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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black magic spells reversal with the help of Quran:

Assalam oaliqum,
I am disclosing an easy spell which can be used to reverse black magic spell which is not too powerful. This spell can be used to quell those magicians who do not possess expert devils. It can reverse black magic spells cast by such less powerful magicians for causing illness, panic attacks and headaches on the victim.

before and after recite 11 time darood

and read this verse

You can decide the number of times that you would like to read this prayer. It should be kept in mind that the more it is read, the more is the black magic reversed.
After doing the amal one should pray to Allah and request him humbly to send back the magic towards the person who has send it towards us.
As a precautionary one should do a hisar before starting the amal for protection. This is because when the black magic is reversed, the devils of the magician make attempts to stop the victim from completing the amal. The following symptoms may be noticed if the magician’s devils do come to fight:
One can hear sounds of someone running about on the terrace of the room in which the amal is being done.
Dark shadows are seen which keep changing into different forms.
A white apparition appears before the victim, which is similar to the smoke emanating from an incense stick.
Something seems to be rotating behind the victim’s back.

If the black magic is successfully reversed, then the following signs can be seen:

If the victim’s face has darkened under the influence of black magic, it may retain its sheen.
If there was pain in the body, then one may get relieved of it.
Backaches disappear.
A stiff neck problem may also get over.

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bhavin said...

i am a hindu. and i believe in all religions with respect.
i want to tell that some people are doing some kind of black magic, so i wanted to know that is that magic is still affecting us and i want to reveal the name of the person who is doing black how do i get to know about that can you show me any way so that i can get my answer ,it will be great if you help me.

Ali said...

Ass Sallam Allaikum,

Dear Amel Sahab,

I am a convert to islam, I was hindu and now I am a muslim. I would like to talk to you personally if possible. Please send me your contact number. I came across your blog via researching on net.

Many Thanks

Ali said...

Dear Amel Sahab,

I have been converted since last 7 years, and to be honest I was not a religious persona at all but not an atheist also. Since last 2.5 year ago I started business and did pretty well, but then things took drastic turn and I went into heavy losses and to that extent I had to shut down my business today I owe some millions of rupees to vendors and others... In this last 2 years I came to know that I have been a victim of black magic and other witchcraft. To that extent I have got saved by the grace of god and its a real miracle that i m able to write this mail today. In the course of trying to solve my problems I realized that besides black magic and witchcraft, I am also responsible for my situation to an extent I now firmly believe that my sins are more powerful then any black magic.

A year ago I had a dream and a voice that said I "Allah is my religion and Allah is my life" from that time I have taken up seriously ISlam and what ever i could and can learn from books and internet I try to do that, today after a year my losses are still same but I have managed to survive, although my problems are still there and I am still struggling but I am not asking for any help on that level, In last 1 year I have also realized that I don't want to fall into the cycle of greed and politics that a business in today's time need, i pray as much as possible but I don't have any teacher as such who can guide me.

I want to serve people in what ever capacity that I can, I read through your blog and there are various ways one can help people I realized .... I request you to kindly give me some duas and if possible a regime that I can follow and be pious, Today my only interest is to help people who re suffering from black magic and other witch crafts. There are many and as a matter of fact i think this has become a common issue in our times today.

Do let me know if I can better my self and follow allah's path and help people.

Please remember me in duas.



reema said...

My mother's health in serious condition. She feel like something injection on her feet, hands and heart. She is aged no one here for her treatment. She offer namaz and when she read 4 Quls Alhumdulillah she feel better for a little while. I can not see my mother in this condition please for Allah sake do some treatment of my mom please I am begging you. I will always be thankful to you. Kindly do something early. She is not in such state to follow those long instruction which is mentioned in your blog.
I will be waiting for your consideration.

faisal said...


my name is faisal. i need some help regarding my marriage problem, i want to marry some one and she also wants to marry me, my family already meet her family, but her family is totally against of this marriage, her mother is going any person to get her away from me, plz do kindly help me. i dont have much time to wait. waiting for ur positive reply.


nazia said...

My name is nazia Begum.I fill like im in a kala jadu.
I feel lazy i dont feel like talk to any 1 in myu family.

I cant get a job cant gone to overseas i have three kids my husband left us he dont want ue we r divorced.

Plz help me to get rid of kala jadu.

Thank you

Farisha said...

Asslam wa alikum,

My name is Farisha and I have a fear that Im under the spell of a black magic.

I need your guidence and help.

Please advice if you can help me out.

I always have head acha, stomach ache and feel nausea most of the time.
I sometime vomit too and it keeps going for at least a week.
also Im very very aggressive. I only have negative thougts in my mind.
I can never think positive.
I feel all people around me hate me.

Please help me.

Ahmed said...

Alsalam Aleikom,

My name is Ahmed and I have been searching the net until I came across your wonderful website/Blog.

First let me thank you for all the wonderful information that you have put together, jazzaka Allah kul alkheir.

I want to ask your advice with a problem that I am having, so I hope you can help me the very soonest possible Inshallah.

I have been married for 9 years, I live in the Philippines and she lives in the United States for our brighter future, after all this time of hard sacrifice my wife just recently told me over the phone and all of a sudden that she has fallen out of love, and we had no fight or whatsoever to trigger this sudden change. So indeed I started to believe that someone did an evil thing on her to change like that, most especially that we are almost at the end of the waiting period to migrate to the USA. So kindly advice me what to do to win her love back in an Islamic legal way.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Abubakar said...

Dear Sheikh Amel,
Hope this message reaches you in great health and iman. Insha Allah.
I am Abubakar from Accra Ghana. I want to talk to you so that you become my spiritual help. I am faced with problem of black magic so need a powerful spiritual man who will always assist me every month.

Looking forward to your response.

haroon said...

i have read your posts alot about black magic and all related topics. i wanted to know that can u tell me by istekhara that whether black magic has been done to me because i am having a lots of problems in my life which are not ending. please reply me if u can then i will give u information that u may need from my side.
Thank you

salim said...

My name is Salim

I am having couple of important issue for istekhara

1. I am currently living I Abu dhabi and want to go back India should I go is it better for me and my family .

2. I had invested money with a person in 2006 and the amount is big. I also require money for my own needs. When will I get my money back.

3. My sister she was the most beautiful sister I had and after 25 years of marriage s he got divorced and her child whose age was 18 died in a road accident on ramzan 3 four years back. She ran away with a person who came in their house and she fought with everywhere one and that person was blind from one eye and also younger to my sister as a brother I tried to fight out but had failed. People said that person had done some black magic.

Please as a Muslim brother assist me with this problem solution

zara said...

Sallam alaikum
My brother has got into the wrong company if boys who are older than him which has now got him in trouble with the police, he has a court case on Thursday 26th. Could you please give me a wazauf to keep him away from bad company and for this court case to be dropped.

Jazak Allah khairun

Anonymous said...

I live in NY, USA, i had a love marriage and have 2 beautiful little daughters. We got married in 2009. We had the usual problems between husband and wife, but within a few hrs everything was ok again. Mostly fights cause of financial tension due to his brother and father. In December, my husband met an Indian Sardar hindu woman He started having an affair with her and in March i caught him. He did zina with her also and after i caught him he stopped talking to her. Before he met her, even a few days after, we had so much love between us and he was good. Then he changed and became mean, anxious, always fighting and being very verbally abusive and distant from me. He wouldnt talk to me or even look at me. He lost nearly 25 pounds, his color got darker and in winter how does your color get dark? And he would always sleep. Only he would get up to see her. Now its almost 2 months since i found out on March 2. He did come back to me with love on March 16. But since then, again, he got distant and even sleeps in a different room for almost 2 months also. I was told by that womans husband, she is divorced now, but he told me she did voodoo magic on his family and he had found dolls under his bed and she does lots of black magic. I am scared cause i think she did something on my husband and it still has effect. How can i break it? Please do respond to me. Please.

Bano said...


my name is Bano i am 27 yrs old i am sure i am suffering from black
magic because my family is trying for seven years that i got married
but when somebody comes to see me they always says "NO", and reject me
for silly reason, i feel hurt and bad my mom is suffering from kidney
pain even thought she trying to find me good proposal its always end
up with NO...

am scared now that i have passed 27 years and didn't get marry yet so
thinking of that i wont get any good proposal and good guy for me
here after, my mom have went to 2-3 maulanas putting me duas and for
removing my bad time and black magic but nothings works for me and its
still same i feel. al maulanas sad that i have black magic done by

i don't know when all this pain and black magic will go away from me
and ill get marry to a good guy. i need your help on this , plse help
me to get rid of this bad black magic and to have a good life.

i hope you will reply me back and help me to get rid of this black magic.

Anonymous said...

assalam o allaikum,

i want you to find out if there is any black magic on me. plz tell me. i hav a daughter too. my husband gave me divorce twice both times in anger but i think it is considered. we have fights on small things like tv, game, computer etc. he is at home almost all day i hope his work isnt getting affected by magic aswell. does not want to do job and business isnt working well. he abuses me all the time and beat me whn in anger. he says he doesnt get attracted from me, stays away from me, ignores me, i cannot share anythng with him. i had very bad dreams saw myself dead i mean tht i am about to die. and also saw a mans shadow in real and footsteps running towards me.. i am getting weak and pale. i stay worried all the time. my heart shrinks. my husband says i am a psychological patient in front of evey1.. he makes fun of me all the time even in front of servants. i cannot discuss anythng with him he starts fighting. takes me negativly in evrythng and thinks bad abt me. he blames me for evrythng and says i am lyer.. he told abt divorce to his sisters but did not want me to tell anythng to my parents which i did.. plz tell me what to do.. my father wants to call him and spk to him which he is not ready for..

plz help me out i will be waiting for ur reply
thank you

Anonymous said...


i am writing to you for help or maybe just advice about my life and what has happened.

here is my story..

my life has been one big disaster and i just dont know what to do anymore until i came across the list of symptoms of black magic on your list, when i read that list most of the things on that list relates to my life.

i have been to a few people and have said i have black magic but no one could ever help me. when i was 18 i really wanted to get married, as a young girl does, and all i dreamt was to find a good husband who was pios and towards deen and make my parents proud of me.

i was a girl who did everything for my parents, never shamed them up, mashallah always prayed and stayed in the right path, made sure i had a good heart and was a good person. always helping everyone and making sure my family was ok as well as relatives and friends etc. and people still say that to me that im a good person mashallah.

however to continue my story when i was 18 i wanted to get married but when rishtas came i was always scared of marriage and i used to run away from any rishtas and thought of a man touching me if i got married was something sick. so my parents thought oh she must be scared coz shes still young. when i turned 22 i really wanted to get married and again rishtas came but they never made it through the door always there was excuse that they didnt find me pretty or they didnt like something about me. then one day my friend who is also suffering like me said lets go to a pir and ask him if we have jadoo. this man was very well known and he could remove jadoo and jinn. anyway i went to him and this man and he said that i have really bad black magic that he cant understand how i am standing?? and then he said to me do you pray and read quran and i said yes but when i read i get headaches and dont feel like reading but i force my self to do it coz i love my faith. and he said because your a good person and have iman in you thats why your standing. he then said that someone has done jadoo on me that " shaadi ka shokh hai lekhin har admi kharab lagti hai" he gave me taveez and duas etc and i did this for 1 and a half year and still nothing.

Anonymous said...

then i went to another pir and said the same thing, this time he charged me money.. still years went by and nothing, i was 25 then, i went to so many pirs and by the time i went round so many i have spent so much money. then one day a rishta came and i saw him and he said he was deeni and pious and he was such a nice person, and we didnt do anything haram just emailed and talked as i was a girl who never let any non mahrams talk to me let alone come next to me. i really liked him for the fact that he was deeni and good character and nice person, however because of my jadoo i just didnt find him nice looking, i was so sad and upset as i really liked him and he really loved me that he was so patient with me and waited until i was ready for marriage. i went to a imam and asked if this person will be good for me if i married him and he said yes, but to get him to marry you will be difficult as you have bandish. he gave me duas to read which i read and finally i met this man, and mashallah i really liked him but was so scared and had fear.. .

however things started going wrong as he said he will come for marriage but always delayed it, and he said he will call my parents and arrange a meeting but he never did there was always an excuse. and one day he called me up and said that he doesnt wanna marry me coz my cousin sister said i want to marry him for money only... and he said i said bad things about him, and i know i never ever said that and how can i say bad things about the person i love when i dont say bad things about my enemies. and i didnt know he had money as all i knew him was for his deen, how could this happen to me and what will i do now.

i was 31 years old by now. after 2 years he contacted me and said he loves me and his sorry and he wants to marry me, he called my mum and said he will come but he never came, which devestated my mum, i asked him why he did that and he goes he doesnt know why but he wants to marry me but for some reason he just cant and he left. and im 33 years old then. i couldnt get over what he did that i went to a rukyia guy and he did rukiya on me and he found that i have jaddoo with jinn and thats why rishtas left me and this guy never came.

i was tired by hearing the same thing. nothing went right in my life, my family is suffering as well, and this was my biggest mistake in my life thinking someone will marry me and he took my life and never came, and im 35

and all i want is that guy to come back and give me my izzat back and do what he promised to me and my mum, ..

Anonymous said...

everything goes wrong in my life.. i tried to be this good person and that went wrong. every pir that i met when they see me they see my sadness and the black magic i have, and no one can help me. one pir said theres no help for me. i cant stop crying and my life has been on stand still for many years now. i recently have lost my job and i dont even feel like getting a new job because all i want is marriage and children.

my dad doesnt like us and my parents never talk, my sister got married and has a son but her husband brought her back and there seperated. my younger brother and sister are 31 and 33 and not married as well and rishtas like mines dont make it through the door.

i see bad dreams, and i see jinns and i have marks on my body when i wake up. and egyptian rukya guy said the jadoo is in my blood now.

what do i do? where do i go? where do i start to carry on living?? i cant bear to see my mum cry anymore. i feel maybe death is better for me now. there is so much more to my life which i only have told you just the main parts. ive lost hope and all my dreams are gone now. i just cant cope with my life anymore. im always sad and depressed and forever crying. i feel after all the sacrifices i made in my life for my family n parents i got nothing. just broken heart, broken dreams, only arguments at home only guilt and blame. i am old unmarried girl with no future, i dont have a value in my life. my life is one big nightmare, the black magic is making my life impossible to live. i feel life is such a torture. i feel theres no way out for me and its just darkness all round me...

therefore when i read your list of jaddoo and symptoms of black magic nearly everything on the lists i feel them.

i just wanted to know from you that can you help me? and if you can do you charge money? also do you do everything according to quran?
and how do you remove black magic?

abdul rahman said...

Pls yah amel,my name is abdul rahman .Am also a spipritual healer here in nigeria,but i want u to introduce 2me any verses or surat which i can b using in curing of healing people. By the means of Holly Qur'an.May Allah continue 2bless u..

zoha said...

assalam o alikum
i need immediate help to check whether my family is a victim of magic or not. my mother has headache all the time and her tests are all clear. she is in tension all the time for no specific reason.
whereas i have a feeling as if something is wrong with me. i have a cough for more than a month and no doctor was able to treat it. even herbal stuff is not working. i cry for no reason and always feel lonely, even if i have people round me. i have severe headaches too and sometimes pain in my legs and ribs. chest ans shoulders seem to be heavy and feel like vomiting but i dont. i get breathing problems which cant be cured with an inhaler. according to the doctors i am perfect. i cannot save money anymore and am always at tight budget. i have loved ones around me but always run away from them and usually hate their presence. i used to recite Quran regularly but for a month my routine has been disturbed. i dont even offer my sunnahs and nafls. and when its time for namaz, i feel tired.

Anonymous said...

salams i just visit ur website
i wana know about the hez bandish im having like this prb and i know its jadu happening at me aswell
but tell me should i do this amal just once???????
plz reply me soon im suffering this prb

waiting for ur reply
thnx for reading me

fatim said...

hope you r fine.
I read your website. I require help.. I have a terible mother in law with a very bad tongue. she hurts me with taunts and bad words. Just because my baby is not well from birth, she has growing problem....I am crying day amd night for help to allah for my baby to get well.
My husband is wanting a job in UAE but not getting in order to go away from this house because of this problems. He also knows his mother is cruel and rude.
CAN U send ur jinn an fix my problems plz.
He has applied in many places in UAE but not getting a call.\please help him for a good job there.
Thank you
Allah hafiz

Quadeer said...


My name is Quadeer from india i have married a lady who is divorced and she is 2 years lesser then me as we were both studying in same college.I had crush on her from that time during the college days.Later we met after 6 years and then she told that she is already divorced two times and now she is having a 5 year old daughter from her second husband.I took her offer and i married her with the consent of his family members firstly they wer not ready but as she is an US Citizen they were forced to marry as per our both wish .The marriage was performed at her home and from my side i did not inform my parents as she is divorced twice and i was nt married once also.So i did nt inform my family or anyone from myside one of my firend was their .After tht we both stayed at her home and their was good company with both of us along with child she was also happy with me as not my daughter but she got accustomed with me . She had to leave india and
went back to US and we used to talk daily and she used to call me hours together morning and evening.And she has also filed my immigration papers also and wanted me to come theri as early as possible .Their in USA her 2 husband had filed case for custody of child which was going on since 4 years or so that came to end after our marriage and he was enemy now after marriage he became friend after our marriage,for which she use to tell me all wht they both use to talk as she did not disclose of our marriage to h(3 marriage she did nt disclose their in USA)

After nearly 2 months she started quarelling with me withot reason and on the phone itself it became very horrible as she was not willing to listen anything whatever is tell her and explain anything.Later she said that i need to call her daily From India to USA i told her i can cll u but not long calls,again same isses started and it was like hell.After some days she satarted on the phone itself y i did not call intime and it was no reason to tell anything to her she dont want to listen wht i say to her,
She wanted only divorce from me saying that you have changed
you are not the person who was at the time of marriage.On every call she use to shout and ask me this only that i dont want to live with you i need divorce. I told her that i wil not leave you if u want u can go u are free .She started avoiding my phones later as i tried many times she is not answering my phone calls.I spoke with her mother she said i wll talk with her and to her she tells that their is no problem we are ok and we are talking properly.It is now 5 months for our marriage she is stil the same no proper response from her.Now i am not getting any response from her mother also and her all his brothers they did nt want this marriage from the start itself now i cant talk to them also as they dont like me from the start itself.

Request to kindly tell me wht to do as i dont want to leave her and i dont want the life to be quarellsome also both of us should be happy with married life ,because of this i m not able to concentrate on my work or anything it is like i have many plans now if she leaves me what shall i do i dont knw.Please help brother to live a married life.

Sameena said...

Assalam alaikum
My name is Sameena .i just want to know about
us. I mean about our presence life. And if you feel there is problem in our life and
is there any treatment. And iam ready to do what ever you advise. Plz help me iam
really in trouble.Plz guide me what to do.Plz drop me an email regarding my problem
and if possible can you please give your contact number so that it is easy to contact
you when ever possible. Iam from india right now iam staying in ksa.

Iam eagerly wating for your reply.


mohammed said...

assalamu alaikum brother,
first of all i would like to shukr allah that i find you over the blogs in the internet and you are doing good service to humanity, alhamdulillah. May allah grant peace and victory to you. my name is mohammed from india. the reason i was going over this black magic is, my brother suffering from some issues. we couldnt able to judge it is because of black magic or some other psychotic issue.

let me make brief on my brothers issue. his name is mohammed . he is good and jolly and fun loving person. back in 2002 itself his attitude changed some how. he used to tell me some people following me and they trying to hit me or kill me. later we come to know tat he was following a girl her relatives might be
doing tat one. so wat we did we sent him to saudi arabia. me and my brother stayed in india for two years starting from may 11 2002 to may 2004 10, there also he used to tell me a big snake is doing namaz in front of him. i thought he is lying. but allah knows the best. then my parents arranged a marriage for him, he got married, in a 3 months duration the girl got qula and left.
after this break he was little aggressive and offensive, later i came back to saudi arabia, and i cam back from arabia in 2011 may. but still he doesnt want to marry doesnt want go outside, doesnt want to do a work, and always suspects mother and father, wants to stay in dirt, like to stay in dark, doesnt like to take bath, he himself wants to wash clothes. he doesnt let anyone to enter his room, he dont clean his room.
we did our best and we checked some good mashayaks, they give some treatment, effectively that reduced his offenciveness and anger. now wat is happening is he is keeping fast since the last ramadan, he doesnt want to eat break fast, lunch and taking food only one time. my mother all our sisters are very worried about his attitude. some mashayaks said consult with the psychotic doctors. we dont know what to do. i am worried much.

we dont know who did a spell on him or some possession of jinn. allah shanwataala knows best.

please help us.

haniya said...

asalam alaykum brother,

i am writing to you in regards of my brother and sister whom are suffering from black magic. for 15 years . can you help us

nazia said...

Sallam Brother..
i been married for 3 years
and since day one of my marriage i didnt have any feelings for my husband
he loves me but see alot of my family has been asking for my hand because im in america and my parents believe so do i that its either buri nazzar or Kala jadoo i try nd try to have any feelings for him but the more i look at him the more i hate him i dnt want him talking to me touching me or beening with me at all this is getting serious where i want divorce but my parents are against it they said divorce is not an option
i been searching for so many websites wazifas duas namaz everything but nothing no one seems to help me
i pray and Ask Allah paak to Help me and fill my heart with love so i can be with my husband and vanish all the hate in my heart and turn that hate into love so i can live happy with him
life is such a struggle for both of us its like were against each other and we fight everyday infront of my parents basically it wasnt a love marriage but still my love for him should grow in but its getting worst things are falling apart im losing interest in everything i have fever headaches pains in my body everything is turning up side down Please help me for the sake of Allah please Do something Please Please Help me

lubna said...

hello bhai jaan pls help me i think my relationship is cursed by black magic! i been with a guy for 7 years and for last few years everytime we speak about marriage he changes he wants to marry me but when the time comes he goes crazy avoids my calls does not want to know me! please i am so upset i dont know what to do i know there is magic done i feel it, i done istakara and found a answer but how do i break this magic. even if i read all the quls i cant blow on him cos he doesnt even want to see me, i dont know how else i can stop the magic!

rehan said...

Janabe Aali,

My mother is ill and I want to get it checked whether it is due to some jadu or any evil. Can you help me to check and cure for her problems.


Begum said...

Asalaamu Wa alikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

My Dear
Brother Amel_Soname,
My name is Begum. I live in London. Please can you help me, I am suffering from jadu and jinn. My whole family is suffering from the jadu and jinn. I have downloaded your recitation of jalali mokelat and I have been listening to your recitation of jalali mokelat, one thing I noticed the jinn is putting more pressure in my family such as fight, ague and sometime I can feel my legs are so heavy and in very pain, I won't be able to walk, my body shakes. I can feel my bed is shaked as well while I am resting. I and my family can not sleep well at night. We feel so weak tied at morning. Can not concentrate on anything else.

I hope you will help me regarding this matter.

I thank you.

Unknown said...

Hello, Can u please help me,I know the person that has done something to my daughter, she had a astral projection in which something grabbed her and put something in her mouth, when she woke up she could still feel it..she had her third eye open know who it is and what she is do I reverse this.tnis person Has already done it on my mum my brother who are both dead now in the space of a year, I don't Want nothing happeng to my daughter can you please please help.thankyou.shaheen.