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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

black magic reversal spell with the help of surah abasa


If someone is under black magic, and he wants to reverse the spell so that it affects the person who has cast it on him, so he can do this with the help of the quranic verses.
One important thing to note here is that, if someone has got a talisman from the magician for this spell, then you can use the reversal spell, otherwise, if the magician himself has done this spell on you then dont do this reversal spell. because you cannot defeat the magician yourself.
If you try it and you dont know much about it, then you will suffer at the hands of the magician. because the magician has jinnat and they help him.
If you reverse the spell on the magician then he will order the jinnat to again reverse the spell on you. because he will know what you are doing.
The magician has the help of the king of jinnat and a lot of other jinnat who help him and are at his service.they can reverse any spell 24 hours all the time. even if you bring a lot of other people and try to reverse the spell, you wont be able to harm the magician because he has 1000s of jinnat to help him. and they also have an alim jin who teaches them all kinds of magical spells. he has solutions to all kinds of reversal spells. thats why be causious while doing this spell.
if its some simple magician, and he does not have any jinn then you can do this reversal spell yourself. but if he has arvah and jinnat then it is difficult and risky for you. and in that case you will also lose your money. and then you will be looking for treatement everywhere. if this black magical spell was cast upon you by some woman or man through some taveez/talisman then you can try the reversal spell and keep in mind and say that if its through some woman or man, then i cast this reversal spell, otherwise i dont.

3 times darood, then sura abas(as much as you can recite) again darood 3 times in the end. and then say that, whoever has cast black magical spell on me, it should all go back to him/her and should all affect him/her and should stay with them.

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Destin Cross said...

Hi. I have ALL of the symptoms (and worse at times). Been having them for more than a year now. I hear alot of voices, people talking to me. Family members, friends, celebreties and even politicians. I simply ignore them. They all seem to be moving "in" and "out" of me like i'm a vehicle, trying to operate and control me. Some seems to be helping while others do harm. I am a servant of GOD and dedicate my life to do HIS will. I'm taking all this with stride and i know its only the faith i have in GOD and all that is good that keeps me alive. A few months ago i hanged myself not out of despair, desperation or sadness. I just do it very calmly and was in a totally clear state of mind. I did not take it as a sin. Because these entities seemed to be fighthing amongst themselves, trying to dominate and claim my body for some purpose. So i guess the most sensible thing to do is to destroy the flesh that they want so desperately. Above that, my soul can be released from their clutches, free and go back to GOD. Also the fact that this evil is consuming and killing me from the inside. I loose myself gradually, bit by bit, my identity. i'd rather die as me, a servant of GOD, as i know it, rather than to loose myself and consciousness and become something else trapped in this flesh, like a walking zombie on remote control. Surprizingly, people say i hanged for about 20minutes when they saved me. Was unconscious for 2 days. I recovered totally in 2 weeks without any permanent physical damage. I know its GOD's will that i live and go through this war. But its really tough at times. Besides, now that i think of it, if things like this can be done to other people, and the pure EVIL(words cannot describe) i've felt during these "hauntings", it seems there is no point for mankind to continue to exist. Like the core, the root of humanity, our civilization has rot beyond repair. I believe GOD can, but honestly, after what we've gotten ourselves into, the only thing we deserve is judgement. Anyway in summary, there is this evil in my country that has its roots set so deep that it reaches the gates of hell. The country's late independence was shrouded in dark mystery and political betrayals. Its poeple practise pagan worship fused into the teachings of islam. They "breed" spirits, wraiths, minions, whatever you call it. We have regular mass demonic possessions in schools and public places. The poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer. The country is rotting and consuming itself from the inside. I believe this very evil is on to me. The worst part is when these filth molest my privates, touch and grope me everywhere, sometimes leaving intense itch, sores and blisters. It makes me feel so very dirty that i want to boil myself. Worse when they do it when i'm trying to rest. As i loose sleep, my energy levels go down and that's what i'm trying to avoid. Any tips or suggestions on improving my defence against these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, GOD bless - DC

P Deep Kaur said...


R Philip said...


Lucky said...

I once helped a girl of 19 out of satanism, it happened in 2003. We are still in the same church but she's not longer with me anymore as she is an assistant in church and I'm a member. I feel she's not yet free yet and many times misguided by the pastors and auxilliary pastors who she's working with in church. As most of them dont have much experience on the issue of evil spirits on satanism side. She's so confident on the pastors. God taught us to discern rather than criticise. Thats where my problem lies. I felt the sting of the evil spirits through helping her out. I'm still fighting for my life. She's fighting too but sometimes the wrong way. When she's confused she comes to me. I cant tell her where the problem lies 'cause sometime I have to point at the church. I'm not saying I'm better than her but I only use what I've been taught by the Bible,the church and my own experiencies with God and the devil. She confessed she doesnt want to lose me. I'm confused!
'cause I wish to move forward to be used by God. What should I do.

Krishna said...

I have been suffering body pain since 14th October 2008. On the first day I felt this, I told my employer who is like a sister to me. The next day she took me to a malay seeker who gave me some meditated water, which works in the daytime but not at night. The next day she took me to the temple. From then on I could see who was doing this and where. It was my mother-in-law at her home backyard under vepillai tree with kaliamman photo. For the past few days my husband has been watching me and the shop I am working in which makes me very uneasy. Yesterday I felt a little ok. But today I feel as if I am burning. Please help me. I cannot stand the pain and cannot think logically. I feel as if I am going insane. Below is my story. I got registered legally to this man who I knew for 6 months. He is a good man but one does not manage his finances properly. So I started telling him what to do so that he can save some money and not depend on me for his expenses. He too st!
arted to listen to me and reduced over spending for his family. This was not taken lightly by his mother who is a malayalee. She started controlling mebut was not successful. Then she started creating problems where she made my husband angry with me. One final time when he fought and beat me up, he made me bleed. This tensed me and I called up my father who came immediately. My husband sat in his room while his mother argued with my father that I was not a good woman and they did not want me in the house. So my father with my consent took me away. Me being a restless person, angry too started to disturb his career. I came to find out that I was his 5th girlfriend while I thought I was the 2nd. This really pissed me off. I spread some rumours about him were more truth than lies. After 3 weeks of seperation, he decided that he did not want me and told me that he was arranging for a divorce. 3 days and nothing happenned. So I called and was told that he was just testing me!
and will not give me a divorce. Now he says he wants to live !
with me.

Shakir Ahmed said...

I am suffering from severe anxiety and a I am ill constantly with nothing going right in my life. The people who are responsible for this are relatives in bangldesh who are currently using jadoo against me.

Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to search online, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Kris

Anonymous said...

I have intense heart pains and shortness of breath please help free my life as I dont seem to succed in anything I do

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to what the eye in the lil crystal ball means. I had one in my bedroom floating around back in 2009 and have never been able to find out what it means...also see a lot of the writing that is in your language.

shefa said...

asalamualaikum, iam going through big problems in my life from child hood now the problem is in my married husband is not looking after me&my 11month old daughter.he is nw in abroad.he has not seen my daughter face too.nw he has sent divorce notice to me.i dont know wat to do in this situation with my child.please suggest me some duas to change his decision&mind. i have seen ur blog.i am humbly requesting to help me

hussain said...

Assalamualaikum brother jazakHumullaahu Khairan for your help.And I pray to Allaah that He guide you in this world and bless you with Jannatul Firdous in next. Aameen.

It willl be appreciated if you tell me the cure of my disease as well.
Brohter for more than year I am unable to sleep properly. I see very bad dreams at night when I sleep. Success is very far from me. My parents and relatives have started to hate me; they weren't like this before.
Now, my life has became Hell. Brother please tell me am I afflicted with black magic as well?

talha said...

Dear Sir,

Assalam Oalaikum. I am in love with this girl who has been a good friend of mine and I also want to get married to her. My family likes her a lot and her family likes me as well. She trusts me a lot and shares everything with me. Before I could tell her that I love her another man told her that he loves her and she shared this with me. I held my silence since she was very much confused about the man but somehow the man managed to make her say yes. Therefore I held my silence and left for a foreign country to finish my education. Now, although I live away from her she still keeps in good contact with me and I am still in love with her and want to marry her. Over time she understood that I love her and she told me that. Despite knowing all these she is still kept her friendship with me. Now, a month back the girl herself shared some things about her boyfriend. She said that the man has been in relationships with other girls before her and the man had sexual relationship with them. The man wanted to have premarital sex with her as well but she declined. She was very much worried because she feared that the man was just with her for a physical relationship and because the man doesnot have a good character. She was thinking about breaking up with him but again somehow the man managed to keep her. Now, after hearing all these from her I gathered information from some other reliable sources and the man is indeed not good. But now the girl seems to be so much mesmerized by the man that she doesnot want to live him. Even her mother prohibited her from meeting her boyfriend but she is still doing it. Its like the man got her under some love spells.

Brother, I cannot see the girl I love so dearly and want to marry, waste her life behind an evil man. Please brother, by Allah's mercy I came across your blog and I want your help. I want the affection the girl has for her boyfriend to get erased from her heart and her boyfriend to stop pursuing her as well. I want them to break up with each other and I want that girl to fall in love with me truly, so that I can marry her and provide her with a good life. Please brother, donot get my intentions wrong. I only want to protect the girl I love and marry her and give her a good life. Please tell me if you can perform some amal of love on my behalf so that I can achieve my goal by the grace of Allah.

Thank you for your time and please keep me in your prayers. I will be waiting for your reply.

glenford said...

asslam o alkum sir, im glenford of philippines. I need your help sir because I am a victim of black magicians and my family also. I see the symptoms of black magic in me and my family and it is chronic. please help me sir but I cannot visit you because I hav no money. help me sir

Saima said...

Respected Sir;

My name is Saima I have few problems and some quries to ask you.
Please get my hisaab and let me know why problems are occuring in my
daily life and how can I get rid of them.

Problmes are;

I am facing alot of problems in my career since I grown up. Specially
from 2006 I joined a bank. After doing hard work and giving
outstanding performance my efforts are not been recognized, I do not
get promotion and salary raise. please let me know how this problem
can be solved?

I want to marry but again due to money and other responsiblities which
are not being ending, I cannot marry. how this problem can be

I want to do MBA but again due to money and other problems, I can not
go ahead for it.

I felt in my daily life that whenever I am on the edge of progress,
there suddently comes any issue that creates problem that create
unnessary hindrances. and my progress stopped.

I do alot of care and love with my family and friends and at office,
but no one understands me, nor in these 5 years I could get any
companion to get along with me in office.

I am constantly going under debts and the dream of getting car is now
far away from me.

Please help me and do istikhara for all of my problems and let me know
where the hindrance is and why. and what is the solution. Once I will
be out of main problems then I could serve humanity and get raise in
salary so will help the needy people.

I will be highly greatful to you.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu'laikum Sheik Sahab,

My family have a financial problem and I need your help.
Someone has done a sacrifice(Biswa) for money on my father and on all 7 of my brothers.
We are not able to do progress financially at all. Every business we do are end up closed down or dont succeed.All money that comes, goes straight away.

My father and 5 brothers currently live in Mauritius and myself and one brother are in England.

I will pay you for this service

Can you help us please Amel sahab.

Please reply as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I read one of your blogs about black magic and wish to ask for your expert advise. something very bad happened to me a 3-4 years ago and i had felt a constant cloud of depression, this caused me to rebel in many ways and turn away from the path and started drinking doing drugs and felt my beauty had been token from me. i had really bad acne and started getting schycic dreams and started lusting a lot witch got me taken advantage off. during this journey it was all dark and i was full of random acts of aggression, sadness and serious aggression. after this i turned to my deen and vowed to go mosque but everytime i entered an place of allahs worship i began to feel sick and i felt something was pulling my hair. i always left early. then i went to get thumed by a imam and ge gave me a thavese and i started praying and i went in my deen properly untill oneday i was sleeping and i started speaking arabic fluently in my sleep. after this i fell terribly sick, i couldnt eat, drink, swallow or spit, lazy, body hurting. after this cleared up i gained weight and started eating as all this left me realy unhealthy. then oneday i was sleeping and i saw a jin with red eyes looking at me while i was sleeping it was a black form with red eyes, then i saw it again while i was in the shower and it was watching me naked. after this i went to the imam again and he wouldnt tell me what it was. then after that i got better... was this black magic or a possession? what was all this can you please help me find out? because now im getting attacked in my sleep and being possesd in my dreams and feelings of someone choking me?

nasreen said...

it's me nasreen. Assalamualikum. Vai I need yor help . I having some bad day's I have 27years marriage life . Somebody's wife did someone like jadu . Now my loving husbend left us . I have three son masallah he useto love them like anything now he didnot even call us . If I callpp him he doesn't get the phone .

salma said...

Asalam Allaikum
My family is been stuck with ths black magic evil thng which is done by our inlaw's family .. they have persued sme rituals by offering cocks blood in templ
pls gv some solutions fr it
iam reciting yaseen , ganjul arsh,(blowing thrice in drinking water) manzil quran ,
wat els i need to do to prevent my parenst nd my family frm ths evilness

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
would u please tell that divorce under the infuece of black magic spell is valid or invalid?
may Allah bless u always.

Anonymous said...

i want help . i cant attentive in my study . my exan result is so poor. i want to complete my study very much early

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheikh Amel,
Assalam O Alaikum!
I came across a website in which I read about you. I am very upset as since I've grown up I've always been under some spell or another. Studying, getting a job or getting married, hence, whatever aspect of life - I have always experienced problems. One of the biggest problems that has shattered me is that someone who really loved me proposed me and kept me waiting for about 11 years. He and his family kept delaying the marriage due to different reasons. Both the families knew each other well. I know that the guy was very sincere and really wanted to marry me but 3 of his family memebers were against this proposal and engaged in black magic and atlast after doing alot of magic got able to take his mind off me and got him married a few months ago. I know he is not happy with her as the girl likes someone else and intends to leave him. The guy keeps telling his family that this has all happened because of their wrong doing with me although he also knows that his father carries out alot of magic.
My problem is that he has got married and now I am in a stage where getting unmarried men is very difficult as already it is hard to find a good rishta. I am under a lot of depression and try a lot to forget him but cant. I get weird thoughts as sometimes I think I should wait as he is in a situation where he'll have to marry again.
Dear Sheikh I really had never thought of anyone else........please guide me and give me a prayer that turns my mind away from him but I do want his family and him to realize the evil they have done to me. This does not mean that I want to read anything against them but I do pray to God that they also suffer like they have made me suffer. My mother is really upset as she had never thought these people will do this to me. The guy came to my house with his wife which was really very upsetting.
Another problem is that there is a woman who is a family friend but very jealous of me. We have stopped seeing her but she keeps casting spells on me. Because of this I have lost all the glow on my face and alot of blemsihes and wrinkles are coming on it and I am aging fast, I am not getting a job, have a lot of financial issues, my confidence is shattered, I cant study properly,i'm scared of going out, I dont know how to talk to others, hence I m deteriorating in all aspects of my life. Please tell me something how to get over all this and break the spell she has cast on me.
I'll be grateful if you help me.
Mant thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hi,im safa.18 studying LLB in da 2nd bf's .we had a vry smooth relationship but sudnly evrythng changd.he's my childhood friend of clas 3.whnevr he hurtd me,he alwz felt n gave his life to apologise n remove my pains.but frm last 1-2month he's seriusly changd.he hurtd me dam extrmly.i talkd of breakup n stopd talking to him but stil he has no reaction n simply wnts me to understnd him.he hardly remembers me n if he cals once n i dont recv,he doesnt cals back.he was never like dis.he evn startd hiting me.he says sory mayb just 1s or twice when he keeps hurting me n if i cnt stop crying he becomes agresiv.i give al eforts to protect him frm teachers,his parnts,studies n evry sort of prob but stil dis days he simply doesnt sees them n evn if sir scolds him,he says its my falt coz i made him take a retartd subject whn i told him tht he'l get scolded if doesnt give his test.but tht time also he simply shoutd at me evn though i made notes for him.i just cnt xplain to wht shocking xtent he's changd.evn if evryone shws him wht he's doing to me,he cnt c.if i die crying he doesnt cares.instead stays upst himself.n da symptoms u gave abt magic,most of them r in him so im emailing u.he frequently gets hungry,he gets lots of sleep,he alwz have diarhea n stomachache,severe headache due to useles stres,dreamles nights n startd to look at othr girls which he never did b4.PLZ help! im emailing u wth a lot of hope.if i get help frm u,i'l advice evryone to join ur page.plz tel me wht can i do since u gave ur email id to help me a simple proces instead 41 times 71 times plz coz our final ahead.i realy need a fast solution.n one thing which din change is tht he stil hv da love for me though decreasd than b4 n mayb decresing mre day by day.i'l b waiting for ur reply.

ayesha said...


I had black magic and I got it removed,can u plz check whether I still have it or not.jazakAllah

I had several symptoms of black magic earlier listed in ur article now I only have symptom 28

I have another problem since 3 years I'm facing obtacles (rukawatain) in one of my rishta can u plz tell whts the reason.I'll be greatful to u

Danish said...

Dear Brother,
My name is Danish and I am 30 years old for the last 2 years I have been experiencing the most crucial times of my life .I am continously jobless and feeling different kinds of pains in chests and body.People are avoiding me a lot whereas I am also avoiding people on no terms and basis.I have been in continous depression and most of all I have totally lost my Face appeal it has turned darker and darker day by day.

Dont kno wat to say believe that some1 from my family or my wives family has definitely done something on us.I am experiencing non stop events of different problems and issues.I am totally unable to focus on my work and duties..We in our family are having fights on regular basis my home has become a junk yard..

First lost my job ..than my car ...respect in family n friends...and now going to loose my house..

Can u please help me.

Asad said...

hello sir i am Asad from UAE i want to talk with u.plz give me yours personaal contact number i visited your site and too much impressed there is too much material inside i want to talk on special matter reply me urgently i m facing some problem in my practical life

gaurav said...

dear sir,
i have experienced a lot of extra ordinary things in my house and between our wife n me.
But i want to know what is the reason behind it.sometime she is so loving while some time she became erratic and quarrelsome.My behaviour also changes and next day we apologize each other for no reason.many things are there but i want you to identify the reason.
its do or die condition.

Raza said...

Assalam Alaikum,
I am Aun Raza,i belong to a syed shia family,My sister in law has ruined my brother's and mine and my whole family's life,I need some help to get rid of the magic or any bad amal done by her.Please help us if you can...DO you do the protection from Black magic yourself?I really need help.Thank you ALLAH HAFIZ

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum... Am 22 , i got my first period in 2002 later it delayed for next 3 months and still it continued as irregular periods am very much scared about future.i got my last period on December 26th. I consulted gynecologist she prescribed tablets when i take those tablets i get my period for that month. Later i continued those tablets then i had to face side effects because of those tablets so i had to stop taking those tablets. Now i have completely stopped taking tablets. But am suffering seriously from not having periods regularly. So i need some suggestions how i can overcome this problem, and will this affect me to conceive in future, plz plz i need solution for allah sake... I NEED SPECIFIC DUA TO GET MY PERIODS NORMAL.

Fauzia said...

Asslam wa alikum sir,

My name is Fauzia and I have a fear that I and my family
are under some kind of a eveil spell.
We would like to seek for your help.

All the things happeing when a kala jaadu is done is happening to me
and my family.

Please if you can
help us and remove the kaala jaadu on us.

thanks you

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at your page on the Evil Eye. I read up on it and some of the side affects are what experience. Can you please tell me what I should do???

TAMZID said...

i am a businessman, but suddenly all my businessjust stopped for no reason. now i have no money. i m helpless, can u help me?