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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The aftermath of not getting black magic cured

Assalam ualaiqum,
Due to lack of awareness about the black magic spells, a person may not be able to cure it. This would be quite a pathetic situation. But if a person is aware about the whole idea, yet he chooses to ignore it, then that would be a sort of enmity with oneself. Having an illusion that we cannot be harmed by anyone would be like living in the fool’s paradise. If it could affect even our dear Prophet Mohammad (SAW), then we would definitely be much more vulnerable to magic.
The side effects of not getting an appropriate treatment for magic which is a spiritual disease of sorts are:
Sleepless nights hamper the focus and attentiveness of a person. He finds it difficult to carry on with his duties in a normal way. Not getting enough sleep may lead to insanity and weakness.
Severe headache is a symptom of black magic. So if a timely cure is not sought, continuous headache destroys his normal life as he is unable to concentrate.
Black magic raises the body temperature which makes the victim feel that he has a fever. So he keeps consulting doctors and starts worrying that he may be suffering from some chronic ailment.
Another result is that he is loses his job or his business meets with a huge loss. So he gets financially drained. If he keeps ignoring all warnings by his well wishers that he may be an unlucky victim of envy and enmity of some relative etc and could be under a spell, his situation would keep on deteriorating.
As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Likewise, not healing oneself of this disease which destroys not only the health but also the wealth of the victim, leads to complications. One after another, all the property and assets of the victim, whether his own house, car, business etc have to be sold. The expenditures go on mounting, so do the loss, if not treated on time.
The victim becomes frail because of health problems. The medicines he takes do not cure him because the problem is beyond the influence of a few pills. He ends up wasting a lot of money but in vain.
There are constant hurdles in his life due to which a lot of his matters lie unresolved. The victim keeps living with a false hope that his problems will get solved.

Hence, it would be wiser to be aware regarding this issue and if one thinks that symptoms of black magic are showing up, and then he or she should take the requisite steps to nip the problem in its bud.

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D.N.s said...

I need to reverse a spell. I have had a headache for two years and think someone has put a spell on me.

rizwana said...

salamalaikum sir, some body has robbed my whole purse while travelling in bus. My purse contains cash money, a new mobile phone, and various important documents. Is there any amal or dua through which I can retrieve my all lost things? My name is rizwana and by profession I am student.

abdullah said...

As salaamu alaykum
Iam a student of knowledge who love Islam and iam trying to get close to Allah but iam prevented because of black magic and it seems like it strong on me.It prevents me from memorizing the quran and that what I memorized from the quran I forgotten it.I memorized nearly half of the quarantine also this black magic changes my face and makes it dark and disfigured to the point it is hard for me to get married and I get depressed because of it.sometimes I think that there is no cure for me and if I read on myself I feel sleepy and I feel hopeless to the point I wish for death and I look at my life and I think that iam cursed I can't become a righteous man for Allah and I can't get married because of my face.It is hard for me and I realize that this was done to me (black

najumal said...

Assalamu Aliqum,

Dear Amel Soname,

I am muslim lady who has been suffering very badly for the last 15 years.To
summarise a bit about the problem , i would like to put some points below:

Thought being very brilliant in studies , i could not get into any
professional course( despite the fact that i passed 2 times medical

I had an accident , and my health keeps troubling me

I had a very bad experience with opposite gender

Anywhere i have been ( college or job) people start to envy and plotting
against me for no reason.

My parents were very rich but from last 12 years , we suffered huge losses
in business.Also the money we invested is not being returned back to us and
those people threaten us with dire consequences. We had also to take huge
loans from bank and other people.We are not able to repay these loans
back.( My parents are old and retired, there is just me and my younger
brother- and both of us have lost jobs. )

We had called few alims to our house who could tell us that that is a
satianic jinn associated with me ( i have been getting this shadow
following since long) and my family( parents and brother)

We are being targetted for the things we dont do. I have not been able to
repay loan to the bank, which has caused so much shame to me and my parents.

My mind is in a mess, so i dont know even what i am writing would be
understood by u.

I was surfing for some relief about this,and i happened to come across your
website. Kindly assist me if you can.

Allah (SWT) would definitely shower his blessing on you.

I am in so much distress. Please help.

Anonymous said...

i am watching ur sites but i have another and it is major problem for me please help me sir i beg of u my husband is not giving money even he is donot love me when he need sex he is very good at me otherwise he is beating me i do what ever he want but everyday same problem when he need me i am on his bed please sir help me i am wait ur answer we r living in saudia but i am now in pakistan and he is their he is coming pakistan on 23rd march he sold all my jewellery now idonot know what can i do i am waiting ur answer

alana said...


I am 29 years old and currently living in the USA. My husband and I have been married for 4 and half years but for the last year we made a decision for me to come to states to finish up my citizenship process. within that time he visited me twice everything was perfect between us we had no fights we understood each other well. but last week he decided for us to have a divorce.

I do not believe in black magic but my husband mother has never really liked me and everyone is advising me that she may have something to do with it because she has tried to interfere before. Is it any possible way if you can find out if she did something to me or my husband or is it just that the he fell out of love me.

thanks for your assistance

yasmin said...

Salam Brother

.I was wondering if you could help, or give advice. My brother has black magic on him, he cant get married. The more we try, the girl just looses interest and the matter doesnt progress. In the past 5 months i have seen 2 serious rishtas, and everything was going fine....but when we asked the girl to talk to my brother. It just ended. I have tried to read as many surahs from the quran, but the effect, is still strong.

Could you help and let me know what is the best surah to read. Also to break this jadoo as well.


Anonymous said...

I am a single Mother. Been divorced since 11 years as I had a girl child so my ex divorced me.
I saw lot of prospects to re marry but it cudnt materialize.
But now I am in a relationship and in the past few months there have been tremendous misunderstandings, due to which we have had terrible fights
Misunderstandings also for non existent entities or subjects. Its very strange to notice mental imbalancement behavior.
Thereafter I lost my Job, I fell ill where my weight dropped drastically by 10 kgs & haemoglobin dropped to 5.
In the lieu of this again a big fight took place between us, and dat too for no relevant reason and we got separated.
I am under severe depression where I get anxiety attacks and I also tried to commit suicide. He loves me very much and so do I. We do nt have any problems as such. When I inquired from people everyone said some sort of black magic has been done. And I knocked all possible doors to get help.
Finally a friend who believes in Ajmer Sharif told me about her problems been solved thru dua. I want to re settle in life and we both want to get married but suddenly circumstances get created from no where. I tried finding out about Dua but I am not sure if I will be able to do it myself in the process its supposed to be done. I am God Fearing and I believe when God steps in miracles happen. Allah Malik hai.

Anonymous said...

As Salam Alaiykum ,

We are facing the problem since last eight years . there from where shall we start iam not finding the words . first of all in business we are facing the lose and when we get some god money by hard earning it doesnot remain we us . there is always aheadache and misunderstanding between family members . Relatives wants us to suffer wants to snatch the all good things in neighbourhood although we are supporting them but they fight with us. ther is no oppurtunity for us to humiliate. whereever i go for job i find myself working hard but facing lot many things i forget small things. ther problem inlistening ther always misunderstanding in caliques they try my work to be put down , we are trying from last eight years for the marriage proposal but theday we started for the talking the prosal gets stop . we are trying the level best to get the arrangement but unable to do , Every where there is A big bawal & raita spread that this girl is not getting married she is not good there is fault but ifind myself answerless there iare the problems by which icouldnot go out in any afunction &marriage and party why is it so where ever i go iface aproblem . idont understand. iwant this mail to be kept confidential.

Allah hafiz

asad said...

i read all what you wrote but
today i after my ishaa namaz i feels like my back, shoulder, nek and head gets heavy
my hair on hand legs back cheast stand and i was doing bath room i started saying name of allah auto and after while
i force my self to stop it. as its not good to do that in bath while doing toilet

i studed your word by word websites and links
and i think other forces know what i am upto.

in namaz i forget surat today forget raku today

i hope i try my level best to explain you the best i can

please help me out. as its now almost 30 min and still heve heavy feeling

madi said...

dear sir,
my name is madi and i am 20 year old i live in the Gambia in west Africa,
i am a Muslim and my parents are Muslim too
its been a years i have been facing this problem,
i am having spiritual wife if i sleep at night i see beautiful girl come to my dream some time i dream i am flying in the sky,

if i sleep at night it come to me and i cannot move i speak but no body hear me and she stark me with knife if i wake up i fell pain all over my body,

i dream it come to me and spoil my sperm and i cannot understand my penis it look like moving on it,
if i get wet dream my sperm change like a water,

i cannot understand my body any more it look like some thing moving on body vibrating,
i cannot under my head some time i ask my self who i am i don't fell like human being anymore,

if to talk a girl is a problem for me,
always my eye is red people thing i smoke but i don't smoke,

some times i sleep i see god name writing in the sky and some times i see message writing in the sky in arabic but i cannot understand it,

i dream a key writing in the sky i cannot understand what its mean,

my last dream i see god name writing in the sky after i see a message writing but i cannot read it but after it change in English paradise,
after i understand,

reply me
i need your help please

mary said...


Hi , i was browsing on some sites, saw your page, it interests me, i do believe, and i must be a victim, do you mind telling me how to counter it. Several of the listed things happened to me I just can't understand how it did but it did happen. Please if there is something you can suggest I should do

arbab said...

JazakAllah for a very informative website May Allah swt bless you in abundance for helping others and parting Islamic solutions.All really hated his first wife and after 2 years of interfering and controlling help end his marriage were he hated/did not trust her. But believed ever word his mother and siblings would say.
Very awful treatment of her, she was from pakistan, no family here in uk. She tried kill herself, once they tried to stab her.Now I am married to him (not knowing all this before). We have our own house 5 mins from his mother and other siblings.the moment I arrived first day, she made sure she showed me no respect, and he just obeyed. They all treat me like a slave, laugh at me, don't let me see my parents, cruel to my son, I stopped working, gave up every1 who ment anything to me.She got so much un-natural control over him.My mother inlaw, told me a story (to show me her power/position) that she hated her brother wife and so used to tell her brother of things she did not like, he would beat her.
She also proudly talks about how she got it to the stage that his first marriage ended. Cause it burned her insides when she would eat in his plate.He says I disgust him, he hates me, he uses me. Does not respect/protect me. No time or sabar for us.
He is so over the top generous with his time(staying until 1am in morning at his mothers). Always have to have them all over 7days a week, his given his mother and sisters keys.Taking them all out shopping/dinners/holidays.He constantly fights with me, cruel to our son. Lies to me abt were he spends his time. Talks down to me in front of his family.The mother in-law is sooooooooo un-islamic, every1 fears her, cause she is harsh with her tongue, judge-mental, jealous/evil eye)Lies and plays the victim. That I don't look after her. After all I do. She says ugly things abt my parents, my looks and my son/cooking. Like she hopes I will answer her back so she can get her son to kick me out.My parents are very religious. They believe his had black magic done. By his mother+sisters. Cause he is very obsessive in needing to go above and beyond for them yet is the opposite extreme with his wife.I need a Buzurgs who you would kindly recommend as I strongly believe my marriage will come to an end very soon.I ready 5 times salah, play azdan mornings and down loaded to my mobile ruqyah play it daily. Me and son both read and blow on water aytul kursi + 4 Kull.
Please help me by referring me to a Buzurgs.JazakAllah Khair

ibrahim said...

Asalama Alaykumwa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu Shaikh Amel

I pray that you and your family are all well in-sha Allah.

My health is very poor, and would like to know if you would be able to find out if there is Jadu, nazr, black magic.

Anonymous said...

Assalam walaikum , Brother.

I have heard lot about u from internet . I am to a victim of Sahir , from last 8 year i am suffering from this problem . I have sort support and help of few amil , but at the end of the day i am still suffering from the problem . I have went through your website and your draft with regard to all this thing. Infact i have downloaded Rugya ,

Brother please help me out infact my whole family have victim of this problem . I feel like some thing is there in my stomach , and my whole body has been tied with knot . every thing is like jammed.

Begging for Help

salwa said...

alsalamo alykom

Gazak Allah kear , I red your site, I feel that some one I use to work with make back majic on me and my son, he is exactly what you describe. I found few items in the house I know it is from him one item is a Quran book from his country with one paper money from his country . he did not gave it to us he just dropped it in my son bag without telling us after we decided to end the business with him.

I wish to ask what can I do , I use to read Quran all the time and pray, but I notice a great change in me and my son, we both pray less , can not wake up for fager as before, I sellp soo fast before my tasbeeh. I miss some prayers. hear less Quran. lost money , my son lost job, my health is very dowen. please gave me some direction, I saw dreams with dog for the first time in my life and my son too
I also keep seeing my dead grand mother , anti , and father
my son saw a dream about black majic and it was from this man

this man is arrogant greedy, and he stole our money we just walked away never even get our money , we just could not handel him anymore , he know we can be great in busness in our own but I feel he is distorying us so we can not start something else. strange things is hapninng to me and my son . pl reply thank you

maharani said...

Assalam O-Alaikum,

To whom it may concern,

Can you please help me with some of my questions and concern about black magic.

PS Waiting for your reply eagerly,


syra said...


just read your writings on black magic, can you please tell how ne can get to know if he or she is under the spell of black magic or some kind of asaib or sahar.

huma said...


I have been reading your posts online. Is there any way you can do istikhara for me or suggest any wazeefas? I have been with a man for the past 3 years but he has been acting strange and ignoring me. His parents disagree with us getting married because they do not like my family. He will not go against and have stopped talking to me completely.

Hilal said...


My name is Hilal, i live in Jakarta-Indonesia. I'm 36 years old now.
I had health issue since the past of almost 14 years till now.
It was started when i'm in university, exactly on Ramadan 1997. To make the story short i was brought to psychiatrist on i was said has manic depressive order or bipolar syndrome.

So since then till now i'm using psycho medicine for staying accepted as mentally healthy. I've been regular patient in almost all mental hospital in Jakarta, and they all said that i have bipolar disorder syndrome.

First I was unable to get sleep enough, and my family started to see me different visualy then i used to, probably cause of the lack of sleep. And then i get high tempered easy to snap. But before i got the episode I always know that i will having it soon. And the last of nearly 2 years before i had hospitalized again, and a month before i had leave from home and rent a room for my self in boarding house cause i feel threat of hospitalization again since i see different in behavior of my family. That was also on ramadan. So idul fitri i return home and then not till 10 days after i was brought hospitalized.

I hope you could helped me was i have it medically or a hex was been spelled on me.
Thank you for your help, jazza ku Allah Khair.

ashrin said...

Hello sir

i dont know whether im suffering from black magic or not ..But i think im suffering from it .I have many symptoms that u have mentioned.
frst problem
1.i cant study properly .
2..all the time bad things come to my mind. i dreamt of jins oftens.yesterday i dreamt 4 male jin was holding may hair.
3if i study i get fail or very poor mark.
4.i am scared of lizards .and all the time i saw lizard in my room .
5.people look at me in a very weird way.they become my enemy i dont know why .many people hate me .
6.i dont have much friends. good guy likes me and wants to marry the bad guys likes me whom i dont like .
8.i have a very ill temper and i always behave with my parents.
sometimes i dont have any control over my anger .
9.once i kicked a maid servent of mine after i got pimples on my forehead ,my face become ugly before that i was a very pretty girl.and also suffering frm hair my face has become attractionless and no one like me .all the disguisting people like driver who drive our car look at me which is very much hand some guy /good guy look at me..:'(
10 all the time i choose the bad guy and bad path for me where as i know that this path is bad for me .then i got addicted to it .
11.i am in the very worng and dark way 24 years old still im not gettign any right guy for marriage ..
please help me ..and my study is going down and down .so to my look ..i was never like this before in my childhood ..from 2004 all the devastating situations started happening in my life .still going on ,.when will i get rid of it .

Nishat said...

Assalam walay kum Hazart

My name is Nishat I have been job less for 3 years.My heart is very weak because of that. I have been suffering with strange fear for long time. I don't know kind of fear is that. Except that i can't keep remember things in my mind. My face is very dull it has lots pimples. All the time i have pain in my body. Mostly in my middle of my head and in my forhead. And i feel shy with other people. I am not able to speak with them. Because of the i get rejected in interview and i am not able to get a job.I have been learning english for 3 years but still i could not be able to speak it fluently I feel like to offer namaj really i want to offer ibadat of Allah but at the last moment my mind get changed. Whenever i listen Azan it seems to me dogs are barking. Whenever if i hear reciteing of Quran. I feel like to leave this place where Quran is being recited.All the time bad thooughts and nagitive thinkings are spread on my mind. Every work seems to me hard and impossible to me. And i feel lazy all the time. Please Hazrat Help me as soon as possible. Please break this black magic what ever it is.

Afshan said...

Asalam Allekum

My name is Afshan , i have problem with me reagrding susral and my husband specially susar. i have been married for almost 12 years now. have three kids but my Father in law does not let me live happlily with my husband, though we are living far way from my susral but my susar (Fsther in law does amliyat so frequently, that i am failed to make a good relation ship with my husband. recently he did something for the seperation b/w us. but his plan failed some how. i try to read so many duas. every time my brother does kaat for the jadoo his Father does. but now it seems that including me my family members are tired too. Sir i can not leave my children. these people are very resource ful in every aspect. they have so many people come at their home for amaliyaat. His Father wants us to come back to Pakistan right now we are in USA. but frankly speaking i do not want to, if i go there he will break my family . Also my family can not do any thing, my back ground is not powerfull at all. I am really worried about my house i do not want it to break. i will let u know my Father in law's name. He is an oppressor. He cahnges my husband mind very succesfully. Also they do not like me to stay in contact with my family members. My husband recently bought a house too , his Father is really unhappy about it. it seems like its never ending enmilty with him. i tried to be good with all of my susrali including my susar but no progress. things are not changing but getting worst.

Is there any way? to combat with magic he does. Or is their any solution to my problem?

harleen said...

i read your article about the black magic. Can you please help me in removing it. I am really stressed out with it and sometimes i even have intentions to suicide.Everyone behaves rude with me. Its not that i dont believe in god, i do believe in god. My aunt got jealous on me and did black magic, i know it because many people told me.
But i really want to know how to remove it. pease tell me how.
hope to hear from you soon.
thanks alot in advance.

Anonymous said...


Well someone took a piece of my hair to do some kind of black magic on me, to make me crazy and commit suicide. They also wanted my marriage to stop. I am okay, but health wise I am always feeling weak and lifeless. I also gained about 45 lbs and still gaining because I do not have the energy to exercise. I tried to exercise and diet many times but keep failing as I am feeling weak all the time. I can't control my hunger either. All my marriage proposals are canceling out and every time there is a potential of marriage for some reason it gets canceled. I have been trying to get married for 8 years and still no luck. My family tried to contact a Imam back home to cancel this spell and they said they canceled it. However, I still struggle to find someone for marriage. The other day someone told me a true story about a smart beautiful girl who was having trouble getting married. So she went to see an Imam from her country. The Imam sat her down in a room of a house and did exorcism on her. The Imam was able to get the jinn in her body and find out the problem, and the jinn said that a lady cut her hair and buried it in the deep forest so her marriage was stopped. It was a evil jinn and did not wish to come out of her body, but the Imam was able to get it out, and than after she got married to a successful businessman. When I heard this story I got very scared. So my mom immediately contacted an Imam back home since we don't know anyone here that does exorcism or this type of work, and the Imam said there is no such spell on me except that I have a bit of a jinn shadow (jinn effect/wind? - not sure what you call this in english)on me which I have for a long time. He suggested us to go to a religious person and to have someone read duahs on me to get rid of it. Even though I was glad to hear that there is no spell on me I believe there might still be something because every time a marriage potential comes around something goes wrong and it cancels. I will be trying to see a religious person who can maybe read duahs and blow it on me but was wondering if there is any other help and also why does it seem like my marriage is stopped? These few days I am so scared in general as I have some kind of fear after listening to that story of that women. I have read the Ayetul Kursi and some other more duahs for past few days and also drank mecca water which my dad brought before from Hajj.

PS Any other suggestions or help? Do you think the spell hasn't broke properly from before about the marriage stopped?

Waiting Eagerly


Mandeep said...

Hi Amel
My name is Mandeep and I live in Canada . Life has been very sad and challenging between me and my wife and lately I have started becoming depressed and very sad.
Constant difference of opinion and trouble had made me from a confidant and happy person to sad and confused!
I have came to know via numerous sources that the source of my problem is black magic or something like that.
But I don't know who is the hidden enemy! I even don't get along with my parents and sisters as I feel they are the cause of the problem but at times they point fingers at my inlaws.

I am a simple man who wishes happiness and nothing else, and was wondering is there any way you can assist me in figuring out who is this unknown hidden enemy who has troubled me for the past 10 years?
I need your advice and help on this matter so that I can end this once for all

Anonymous said...

Asalamo Alaykom Sheikh,

- I am having a continuous headache.
- I have lots of bruises on my body which I am getting recntly (my forehead, my hands, my legs).
- Sometimes I feel my face is getting darker.
- Everyone around me is hating me, I dont feel I am myself.
- I get tense for no reason wanting to fight with anyone around me.
- Most men i meet feel interested at the beginning then tend to fade away.
- My last and only relation lasted for 3 months. fights between us came out of nothing and it was impossible for us to continue, though he loved me at first, he was a respectful but I used to get the feeling from time to time that I hate the him very much.
- Sometimes I get the feeling that I want to undergo a sexual intercourse or atleast I want to watch a movie.
- I lose concentration at work, at home, etc...
- I feel weak and pain in all my body
- During my prayers I yawn a lot and there is a sound that gets out of me which is wierd and I get tears in my eyes (though I yawn I dont feel am cured).
- I cant sleep early
- yesterday night I was watching tv, I was not eating neither talking where suddenly I started coughing badly as if something fot stuck in my throat.
- I cry on the smallest story which anyone may tell me, I try to control my tears but I cant.
And sometimes I just feel like crying for no reason.
- Wherever I go people start gossiping in a mean and negative way.

7 years ago I had a philipino maid, when she left I found a bunch of hair tied with a rubberband in a tissue paper.

I am not getting any marriage proposals, The weird thing is that I am not ugly plus I have undergone plastic surgeries that no one knows about and I I have good body I was called for modeling several times.

My life was not that bad, I had a friend 4 years back, she used to face all what I have been facing, suddenly my life became hers and everything she suffered from I am suffering of today.

What could be the reason behind all the above? I believe in God and I pray daily. Please help me, I will pray for you forever.

Jazake Alah khayr

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Assalam o'leykum

Sir, I'm hindu aur I love a girl too much. we were in relation for 4 years and we were about to marriage. everything was very right. but suddenly, she stopped talking to me and when asked her she said she hates me and she has got her self engages with somebody else.

Sir, I'm pretty sure that he has done some mischief as my girl told me he used to cook for her and took it daily to her and beg her to accept her. since then after she didnt tell anything. I still very keenly wish to marry her. I have lost my 23 kg weight in just 2 months which is also a very strong indication of some Black Magic upon both of us. I tried some Tantriks but they couldnt work it out.

Sir I beg for sake of Khuda please help me out. Khuda se bada to koi nahi hai. As per Q'uaran, Allah Tala has asked to proposed a girl or woman if a man likes her, I did the same and we got together to get married one day. But that boy has played a game. he is ! year younger than the girl. I wish to get my girl back and have her so much protected that that boy can never come again and harm her, me or my family in any manner. I am very respectful to Q'uaran and I have very very strong sense that its only Allah's Pak Speech can help me out here and get my girl back forever. I promise Allah I will never hurt her and I'll marry her as soon as she come to me. Please help me Sir. mein aapko hmesha dua ma yaad rakhunga!

Awaiting for your reply Sir!!

Allah Hafiz

Hussain said...

As Salamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullaahi wa Barakatuhuu. May Allaah's Peace, Blessings, Mercy be upon you and your family.

Brother, this is Hussain from India I would like to ask you one thing and hope you will help me find a solution for the Allaah's Sake.

I have one sister who has been suffered with Balck Magic for almost 10 years and a Jinn often enters in her soul and speaks through her mouth I when I tell him to leave he denies it by telling he will never leave her untill He will take her with him. I performed Ruqya many times on her but he says: ''whatever you want, do it; I will not leave her body.''

I doubt someone has done black magic on her in her food and that magic thing is in her stomach and unless it is removed, Jinn will never leave her. Plz help me to remove that thing from her belly.

Brother please help me for the sake of Allaah and Allaah will reward you for all of your good works and will reward u with Jannatul Firdous inshaAllaah.

Hussein said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
I am Hussein having wife and 3 yrs old boy , since our child born up to date I am not able to achieve anything in business ( business response coming but not able to achieve) I am having too much tension I don’t understand why this happening with me, please help me.

Please advice as soon as possible.

Akhtar said...

Salaam, Need to know if the HISAR to protect oneself from magic as done by amils is a permanent type or it is just a temporary protection. I have heard that there are some permanent hisars too, and strong amil e jinnat & moakalaat can set a permanent hisar on any one to protect him or her from any kind of magic. This hisar is permanent and can not be broken. Please explain me that if hisar can be permanent or it is just a say by amils to make money. I will appreciate your prompt reply. Allah hafiz.

Unknown said...

Salaam sir muje 1 ladke ne fasa diya tha phir mere sath 2 saal tak galt kam kiya aur muje pura barbad kar diya muje usko sabk sikhana hai plzzzz help m sir ALLAHA apki har dua kabul kare ge plz meri help kar do na plzzzzzzzz