sisters after him....
i don't understand why my husband never take responsibility for me in general he is completer responsible for his family why he never been equilibrium which i always get confused he is nice no doubt .Now he wants to come back in my life.

But i am afraid to go back him and his family.My friends and family says that its difficult to believe same person who have ditched me every step of my life,....certainly i m getting proposal for other's but i came to knew his sister has cast spell on me k i get jobless and dont marry other man
i remain in my life unhappy and bay sukoon for rest of life

Can you plz advice me what should i practice wazifa for my job which i get it back and my personnel life get good then before that
i get marry ...the cure for the jadooo the people who have done on me...

Anonymous said...

Aslamalikuom Amel Sahib!

I would like to take isthakara as i have been facing problem in my life for the following :

1- Facing Problems in Career -I lost my good job i pray it i get it back and they are some certainty of getting my previous job. Beside this i have tried some other multinational company no responses.... yet ...For my job and life my x-in laws did black spell

2- Due to life tension my sleep is disturb

3- My marriage life was not successful took kuhla from husband

4- Husband wants me to return back to him- what Should i do??? (require isthakahar on this aslo)

5- Husband family involved in black spell

6- My marriage is blocked for in future

7- I m defiantly a victim black magic ,evil effects , eveil eye to many peoples jealeous on me at job ,relative and my x-husband family side

asad said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Asad

Sir please check why i am failing in business and loosing money like water.

Someone told me that i have been attacked by very powerful jinnat.

Please tell me the solution i am in lots of debt.

Anonymous said...

I think I have black magic. Can you help me?
wa Salaam

Anonymous said...


I came across your site and symptoms its absolutely true. I am at the end and see no way out
can I ask for your telephone number and I need to have a chat desperately. I am tired and see
No way out.

Please help

abbas said...

Dear Amil sb,

I visited your website many times. Jazak Allah you have done a great service there.
Amil sb, My family and specially I have been victims of Jadoo because some other
amils said this to me. I also feel many symptoms of black magic that you haave listed
in your website.
plz help me and tell me how should i contact you. I'm living out of Pakistan.
Waiting for your kind reply,

AZEEM said...

I'M AZEEM FROM SRI LANKA and gem stone business. Im a Sri
lankan muslim allhamdulila.

When I had many jinn problem when I was young. I could see jinns. My
parents treated me with some expert who asked me to wear talisman. I
used to wear for many years and later I decided to seek help from
ALLAH. Then I removed everything and prayed two rakath and MADE DUAA


Some people told me that if I start to help other people and do RUQIYA
treatment then i need more protection. I may face lot of problem( me
and my family) with jinns and black magic.







philip said...

Dear Bro,

Can u pls help me to get out from this black magic on me and my family...we are really suffering it for a long time.

Pls help me can i remove it without falling into touts, cheats, traps and in the proper way.

Can u give me yr no. to contact....r u from India?

Anonymous said...

Please help us. Someone has done kaala jaadoo on my husband & me by
causing fighting between us all the time & trying to separate us. We
never have money & this is getting worse and worse with each passing
day esp as my husband has threatened to say three words 'talaaq' to
me. We have 3 children & I do not want my family to break. Please help
us with the help of Allah. We have been married thirteen years next
month. Please what can we recite to break this.

fouzia said...

i am fouzia facing a lot of problem and i need ur help plz help me

benson said...


i got your contact from the website

recently it came to my light,i have been in the darkness for after long time not knowing that bank saving does not exceed certain figures (say blocked)
2.whenever i want to start a new business,it does no happen and even i start it,it is met with so many hurdles,does not pick etc
3.when i try talking my way out with prominent people,they only lie to me /spirit of deception
4.people close to me do not feel happy with my slight luck,feel bad,talk bad.
5.similar problem with my sisters and brother

any help?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,

I am suffering from black magic for years, from 18 yrs to 42 yrs (present age). Some relatives in our family is doing it regularly. I go to Kerala and removed it earlier including black magic and todka (something given inside stomach).

Now it started again, and lot of problems and showed somebody they are acknowledge the the presence of black magic, but he is only money minded.

What I require is:

How we can find out if black magic is there in a person by name and mothers name?

Secondly, any good place from where it can be removed( he charges only for the material cost and something that we give happily). Any such good place around delhi or in India in yr knowledge.

salina said...

salam,1st ,
i want 2 tell u my story becouse since 7years em faceing problams,
em 36years old now,when i was 18 i already bcome wife,this is 100%
arranged marriage,i have 4 kids,n i have stay 11years in my husband
house,in 11 years i saw many problams in there house,7years ago
i leave three house n children,n back 2my family house,but they cant
accept me,bcoz they are angry too.2months stay after i leave there house
also,n been alone,now since 7years em living alone,in this 7years i saw many
problams too,em already divorse now,n even one day i didn talk with my
children,if i find job i cant stay one day,now some family member says your
mother in law make kala jadu on you,everytime something in side me make
me angry,every day i feel some body wake me up,
now em in relation from few months,but our frindship 2years longer,that
person wants to marry me,but i becom angry n some times i beat him too.
he is nice person bcoz when everybdy leave me .only di one who help me,
now i want to start my own business,but em afraid,please help me,i want
to stelldown again,is it posible?
hoping your reply,

Anonymous said...

asalam alaikum.

sir, here i would like to explain my condition to you what has been happening to me
since my childhood everything was ok before my 14 years of age and suddenly what
happend to me i became totally outworldly negative thoughts entere my mind and i
am persuaded to do harm to my self and depression and i flare up with anger for small
tensions and i see regular nightmares and i see
scary faces girls snakes in my dreams i consulted a sych.docter and the docter told me it is
depression and gave me pills which did not work for me but now i am not agree with th
docter becouse i feel like there is someone else with me to trouble me and wants to kill
me somehow.i have become suicidal more than 20 times in the past.becouse i can not
live with these demons it has affected my health too like gas,dyrea,heavy headach,laugh
ing too much,sometimes crying.and while praying my body warms up and i hate to hear
aazan and flee from azaan.There is one or more than one evil spirits who work in
my mind to harm me they put me in crazyness and if i refuse to follow them then
i feel heavy headech and i did not know that my other brothers and sisters have similar
problems and my mother she always fought with my father untill she died while delever
a child and on the other hand disturbence began in our home in the night
something very big ran and did jumping on our roof and drove nails in our
walls which we could not see. There are somethings who control our minds
and want to lead us to our death and destruction whether it is black magic or
something else.we want freedom please

Tausif said...

Asalam walaikum,

My name is Tausif I am from Malawi Africa.

I would like to do ishtikhara,I am having land problem.

I have bought a land for farm but the government always comes up with different problems.i have already invested a lot and now my Land lease is not coming out..

Please help me by ishtikhara...

Your assistance will be very appreciated

Jazak Allah

mehwish said...

Dear sir I have seen your website it is very good.

Can you check for me because my health is not good, boss is not happy and any time I am not get any appreciation .

Give me the idea how to solve this problem ?

Thanks a. Lot.

graham said...

Asalam Aalyekum,

i am very frustrated right now as another person had said I have sehr on me and it needs to be removed and is asking for so much money. i know everything in my life is going wrong no matter how much I try, I broke up with my child father over year ago as he is a compulsive liar and cant help himself lying and has cheated while we were together I did everything that a wife can do never stressed him always tried to make him happy even though i was stressed but felt if I tell him my stress i will make him stressed but he was always unhappy but his excuse he said it was the circumstance he was in that made him unhappy but not me. after we broke up he never once attempted to see his child till at the end of September this year. Once he saw me he try speaking to me and telling me he want us to get back together he has changed doesnt need to lie and wants us to grow our child together as he loves and wants to spend his whole li
fe together; but as the weeks gone pass I am seeing the same things again and still lying still cheating but he claims he is not and not even talking to his ex but yet these women knows what is going on in my life as he tells them everything and telling them we are not together he is just seeing his child nothing more. I am never happy over a year now and everything is getting worse I wish to know if there is really sehr on me and if the child father whenever i talk to him or ask him something he could tell me the truth without him controlling it.

Please help me I have ran out of options and i really dont know what to do anymore.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Mr Amel Soname,

Since two years ago, began my situation, my mother died from suddenly liver cancer and after 3 months my husband left me just crying and saying that everything were wrong in our life: we always loved each other what I know that have caused evil eye from many friends, but in fact business were bad, financial troubles, strange things happening, all ways closed, I lost a chield with 3 months conception and could not conceive anymore.
After my husband left me my dog also died after some months, having 3 heart attack.

When he came to me crying and saying that he was going away, I could not even tell him anything, because I had a very strong pain on the left side of my head, heavy on my back, strange smells, and as soon he left me, began my torture, with much pain on my head, I could not think, my forehead was closed, my conscious was not me and my friends told me that I should look for help. So I went to mediuns and it was worst to me, so I saw that the enemy, evil could not heal because it was not of God Almighty, than my torture was much worst than I could imagine, with evil coming inside of me during night, I could not sleep while praying so much and taking Holy Water, so I began to go to the church, crying with pain, fear and praying, asking prayers to many churchs around the world and praying, so I knew good God people that prayied to me and things became better, also I am cleaning my house with water, salt, oil exorcized, and also using this on me. After praying to this evil people that did evil against me, I began to see the difference betwenn me and the evil, so I began to know the time that I was suffering attacks that was many.... I could not imagine that my husband family was my enemys, since my family always helped them, and the paymment was the evil. All mediuns and prayers told me that they did it against me and against him by envy.

Some days ago, I found islam exorcize web site, and learned about duas / amal and wazifa, Ya Allahu and Ya Mumeetu, I am also listening every day ruqyah, azaan medina, learning about all, and found your blessed web site.

Now, my situation is that I am much better, but still have pain on my head, there are like ways on my head, my left side inside the mouth there is also like a way that cause me pain, some days my forehead is like closed also causing pain, sometimes my memory is bad, also I feel that my sexual chakra and solar plexus have something, The first time I was listening ruqyah, azaan medina, I felt like whisky came inside my mouth...well, the fact is that people told me that the mother of my husband payd black magic against me and our marriage, his brother and wife payd to our financial ruin and to not have children, as I dont know who did or not and I think that God must judge, I only wish my peace, health and what is mine.

Sometimes, that is like some strange smells that remain, like powder of parfum, whisky...and some weeks ago, I was praying and that was like a wood smell that was always inside my room and also on my weeding ring, that when I was desperate, went to jowerly to dissolve because I remembered that I used to feel itchy on my finger, than I thought there was something on my weeding ring.

Also, I would like to tell you that before my mother die, we were receiving some strange fone calls were nobody answered. After talking with an exorcist priest, he told that in this cases whe have to pray to Arcangel Michael and turn off as fast as possible. As we did not know this, we used to aswer without doing this.

So, I would like to ask your help, if you can tell me what to do to be healed, how to pray, what to do to heal my body and restore my life, peace and wedding if is God's wish. Please let me know all you think about what to do, and also, forgive my english.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu alikum

i want to get your permission for doing wazaif of ya Allahu And Ya rahimu. can i do both of them at the same time. i have heard if two are done at same time they do not work. please help me.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i am currently removing black magic that is done on me using some wazaifs. Whilst i am removing the black magic, things are getting worse and i am becoming even more ill and the amount of problems i am having are rising all of a sudden. I need answers to two questions, is this how the black magic comes off? do i see things get worse before they get better? and if so, could you please help me as i am very suicidal. I cannot take the effects of the black magic on my own anymore as i am very sick, weak and have no one to help me, please tell me what are the signs that the black magic is coming off? Thank you

Anonymous said...


I am writing on behalf of my husband . We are living in Ghaziabad at the moment for last 10 years and have been suffering with some problems from last one year or so. My husband has met with repeated accidents and was also suffering from dipression. He was in hospital for a week after a road accident and head injury last week and got discharged on Thursday last week. If you can help us it will be great as I have two small daughters and they are also suffering due to all the happenings in our life.

israh said...


My best friend is in a trouble..can u plz help her, name she was says me that before 1yr she hearing sum man's voice and she says that he says to do good things and help her to solve any kind of problem and suddenly he stop to talk with her and she feels vry worst and her condition is very bad evry time feeling sacred and restless uneasiness and all desires r dead..and feeling like allah leave her and daily suffering 4 headache and hate evry1 and drop studies also and want to kill her self 3 times she was tried this..and she is not talking with others and don't like to take bath and doesnt offering namaz .can u please tell me whats wronge with her..her parents take her to doctor bt she nt b wel n consult aamil also no one can diagnosed it please help reply soon as possible please its my request.

Raheema said...

Dear Mr. Amel Soname,

My name is Raheema and I read your site about the jinn and the black magic. I am from Republic of Maldives. I was married when I was 20 years and have three wonderful children. My husband divorced me in 1998 after 15 years of our marriage. He was doing everything to make my life difficult and he never wanted me to have a happy life. Since then when ever I find some one who says that he will marry me, after few months something will happen we have to separate before the marriage. now again I'm having a man who came to me saying that he will marry me and he said he will marry me on the 2nd day of last Ramazan. But then he was showing excuses and still marriage is not possible. It is now 14 years I'm still living alone without a husband. All my friends are saying there might be some blackmagic my husband has done.

Please helpe me to come out from the difficulties and is it possible to know if there is anything done to me which I cannot marry and start a life. I hope you will answer

Anonymous said...

Brother in Islam i have seen your islamic website yesterday
which most of your post are about ruqya and Qur'anic healing so i
decided to contact you if you can help me.
There is something wrong with me im about 28 years now seeking for
marriage desperately but what i have now realise about me is my
relationship with girls won't last i hav notice that since at my
teenage age but at that time i tought that i need some time but till
now the thing continue i have tried many girls but none show any
interest on me.
What i have thinking is mayb there's either black magic or an evil eye
that cast on me since i'v tried many girls but until now i neva be in
love with any....whateva it is please help me out if it's either black
magic or evil eye what should i suppose to do. Thanks.

hena said...

Assalam o aleikum
I have read your blog I found it interesting. And I believe it because I saw this all with my own eyes
if you allow me I want to ask you something about myself i have so many problems Like this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel,

I read this article by you

My parents were very happy and loved each other so much; but all of a sudden my mom keeps on creating issues out of nowhere and suspects my dad to a HUGE extent. There is a lot of cursing and a lot of verbal fights. Mom hurts herself by hitting herself and dad is very stressed.

This was NEVER the case, and I am sure that they are victims of black magic; and I need to break it, I will take help of the Quran only.

Please tell me if I can break it on their behalf.

I am waiting for your reply brother/ sister. Please for the sake of Allah help me.

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alykum Brother Amel

I hope you are fine by the great Allah Subhan o watala. I Pray for your good health.

I was browsing through the internet the other day for my specific problem relating to taharat.
I actually wanted to know about my specific problem that i am having drops of urine after urinating. 5 out of 10 times i urinate, i get these drops. there are usually 1 to 2 drops sometimes 3 drops. by seeing your blog i tried to find out the spread of these drops but i just didnt able to do it.

I have some questions related to this, i would be thankful if i get answers of these from you.

1 Please tell me do these 1 or 2 drops equal to, less than or greater than 1 dirham criteria?
2. Do i have to wash my clothes when i get these drops before salah when spread of the drops is equal to or less than 1 dirham?
3. Do i have to make my wudu again if the spread of the drops is equal to or less than 1 dirham?
4. Can i offer salah with having these drops problem if the spread of the drops is equal to or less than 1 dirham?

I would be extremely thankful if i get response of my query in the light of islamic laws

khan said...

Amel Saheb,

I am really having issues since more than 10 years I work as teacher my wife works to but unfortunately we are suffering with some or other problems whatever we try to do that ends up with losses or negative result we have come to an stage that some times we don't have money for food we see witches and snakes in our dream for no reason I get some or other problem some times it is financial sometimes medical please recommend me something that I may get rid of this evil spells please let us know what should we do
I would appreciate your early reply

Anonymous said...


I am 23 years old and married and I think a member of my husbands family has done black magic on me and my husband. We have a one year old daughter and my husband always chooses his family over my daughter and myself. We have not spoken to each other in one week because I am in a fight with his sister but he is perfectly fine with everyone in his family. From day one, everything seemed very awkward. When I met him I felt like he was the only one and I had to be with him. His mom used to teach me what to say to my parents so they would accept him. And I wasn't myself at all, I used to disrespect my own parents because I wanted to be married to him. Please I don't want to lose my husband or the father of my child. Please help me out so I can end this black magic.

Anonymous said...


I need help. A close family member has been working with a black magician in India and has been doing black magic on my sister and I for the past ten years consistently. They are trying to stop us both from getting married, love life, career, money, health, friends, happiness. They are trying to make it so that anyone that is our friend leaves so that we are alone. The persons name that is requesting the black magic is working with is in India. They are also sending us jinn as well. I have surah baqarah playing often and listen to ruqyah from the web. I need someone type of permanent solution. I feel like I'm fighting for my life. :( please help us in any way that you can. I live in Anaheim, California.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel My name is Aiysha i read how to contact the jinn can you please tell me how to perform the hisser without the urdu translation i dont speak urud i only it in english and arabic please tell me in english how to do everything and what to say i desprately am seeking help

Unknown said...

I am from Sri Lanka and I am under black magic. I am looking for Ruqyah services in Sri Lanka any Raki's can help me please? Please.

Anonymous said...

aslm does it really work

Anonymous said...

Assalam Walaikum. First of all thenks for all your posts.these are really very helpful to people who are suffering from black magic spells.
You've said that he or she may start vomiting due to the impact of the reversal.
I want to know will this reversal fall upon the magician or the person who make these type of things done by the magicians? please tell me. I really need to know.
Black magic has made my life so miserable.
I'm fighting everyday.

So please help me.