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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black magic spells reversal with the verse of Surah Bani Israel

Assalam oaliqum,

This is easy remedial amal to boomerang the magic towards the culprit. It can reverse even powerful spells. However, it should not be used against strong magicians. It can be used only against magicians with less power. It is advisable to read my posts about the aftermaths of spells reversal and do the amal on one’s own risk. It has to be understood that it is unwise to get tempted to take revenge without thinking of the far reaching consequences. This is mainly because the strong magicians have hordes of devils which can be used by them to destroy the victim if he tries to harm them. Trying to challenge a powerful magician is tantamount to stirring a hornets’ nest.
The amal is as follows:

بجری بجری کواڑ بجری باندھوں دسوں دوار بجری آے بجری جاے بجری سب جگ سماے جو جادو ٹونہ پھر کر آے وہ الٹ پلٹ وہاں کا وہاں جاے جو کرے سو بھرے
وَنُنَزِّلُ مِنَ الْقُرْآنِ مَا هُوَ شِفَاءٌ وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ ۙ وَلَا يَزِيدُ الظَّالِمِينَ إِلَّا خَسَارًا

In Roman Urdu:
bajre bajre kewar bajre bando daso davar bajre ahe bajre jahe bajre sab jag samahe jo jado tona phir kar ahe wo alat palat waha ka waha jahe jo kareen so bareen bihaka la elaha ill lal laho muhammadun rasool Allahe Wa Nunazzilu Mina Al-Qur'āni Mā Huwa Shifā'un Wa Raĥmatun Lilmu'uminīna Wa Lā Yazīdu Až-Žālimīna 'Illā Khasārāan

When the magic has been successfully reversed, the following symptoms can be witnessed:
1 A feeling of burden in the mind will come to an end.
2 One will start feeling active and better.
3 The face will recover its lost glow and complexion.
4 One will get rid of the anger and irritability.
5 One may get rid of laziness.

Amel soname contact

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gina said...

how do you say the black magic reversal prayer? Please post online

Anonymous said...

Assallmualikum Brother Amel,

I was reading your website. Thank you sharing with us your knowledge.

I like to know if people can do black magic to block us from getting good dreams. If so how can we overcome this kind of black magic.


aamir said...


I want to know that am i suffering from black magic or jinnat effects. Because i am facing problems for many years, i am jobless and zindagi main jamood & yaksaniyat hay koi bahtri or change nah hay .


Anonymous said...

Hi amel,
im a not muslim but i married a muslim. she is staying in batam. she hardly prays. althouhg i dun pray i hv pushed her to do so. at least for tthe past 5 years she minimumly do it for 4 times daily. i dun know if u no that that land is where alot of jelousy and lust lies. several of my friends was effected by black magic and not all made it alive. im also afraid that my familly will be affected 1 day. i read your useful forum and thinks it useful. if my family is met with such unfotunate, hpe you can advice which verses of the holy quran that my wife can refer to. im confiden it will work so long 1 has faith. it will be impossible for me to write to you at point of emergency. hence would like to have your precious contact number. cheers

zaneb said...

Hi I went online to find a cure for blackmagic. Me and my family are somehow cursed. I went to a couple of people that basically use the Quraan to tell you your fortune and future and ect. And every one of them told me that black magic is taking a big role in my life.
Please help me with your strongest cure. My mom is very religous and yet the black magic effects her the most.
Please get back to me as soon as you see this message.
And remember me in your prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

my Mom wud wake up from her rly bad dreams, sometimes she wud ask for me, like she wud want me to be near her, she nvr asked for another one of my family members to be near her. This made me happy, all of it, even her dreams. I felt bad for her, but I knew that I was getting somewhere with my zikr.

Anonymous said...

brother, I have a hard time focusing and concentrating, I haev been like this for a long time. When I was younger I wud run away from school bcuz I felt anxious and nervous for some reason, and I was homeschooled. I had lots of troubles in school bcuz of similar reasons, like feearing failure, etc. And then a couple yrs ago I was going to this good engineering school, but after a short time I had to drop out bcuz I cud not do my studies, like I wud sit down to read, but I kept losing focus, soon I got very nervous of failing bcuz I wudnt do my work, and so I left. This made me sad, I rly wanted to be a scientist and be smart and discover things, like Einstein for example. Its ok, I know insha Allah life is gonna be good when I get muakkils though. Brother, I also wish I can be a genius, like Einstein or other scientists, can muakkils or something else, like another wazifa do that for me? I dont mean smart like some ppl, I mean very intelligent, like alber Einstein, I wud like to make big discoveries and maybe insha Allah even get a PhD in a hard science.


Anonymous said...

My Mom is sick and has been for a long time, she thinks maybe someone did black magic on her, can u help with this brother? She called her brother who knows a pir, but he said the pir is hurt bcuz he got in a car accident recently.

Salam. I wud rly appreciate it if u can help her.

Anonymous said...

Brother, do u interpret dreams? the sister I mentioned that her dad did chilla, she had an interesting dream abt me, it made me and still makes me very happy. Btw, that sister and her Mother have seen interesting things before. Like she said when they first came to America, they wud eat haram meat bcuz their Dad wud lie to them and they didnt know, so her Mom alhamdullilah saw a dream abt her eating worms or something I cant remember, and she asked a religious sister, and she told her its bcuz of haram meats they eat.

And the sister herself recently had restarted a zikr, she said one the second or third day she saw a handsome old man, with nice clothes, and he told her something like "U said u want to lose urself in ur zikr, then do zikr like this" and then the man in her dreams showed her a way of doing zikr, she was reciting Allahu I think.

And another, this sister told me that years ago when she was doing a zikr, also Allahu I think, she said one day she was ironing clothes alone in her home, she said then she heard a voice reciting Surah al Fatihah, this was in real life, not in a dream, subhanallah.

afshan said...

As salam alaikum sir,
My name is afshan I am leading a very stressful life my problems are increasing day by day.I am very honest person and hate lies and i am very emotional person.I fear Allah and i read namaz also .after my mother death my problem has increased my own sisters,brother don,t like me I am staying with my father who is also old.MY PROBLEM IS THAT WHATEVER I SEE IN MY DREAM EXACTLY THAT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE I AM VERY DISTURB THIS PROBLEM IS GOING ON SINCE YEARS. 2 years back i got married after marriage we started arguments over small small things he started saying that our nature doesn;t match and my life has become hell.after 2 months he dropped me to my father place and few days later we had serious argument over phone and after that he did not contact me anymore after waiting for 8 months i applied for khula and he devorsed me .I had already seen before in my dream that i have been devorced and exactly same has happened to my real life.after my devorse my brother and sisters behaviour had become very bad they tell so bad things about me that i can't tell .I am very sad and spending a though life.whatever i get after lots of struggle.please IF SOMEONE HAD DONE BLACK MAGIC ON ME THEN I REQUEST U TO CUT THESE MAGIC.PLEASE SEND SOME GOOD DUA AND WASIFA FOR MY SUCCESSFUL SECOND MARRIAGE I AM VERY ALONE NO ONE IS THERE TO TRY FOR MY MARRIAGE I AM PRAYING ALLAH FOR MY BETTER LIFE. regarding tawiz i want to ask can i wear and go to bathroom and during periods can i wear please answer
Khuda Hafiz

Anonymous said...


In the past, even before I started my zikr, a year or two before, I would have these dreams that felt like I was awake, I think I was awake to be honest, and I wud not be able to move and I wud be very very frightened.

I do not remember if I had this dream when I started my zikr, but a couple months ago, I was talking to that sister abt these dreams, and then that night I had a dream like that, I woke up and Ifelt their was something in my room, I cud not see its face, just the body, and I was very very scared. I felt like I was being pulled out of my bed onto the floor and this thing, whatever it was, it grabbed me and put its arms around me, I was very scared but I was trying to say ayat al kursi and I cudnt speak, I mumbled it but then I kept saying it and I was able to say it clearly, and then something happened and that person was knocked out and it was lying on the floor, it died or it got knocked out, and it was laying on the floor, i still cud not see its head, the way it was, the head was placed under my bed. My room was dark in the dream, but their was a light, a small one, not sure from what.

Last night, Allahu Alam, I think I had this type of dream again, I woke up and for a short moment I felt frightened, and Allahu Alam, I think their was something in my room, but my eyes were blurred, and the person seemed like it was black, it was something all black, BUT, subhanallah, I was scared, but subhanallah I was kind of calm, I realized this was one of those dreams and I need to be tough, I tried to say ayat al kursi, but the moment ended quickly, I cudnt even finish ayat al kursi and I woke up or got out of that dream, I was even smiling or laughing, bcuz I knew this was one of those dreams. I think this is why it ended so quickly, because I was smiling, Allahu Alam. I believe it was that kind of dream. I then woke up and turned the light on in my room and then went back to sleep, I left the light on, bcuz I was a little scared.

Mariam said...

Asalamu aleikum!

I´m Mariam In my life there has been several evil wrongdoings against me by people using magic. Most certainly they are taking my sins inshallah.

Now again i think my x-husband is trying something. I saw our son (17 year old) something in my house. I´m sure that his father told him to do so since we have troubble and a law case going on. My x-husband is coward looser wich prefer hurt people by magic.

My husband does not beileve in magic at all. Recently we have been very tired, almost unable to get up from the chair all day and I am feeling troubble to breath when around him or in my house. I left my house for coupple of day, since my husband did something strange- he beat me and shout at me and after a coupple of days I feel better now alhamdullilah.

I see my husband is very tired, and tomorrow I have to go back to my home.

i live in Finland and last time I got cured by an excellent sheikh in Syria.

I will try inshallah clean my house hwich is very messy and play surah Baqarah and depend on Allah. I cannot travel to any sheihk.

Please help me if there is something you can do to help inshallah. I need to stay healthy inshallah. I am the mother of six.

shoaib said...

Dear Amel Sahab,

This is in regard to the above cited subject; First of i would to
thank you & your entire team for all these efforts for humanity. I'm a
victim of black magic since last (one&half) years.

I'm single and my family looking for a proposal for me; but since when
i was a victim of black magic (sifli amal) I'm facing big problem! On
my face there is white spots/patches like (vitiligo)! There is not
attraction left on my face due to these patches/spots.

Please help me out of this? Please send me good (wazaif) or amal's to
remove this spots!

Again thank you very much for time & efforts!

I'm looking forward to hear you, as soon as possible.

Huma said...

hope u r in good health.i m married for 7 relation with my husband was good but for the last 3 yrs after the wedding of my brother with my husbands sister problem started...there is no big issues but she dont want to stay with my brother since her wedding most of the time she's at her parents home..divorce is planned.. her somebody did black magic on nothing goes right..
in my family also since my childhood ..i saw elders fighting...
kindly guide me in this a muslim we have a believe on these spiritual things......ofcourse this is not the cause of all problems...but if this is the cause of sadness of my family...and now in my husbands family...i should know the reason & how it'll get away....
Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

My wife got a baby boy.Her
parents are nt comg bak.Im so upset!She wnts to live separate and i
dnt wnt as im only son!Please dnt snd me tavizat bt repair my
marriage.Jazakallaha kher n duas.

zohaib said...

i have applied for job and iam trying to get the job even i am waiting for their call as well but till now nobody reply ...

i am doing a job but there is no chances to get high post ...i am suffering since last 2 years if you made my Zaicha and send it to me by email or you could see what changes i need to become a successful.

and also i am suffering from Financial Crises as well

Kyle said...

Hi, I've seen your post on black magic spells

I too am a victim of friends and family members who have passed judgements on me and thus i'm losing their trust.

I have also felt numb or needles like pins all over one side of my body more than 3 times for sure.

I get anxiety for no reason and feel like my chest is tied in a knot. I have also had headache before.

I know this is not natural and someone has done work on me, but I don't know who. How can I find out who? and what to do to reverse?

I have always been a good person looking out for family members and my luck has changed all of a sudden within the same year!

How can you be so sure as to this was a curse done onto a person such as myself?

I do have a good idea as to who may be behind the black magic work or "interference" done to me.

I will wait for you reply

ndima said...

Dear Sir/Madam

I am in SA and would like to ask few questions about Black Magic and evil spirit.I am a serious victim of it and have been struggling to rid myself .My cousin sister is practising witchcraft/black magic . Going through the characteristics of black magic and use of paranomal spirits,I realise the striking similarities and this has impacted upon my career and social life.
2.No proper sleep for more than a year.
3.Throat infections
5.Pain in the entire body
6.Heart beat
7.Memory loss
8.etc etc

Please help.

zaka said...

A/A Huzur,
I hv read your all amals almost on net. Truely, it is very kind service for muslim ummah. May Allah Almighty shower his blessings on u every time.

I am also attach with roohnaniyat and is renderering services to insaaniyat free of cost. One question that i have thrust of thing that i have done lot amals for opening of inner (roohani) eyes and ears but could not succeeded. Plz tell me patent thing/amal to do so.
Secondly tell me that how we can cure of man caught with jaado of Hamzaad?


Fariesha said...

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu,

Dear Respected Mr. Amel Soname,

My name is Fariesha i have had three divorces and three miscarriages and i need your assistance please. My problem maybe a combination of forces coming from the generations before my mother and also black magic done by my previous husband and also probably other persons as well.

This problem has been wreeking havoc on my life causing damage and destruction to every aspect of my life. Right now the spiritual affliction has reached the stage where it wants to kill my husband and it is leading to a fourth divorce. It almost tried to kill his daughter who is pregnant. His family doesnt want to even see me around. He is being forced to divorce me because of this. I cant take it anymore Mr. Soname.

Even though where I live have many many challenges to living an islamic life i still try really hard to be upon islam and my heart is sincere towards Our Creator. I have cried too many times to Almighty Allah to remove this affliction, i have done ruqyah, i have also done some of the amals on your website, but i need help, these forces just do not want to go away. When they cant get at me they try to attack anyone close to me. I have also visited other respected muslims in the community for help but they cant get to the root of the problem.

I know i have to rely upon Almighty Allah to remove this affliction because it is HIM who has sent it and also i do not want to compromise my aqeedah, but i really need some help please.
If you require any further information concerning my history i would give you. I have submitted a picture of myself, in case you require it. If not please delete.

Dear Respected Sir please can you assist me in whatever way that you could and in whatever capacity Almighty Allah may permit you to, inshaallah. I would be most grateful, inshallah.

Jazakumullah khair.

salma said...

Asalam aliekum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu, Amel, I am compelled to write and seek your advice on a number of matters and I would be so grateful and indebted if you could offer me any advice on these matters which concern me a great deal. I am from a small family we are 2 sisters, I am married with a son and my sister is not yet wed. Alhamdulillah, shukarallhamdulillah we try and implement the guidance of Allah offered in the Quran and the teachings of our beloved prophet (SAW). My son prays his daily salah, fasts, and does plenty of zikr when possible (he’s 16). For the last 2 years or so my sister has been dreaming daily about my son and these dreams are of a vile sexual nature involving my son and other men. She has this dream regularly amongst other dreams. My sister’s dreams are so frequent and sometimes she describes something’s and it appears it’s a reflection of reality. I have sought much advice on this matter particularly this re-occurring dream and the most comprehensive explanation is that jins may be involved. I have tried to carry out dam myself on my son but for some reason I don’t have the commitment for a long period of time (try as I might!) anyhow I was wondering if you could shed some light and if you are in any position to do damn or give me any advice on this matter which disturbs my heart. Any wird, zikr or advice would be humbly appreciated from this unsettled mother, I fear for my son’s deen, duniya and most importantly his akhira please dear brother help me.

chale said...

Assalaamu Alaikum dear Brother in Islam.
Blackmagic is cast on my sister,when ever she is about to go school then the jinns attack her.
we have tried different healers but still no improvement.Soplease Mr Soname help Us.

afroz said...

Dear sir

Salam walaikum

I have been following your work on internet from long, I believe your work.

I am facing many problems from many years,it may be "Bandish" or kalajaadu,i dont present all my resource of income is closed...

Plz suggest me,what to do????

shaji said...

Dear sir,

assalamu alaikkum, i saw the website and i am having problems in my mind ,family and with wife and mind and my brain is not working properly i am in a bad condition i have knowledge but it is not useful i become weak fastly, i am not looking to other peoples properly, please help me with your valuable advice dear brother

selma said...

Asalam allaikum

I need a remedy for the problems which we do suffer for no reason
we are residing in south side of india. we are family of 4 people.parents, and 2 daughters.
my sister got married with a person who's nativity is bangalore 5 years back. my family were totally not happy with the grooms family but my sister was very adament to get settl with him. after engagement & the dates were very close to wedding we came to know that my sis was asked to do some ritual and also warned not to tel anybody including parents regarding it. thing is he gave some soaked green grams to her and asked to place it nearby her bed by night before the day of her birth and later by next day to serve birds after salah, so that she can get a good job . we dont know wat sort of ritual is this. later aftr 2 years i.e after wedding when my nephew was about to born my sisters in-laws asked my sis sit next to them and again they did some ritual eggs, coconut & asked my mother to take those things with them and throw it in road side which contains 3 phasings.
these are all happend few years back in recent days my family is undergoing lot of troubles & finally came to know that these people are doing some wrong things..

My mother all of a sudden became ill & came to know dat she is struggling wit cancer and with all mighty's blessing now she is getting recovered. by the begining of this year while we went to my sisters residence we found some mischievous things placed in the corners of the house i.e a plank with shining nail screw inside, a metal jumper , a stone with a piece of cloth then a green cloth with coin, few oil in a cup which were plAced in lauft of the house , i took those things and brought back to our native and thrown in running river water . while i thrown those things i noticed in the piece of paper wrapped in the cloth written INVERTED AIN letter in it. later days every thing was normal my mother's report started to come positive, my job and our financial status started to work well, we were really feeling our life happier. latr days aftr 3 months when my sis went back to home she noticed some red salt like particles mixed in sugar box. she noticed and thrown off all she is not able to recite quran, could not able to perform salath,and her kid who is 2 and year old is not willing to get close to his mother.he behaves abnormal. seems like confused all the way and getting much closer to his dad. and my mother started to do some complaints regarding her health.we know that my sister's in-laws are doing these things to damage our family her mother inlaw, her husband, sister inlaw, brother inlaw & brother inlaws wife.

we need a solution for this.. i need my family back in normal and happy way.PELASE HELP US OUT FORM THIS

we need a help
please help us out

samea said...

I have a question that maybe you havnt come across before I have a son he is nearly four but unfortunately I have seen members of family reading and blowing on him which he becomes ill and stops eating I am so distressed even two year old clothes don't fit him?

He is very weak and thin! He was very chubby and healthy members of family used to get jealous I know they do Nazareth Bhad because I have seen books in their house!!! My in laws don't like me and I live opposite them so I can't run away from them so they see a chance and they do it to my son and daughter! My son won't put weight or grow I make all sorts of foods but still he doesn't eat or grow!!! This has been going on for two and half years now been to doctors and everything.

Please help me I don't know what to do I read aytul kursy and 4 kul durood shareef on him all the time! My inlaws are very jealous of my children they do Nazar Bhad all the time also I get spots on my head and my hair has been falling for three years please give me something to do.

Jaza kala hayrun

saeed said...

Dear Mr. Amel Soname,

I have a very serious problems. My case is very sensitive & critical. Can you help me urgent basis. I am married & have 4 month baby.
My wife is badly effected by black Magic from last 4 & half years. We got married ( Nikah) Jan 2010 & Rukhsati in April 2012 & recently we have divorced on 17th May-2012. My case is under process in Tehsil Muncipal administration. I have oficially 90 days from june onwards if any reconciliation done from my wife's family side. otherwise we will get full divorced.

I have come to know after married that she is effected by almost 10 to 11 years back. I know the person who is consectively blackmailing to using black Magic from last 4 & half years through a Hindu Jadugar at Sindh.

I am trying to get treated her last three years through distance treatment Rohani 3 to 4 Mufti Alam but in vain . My wife did not cooperate in the treatment. She do not believe even severly resisted every time if i have taken her to any Maulana for her treat,ment. My wife is victum of 10 evils powers {5 men jinnat, 5 female jinnat(Churails)}.
I need help a Mufti or Maulana who can treat my wife by killing these jinnat & fight against that Hindu Jadugar. I will pay Hadiya & pray for rest of my life. Please help me...........?
Please discuss case on phone.i can write everything. My wife wants to live with me. But those evil has created a lot of hatred against me, even her family threatend to arrest me through police if i ever talked about her rohani treatment from any Peer & Maulana. Her parents dont believe on Kinnat & Jadu,. I am totally helpless. two of 5 jinnat women claimed that they are in my Nikah(marriage) & considered my as husband. I am seperated from my wife but still they come to me & tortured me in day & night & touched me in the night.

Can Any Maulana help me in this regard. The patient is on distance. These evil powers will kill both my wife & baby later if she will not get treated.

please send me your contact number or any Maulana Number references who can help us & treat my wife through distance. I am living at Rawalpindi.
can we discuss on phone. I am sure koe ne koe Mufti & Alam ho ga jo Rohani treament kar da mari wife ka Pakistan main. Allah na Har Bimari Ki shifa rakhi ha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am suffering from black magic and i believe in SIHR as it has been stated and written in Holy Qur'an.
I saw some in your website that i am currently suffer and i am willing to make a SADAQA inshaAllahu Ta'ala:


Anonymous said...

I am a sufferer of a love case, I want to know about jadoo tona. Can you help me please.

Anonymous said...

i am very much in need of help for my young friends,they are inocent children there is a very evil power of black magic it needs to be stopped please help

Anonymous said...

it is not for me that i am asking