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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black Magic on Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Assaalam alaykum,
Hazrat Ayesha has stated that a person who belonged to the tribe of Qabila Banozariq named Lobaid bin al asim who had cast a spell of magic on Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Consequently, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) used to forget about certain minor works and get confused. This situation went on for some time until one night when he was with Hazrat Ayesha, he kept praying continuously. Later on he said to her that ‘Do you know Allah has heard my prayer’? He said that two people came near me. They were angels. One of them sat near my pillow and the other one besides me. One of them asked the other one that what has happened to this person. The other angel replied that he is under a magic spell. To which the first one asked that who has done the magic. He got a reply that the name of that person is Ans lobaid bin al asim. Then the first angel asked that how has the magic been cast, to which he got the answer that it has been cast on the hair from his comb and the inner cover of the bunch of dates. Lastly he asked that where is the thing kept on which the magic has been cast. He got the answer that it has been kept in burazanwaan.
So Prophet Mohammad (SAW), went to that well. In some places it has been mentioned that he had taken Hazrat Ali along with him and he went down into the well. He was being protected and guided by the angels.
The hex was thus broken and the Prophet (SAW) told Hazrat Ayesha that the color of the water had turned red and the head of the dates had become very repulsive like the devils. Hazrat Ayesha asked him that oh Prophet of Allah! Did you not take out the magic from that well? To which he replied that Allah has granted me protection and I do not want the people to indulge in something so satanic. After this Prophet Mohammad (SAW) ordered the magic to be removed and buried in the sand. Refer to Sahih Bukhari- book- 10, page no. 222. muslim jild 14 sifa 174 kitab islam bab al shir.
SurAH Naas and Surah Falq were to be bestowed which are also called Mu'awwidatain. The above mentioned angels were the ones of these two Quranic verses.
The jews had conspired with Lobaid bin al asim to cast a magic spell on Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and in return they promised to offer him 3 dinars. This wretched man managed to do this work by taking the help of the little girl who used to visit the house of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). She took some of the hair clinging in his comb and gave it to the magician.
The magic done on Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was a dangerous one and it meant to kill him. But he was protected by the mercy of Allah.

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Anonymous said...


I have numerous problems and all related to marriage.

- No child for two years (I think its because of someone has done taweez on me or her)
- I left my home and lived with my wife because of problem between my wife with my family
- Wife left me and went to her home
- Wife is started to dislike me and hates me and want divorce

These problems started after marriage and i was having life without issues before. I need help.

rubi said...

assalamu alaikum take my salaam,i live in sheffield,uk my family got me married in husband has started being different he works and send money abroad to his family and sister in birmingham he hides things from me always and lies,i dont why this is happening i also work and have to pay all bills for house clothes and food he does not look after me right,i dont if someone had done jadoo on us,husband has now left me over a months and lives with his sister,im scared what will happen can you help, i am now over 7 months pregnant can you please give me any help or advice of any tabeez or dua for my husband to listen and love me right and marriage to workand protection for me and my unborn baby,please make dua for me please brother i am in a difficult situation people are laughing and talkng about me or if anyone else can help as i love him and dont if he still loves me and is only listening to others or if his intentions are bad as he has not been in contact since over a month

Isaac said...

With due respect, I am Isaac Two weeks after getting married to her, she asked for a seperation which has now gotten worse till now. She is now with a black American who has nothing and she uses her money for anything for the guy. We've been in a relationship for over nine years and we really loved each other. Now she breaks into quarrel and does not want to see my face. The sad aspect is that, she left home and went to this man who has children and a wife in the states. She told me she wants to run away from me and her family and make a different family some where. She is now staying with some close friends of hers and cant come to her family anymore. She doesn't want to see her family either. Those friends of hers are all of age but no man is with them. I mean they don't get any man to marry them so they want my wife to be like them. She told me she doesnt want to marry agian, but is not everybody who came to this world to marry and have children so she wants her life that way. She was the same person who was forcing me to get marriade to her, so that we acn have children some few weeks before our marriage.
Her family is worried so do I. She is now rude and disrespectful to evryone who talks about the marriage. She is never like that from the time that I know her. She is open and free to people.
I need your help so help me in your prayers. She has this ring on her hand which I think the guy has a spell in it. She started behaving starngely after she started wearing that ring. I am not with her now, so can't take it off. The black american guy by name Francois Portee, gave that ring to her.
I really need your help so help me in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

I hope your well, i have a lot of your different websites and i really hope you can help me.
I am from the UK and have suffered from black magic for the past 15 years and its getting worse. It's affected evey aspect of my life, especially my health i am constantly ill.
i read namaaz i read Quran but nothing seems to work. We have me to different Alims. Peers we have paid to have it removed but again nothing works. Is there any one or anything you can recommend to not only break this curse to remove and cure me as well, someone who is strong and doesnt charge money. I really need help, please can you help me?

Allah Hafiz

Ayesha said...

Assalam o aleikum.

My sister-in-law has been doing black magic on my husband and me to split us up. I do not know where to consult so I am asking for your help.
Since she came into our lives we have been having problems, things that were peaceful are chaos and we cannot have children because she has also cursed us so I wont be able to get pregnant with her brother. I have checked with the doctor and there is nothing wrong with any of us. My husband does not see any truth she insults me in front of him and yet he says she is right. The thing is that he used to do justice, but now he is so unfair after she came. Please help me my marriage is breaking up. He has been violent once and he does not even listen to me in any matter. He dislikes everything I do. And his mood changes so many times during a day. He never offers salah even if i ask him to cme along he doesnt.
Do you have any ammal or anything I can do to break this magic?

JazakAllah khair

nazia said...

Assalam o alaikum,

my name is nazia, since last year i had some problems in my sexual relationship with my husband there is very rare intensions to perform sex with my husband and i m also having gynic infection for which i have consulted with the doctor taken the treatment dispite of that this problem still exist but doctor said reports are ok, i feel burden on my shoulders and mostly i get headache and weakness with back pain i also consult other physicion,he said there is no problem in my back i feel cold on my both legs specially my left leg become freeze some times i never be without sleeper because of cold weather it is summer or winter, please send me your kind advise i will be very thankfull to you.


afsha said...

assalam-alaikum,warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
i read about ur website,i wanted to ask about my problem so what i can read from quran to get cured, i can feel something in my stomach moving always pain,burning severe,running always to doctor,amil tried to cure me now it is 4-5 years nobody cannot cure me ,they say it is iblis,it is very strong i believe allah[swt\ will cure me please help me my name is afsha. 38 years,sometimes praying makes me sick it went away twice from my body but came back,but now since 4 years it is not leaving it is giving more sufference reply me allahafiz

ahmed said...


I got your c
while I was looking for information about black magic.

I have been through a lot of trouble, struggle in the past few years. I was a very good student, came to Sweden for my Masters education. It was struggle all along. But, finally, in 2009 when I got a position ( a job) in Sweden, I was very happy and satisfied with it.

But, I have this feeling, there was someone, who was jealous with this achievement of mine. I wish, that person, would know, what was my effort to reach that goal. But, there are people who develop an unaccountable hate, reason to object you, while deep down, it is the jealousy that makes them like this.

I tried to remain very neutral during my time in Sweden, in hope that nothing unpleasant would develop. But, things went from bad to worse for me. I lost my job first, but I remained steadfast, I suffered illness, I hurt myself badly. I remained steadfast, ... , my prayer routine was good, and I was contented. But, I knew there was something that was stopping my way to success, happiness or prosperity. But, I was satisfied at least, I had prayers, faith good. whenever, I would feel bad, that thought will console me. But, I think, the person that I feel might be jealous with me, was still not satisfied ... I think so.

Now, I would not name the person, because, I may be wrong. But, I have this feeling that he was after me some way, Because he always knew things that I did not share with anyone.

Take this example, when I lost my job, I decided to move to Portugal to take up another job. Now for some personal reasons, moving to Portugal was not my first choice, if I had an option to stay in Sweden, But at the same time, I could not continue to wait in Sweden because I needed earn some money too. So I decided to move to Portugal. Now a friend to this person, asked me, when I am moving to Portugal. and I was surprised, I was surprised, how did he know this. He mentioned that this person told him so.

Ever since I am in Portugal, my personal routine has been hit so badly that I seem to question myself, " is this me ", " is this really me " ..... I have been close to things that a year ago, I would not even think about going near to even. My self-esteem, my prayer routine, everything suffered. If the people who I work for, were not good, they might have even called me off. I had the ability to perform much better at this job, but I was not able to rise. At the same time, I lost so many opportunities, and I seem to suffer still.

My family consulted some one back in Pakistan, and he told them that it might be some person that I have had a clash with ?

these are all just thoughts and feelings.

I look forward to your response.

Somi said...


Zeeshan called me yesterday. He said he was very stressed about different things but he would not tell me specifically what it was. He asked me for some duas to read so I sent him Surahs from the Quran and told him to read Surah Falaq, Nas, Al- Kafirun and Surah Ikhlas. I also told him to read Ayat ul Kursi and Hasbi Allahu Nemal Wakeel. He was very, very upset and he said that he was emotionally drained. He said he needed duas to help him be emotionally strong.

He said that he feels like he is lying to himself about something but he would not tell me what. I asked him if his mom was religious and he said she reads Quran and prays, etc.

Yesterday when I called you I kept a roza for Allah (SWT) and prayed a lot for Zeeshan during my roza. Surprisingly, Zeeshan called me the same night.
I know I am going to see Taimour's family InshAllah soon, but if I asked you to try and finalize things with Zeeshan, what exactly would the process take? Would you have to do uthar of his magic first and then read something so his family and him are willing to marry?

Also, how much would the cost be? InshAllah Allah will make it easy, Allah hu alim. I was a little surprised by his call but InshAllah maybe Allah is answering my duas!! :-)

I have not told Ammi yet that Zeeshan called because we are reading Istikhaara for the other guy (Taimour) right now.

Please reply to this email address for this email. I was on your website and there is an amal that you said a person affected by magic should listen to but it says that the recording it is very jalaali. Should I tell Zeeshan to listen to it? Please advise.

InshAllah Allah will put him in my naseeb with behtri. Allah hu alim.

Please make dua and I hope you are feeling better.

Jazak Allah Khair for your time,

mehwish said...

Asalam Alaikum,
I got a big loss in my small business.
Now I am full of debits and don't know how to cover.
I really need the money for my debits, to start business again and get relief financially.

and my luck is not that good to win a lottery..

could you please tell me any wazifa or amal to win a lottery and get relief financially..

siraj said...

I am hoping you can help me.

I seperated from my ex-wife in 2007.

She will not allow me to see my 2 children. My son was born after she left and I have never seen him.

All I want is to have contact with my children.

I have seen a Maulana when our marriage broke up and he told me that bad jaddu was done in India so that she would win in court here in the UK.

I have worn taweez to help me and I have been going to court since 2007 and nothing ever happens.

I do not know if my ex-wife and her family are still doing jaddu but I cannot stay in work for long and nothing right ever happens.

I miss my children and would like to live a normal life and would appreciate your help.

Please advise and help.

naveen said...

As-Salamu Alaykum,

Amel saahab,

We are having problems at work, ours is a hindu family, no-one eats non-veg, neither we did hurt anyone, nor we cheated at business ever, we follow the lord, the one almighty, we respect every religion.

Sir, We have a factory, had a great business. 5 years ago, we bought a plot besides our factory land, it was a small factory which we bought. Since then our business is almost drowned. No one is healthy at home, accidents frequently happening at work.

Now, what happened last night, one of the workers was possessed by a spirit, telling its name Shamsuddin, we were not present there, it was all told by his co-workers. When under his possession he told that he dont want this place to be used for work. He wants us to leave the place immediately. He demanded a chicken to be sacrificed on his name. And he threatened to demolish everyone and everything. The guy was definitely possessed, because he told some secret things, which most people dont know about.

I need your help here, read about your suggestions on JALALI MOKELAT. can this work in this case, I believe the spirit is not an evil one, because he told that the labour should not consume alcohol at this place. But still, a problem is a problem afterall. The one who is dead, definitely should not stay in the world of living, should join back the lord.

Help me.

sameer said...

Respected sir.
i have read your article
i have a difference problem.
my problem is on my studies. i have been suffering from black magic
for the last 10 years. i have this problem when i was in SYBMS. Now
i m in the final year of my CA Degree.
my problem i can not study at the last movement of my exams inspite
of my all efforts.i have referred the matter to the BAWAs (Sufis,
Aalim) total 35 in numbers till date. but their is only temporary
relief from all of them

somehow i have manage to clear all my exams, but all my efforts going
waste in CA FInal because i m not able to study during the last 15 to
20 days before the exams. i have appeared 7 times in my CA Final
exams.due to this i m very depressed and nervous.

please help me if u have some solution

rashid said...

asalamalekum my brother . I am your brother in Islam from Ethiopia. i
read some of your articles it is fery help full for me jazakallah. but
most of your work are not in English so that I can't read it. how can
I get your work in English. may Allah increase your knowledge. amin.

Sajid said...

asalamu alaikum, brother Amel. I am Sajid and I am in bad trouble. I was in love with a girl for one and a half years, we wanted to get married in the years to come, but she turned different to me since september 2011, like really uncaring to me. Then in november 2011 I was so hurt and sad so I went to a love spell doctor for help, he helped me, but i was to find out that someone else cast a spell on her, a very strong spell on her, and thats why she was like that. For all this time I have been fighting with him for her, and now its never ending, I need help, even if you could reverse all of it using the Quran, please help, I really love her, I just want to get back to normal life with her. Please, Asalamu alaikum

Wajid said...

Salaam, Am Wajid From London, I have been a victim of Taweez through my mother in law, which has messed up my marriage for 7 years, I have been trying and trying so hard to get back with her, I love her and want to save my marriage please can you help with your healing?

Please get in touch.

naima said...

salaam alaikom brother

i moved into a new house this month and there is a jinn that is really troublesome now. the first night it showed itself to my son and my son called it by saying come friend come. that is ussually how he interacts when playing with a friend. he is only 2 years old now and his vocabulary is very limited.

i didnt take it serious as i thought that if my son was friendly with it it can't be evil. that night things fell in the diningroom also something that i didnt take serious because i thought that it was due to everything being messed up due to the move. the next night it happened again at exactly the same time and that is when i started suspecting something. the next few nights it was quiet but i did feel a presence everytime i passed my dining room. thursday evening the house was basically sorted out and everything was in place. however that night i could hear my chairs being moved in my dining room. i still didn't take it that seriously i thought that as long as i leave it in peace it will leave me in peace.

but last night i let my baby sleep in my room and my child kept on insisting that we close the door of the room which is odd behaviour for him he likes doors open. i saw movement from the side of my eyes twice earlier the night. so i placed my baby in bed with me but from 9pm until 1am he kept on waking up every half hour crying pointing his finger at the ceiling and saying mama. i kept on reading the kalima and shahada until the last attack on my son was at 1am. that one was the worst and i could hear the fear in his voice and he tried pushing me away when i wanted to comfort him.

after that my son fell asleep and only woke up at 6am.

a friend of mine suggested that we try and make contact with it to hear what it wants from us and to tell him that he is welcome to stay on the condition that it doesnt bother us. financially it is not going well with us. i wont be able to afford to move again or ask an aleem to come to my house. what do i do now? i fear of my baby.

jizakallah al khairun.

mudassir said...

what should i do if i think someone has done black magic on a relationship sir? what should i read or listen to so god can listen to my prayers? please sir help me get closer to the merciful lord and let him hear me out so i can sace a relationship so dear to me.

basid said...


I was reading through your explanation about Black Majic on net, since you have depth knowledge about the issue, I wanted to know if their is way to know who has done Jadu and how to get Jadu nullified.

If you could please answer this it will be great help.

Usama said...


Dear Brother, my name is Usama. I am reaching out to you in regards to a severe matter I am facing. Brother I came across your website and hope you can be of assistance. May Allah swt give you jaza inshaAllah.

Brother I was engaged for 8 months and just recently my engagement was broken off.

Before our engagement ended I saw at least two types of dreams that disturbed me. I have been having severe stomach problems and have gotten many medical examinations done but doctors have found nothing being wrong. In the first dream that I had I saw I was very sick and relatives came to visit me. All of a sudden a man appears with red eyes and a black dress, he starts a fire in front of him and I try to get up to confront him but this man makes the fire stronger and he has a stick with him that he points towards me. I faint and upon waking up I see my son next to me who is also affected by this man and my son is also fainted. I try everything in my power including reciting aytul kursi and other ayahs to wake him up but he wouldn't budge.

Also before my engagement ended I saw a dream where I am sleeping and a disturbing voice wakes me up. There are two snakes on our dining table, seeing them alarms me and I reach for my phone to tell my fiance what is happening but she doesnt respond. I run downstairs thinking the snakes won't follow but one of the snakes a black one follows me with such speed that I cant escape it. I try to jump on our sofa but the snake bites me in the process. I try to shake it off of my foot but it stays attached biting me with such force and starts to strangle my leg.

After our engagment broke off. I made the dua for istikara and I saw a black shadow like creature that also had a stick and was forcing me and my fiance towards the end of a cliff/ledge that was over a 100 feet over water. Me and my fiance were on the ground crawling trying to get away from this creature and trying to protect each other, but we both fell to our deaths.

Usama said...

I saw another dream where I was in college and went to the bathroom. I start cleaning my hands and see a big black snake above the miror and i start running. The snake follows me and even though there are other people the snake is only after me. I jump from roof to roof trying to escape it but it is following me with such speed and its no ordinary snake, it was an anaconda, very wide and long. As I am running I start reciting the quran and finally the snake tells me that I am lucky this time but it will be back for me.

Losing my fiance was the biggest dissappointment of my life and I’m not sure how it ended or why even for that matter.

A few days ago I saw another dream where this black snake was back in my dreams. I was sleeping and i hear a rattling noise. I wake up to see the snake is under my bed and it comes out to inflict pain on me. My cousins are in the room with me but the snake is causing them no harm and is only after me. Again I go jumping from sofa to sofa.

The dream that really disturbed me was two days ago i saw me and my fiance were sleeping together and in the middle of the night she woke up screaming. i tried tapping her to see if she was okay and what was wrong, her eyes opened and they were yellow and red, and her screams kept getting louder and louder. I wanted to take her to the hospital so i tried picking her up but she starts scratching my face so hard that my skin peels off and blood starts gushing out. She was possessed in the dreams and i tried yeling to her parents for help but no voice would leave my throat. I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in real life and my heart was pounding.

I have heard from peers/saints that jadoo was done on us but I dont know what to believe right now and how to fix this.

Please help me brother in this matter.

Bushra said...

AOA : my is Bushra I am facing lot of problems since last two years, some time feeling pain

had-ace,some time pain other body area and this pain always moving one place to other place

lot of time concern to specialist doctor but no use. please can you advice me what can i have to do.


Irfan said...

Aslaam Waalekum,
my name is Irfan and i am working as a software
engineer in Bangalore.

I need your help in getting rid of some of the problems i am facing
since long time. They are:
1. i have been working in same organization for past 7 years without
much progress.
i am looking for opportunities abroad and nothing good is coming my way.
2. my parents are looking for a match for me and nothing good is happening .
3. my parents and my older brother are in lot of pressure as even my
older brother is unmarried
and there is no sign progress.

I feel like not been struck with good ideas and when ever i try out
something new ,
it doesn’t work and always goes wrong .
its like something is stopping me from doing things .
i have made up mind plenty of times to do something like .. going for
higher studies ,
or looking for a match on websites , or take up a hobby .. or change
my place of stay ..
but nothing works out and I get back to zero again.
i am puzzled and i am thinking that there should be a some kind of
force which is
stopping from good things coming my way ..

Please look into my issue and suggest me a remedy .
And if you are looking for particular information, please get back to
me and I’ll provide you with it .

I seek you co-operation and help.

May Allah bless you for all the good work you are doing

Allah Hafiz

Valentino said...

Hi, Amelji. My full is: Valentino and I live in Suriname. I will write in English, because I am not so good in speaking hindi. Please forgive me for that and hopely you will understand me. I have some problems and I want you to please diagnose those problems and tell me what the matter is with me and what the solution is of my problem. I have a communication problem. I am afraid to speak to people and to speak openly to them. I do not dare to speak loud. I speak very softly and easly. I want to speak loud, but I can't. I don't know why. I went to the doctor to check my voice and he said that everything is good. I'm healthy. I did so much things to solve this problem, but didn't see any solution yet. I can't walk also properly. I don' know if it comes from the fear, which I have. I can't study or learn properly at school. I forget everything, which I learn. I have no interest in learning. But a few years ago, I was very clever at school. I don't know what happened suddenly with me. I also sleep too much and I want to sleep contantly. My body gets quickly tired and I am constantly depressed and sad. Can you please help me as soon as possible.

saima said...

I am looking for help. My life is in trouble. I want any Alim to help me with the right path. Please knidly guide me if you can. My name is saima.
Jazakhalla kher.

fuzail said...

Salaam Amel,

I would like to know from you if iam a victim of black magic as my business is undergoing huge losses and iam unable to complete any tasks or jobs. Even my marriage is getting delayed due to some reason.

Please give a solution and how can I improve my business and get rid of debts.

zaffar said...

Dear Sir,

I am not getting job since last two year ever after applying and giving interview. Could you check and help me.

I am well qualified and experience person.

Can I contact you by phone.

mario said...

hello sir,please i was given your address by a friend )..please can you help me..i am looking for rituals for jinn,to help me in everything in life..i have been to many psychics/spiritulists from all over the world,they all lied and coned me and i lost thousands to these crooks.then i find your friend which i mentioned and i was happy to discover him but,he says he cannot help me because i do not understand the muslim way..i am italian born and living in canada.i need help,i have health issues,love problems,money problems,etc..thats why i would like to summon jinn/mokels,to help name is mario and i would appreciate your responds and help..thank you.god bless.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada. I have read about u from internet that you can help alots of Muslim people. I am really happy that I found u, I have big problem in my life and I m sure you can help me with that, I love a guy his name is omead , I really love him, but he doesn't love me, I really want your help in that please make him to love me please I can't live without him please do something, I can give you anything you want! But I just want him please do something I will be really happy in my life, I am really sure you can help me you won't leave me hopeless!.. Thanks a lot bye take care I hope I will get your massage soon khuda hafiz

Imran said...

Aslamualikum Bahi,

My name is Imran from brunei.

Bahi I have so many problems and tensions. I am very miserable person on this earth .

Bahi if you allow i want to talk you on phone, So i can take guidness from you.

May i have your mobile # .

Please do reply.

Your Muslim Brother,


Anonymous said...

Assalam o laiqum Sister
please forgive me but you should divorce him ASAP he just wants a PASSPORT dont give him the chance to take ADVANTAGE of you this could turn out to be very BAD as he could try to cast bad spells on you & try to possess things that are on your name always read nemaaz & keep on top of them & keep asking Allah to keep you protected from bad spells 80% from abroad are here in UK for 1 thing? thats MONEY not take a family but to hurt & distroy others life you should go to a Molaana & see if some body has done any thing on you.

ok said...