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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Assalam alayqum,

A lot who are under black magic spell become vengeful and wish that the magic boomerangs and brings about the same trauma to the magician as it had caused them. For example if a person has fallen sick due to the effects of black magic, then he may wish that the magician should fall ill too. Although all this revenge stories sound interesting but their real actual implementation is very risky.
First of all, reversing a black magic spell is not that easy as it may sound because it triggers a sort of war. Naive victims of black magic are not aware of the dangers involved in reversing black magic. There are some reasons due to which a victim gets compelled to think on these lines. If a magician or an enemy starts troubling the victim incessantly, the victim may lose his patience and plan to take revenge without knowing the consequence of their actions. The victim may feel that there is no way out of this problem. Constant magic may evoke a feeling of anger and frustration in his mind. Therefore he may decide to have the spell reversed. By doing so, he thinks that his enemy may not be able to harm him again because all the harmful magic will go back towards him and bring about misery in his life. Hence, he will not be in a position to cast a magic spell again. However this is far from true. The magician who casts the spell is usually powerful with a whole army of devils at his beck and call. If such a magician is challenged by spell reversal, he may become even more aggressive and attack again with more force. So, it is wise not to rush into the situation and have faith in Allah. By doing so, the victim also protects himself from sinning, as reversing a spell is similar to casting magic spell. So, one should try to break the spell instead of defeating a sinner by sinning himself.

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akhthar said...


I wanted to get some advice and help in regards to some sort of black magic done to my brother recently. He has been a family guy who was very close to his brothers and sisters and especially his mum. I think his wife has done black magic on him recently and now he cannot stand the site of my mum and my brothers and sister. He is constantly arguing, fighting in the house which he never used to do with his family. His wife never liked my mother and my brothers and sisters and also didnt like my brother (Her husband) spending time with his mum. He has completely changed. He doesn't trust us with anything, he doesnt drink water or food prepared by my mum or family which he never did anything like this before. He never used to like his wife before but now he loves her so much all of a sudden for the past few months and he cant stand to hear anything bad about her.

Please can you give us some advice. We cannot make him eat or drink anything prepared by us. Is there anyhting else we can do to break this black magic spell. My mother is in great distress over this. He has become very violent and abusive which he never ever did before. He also swears at my mother often unlike before. He loved his mother so much and would never ever raise his voice or be rude to her. But he has now changed.

What could we do without him knowing.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum,
I have one question about my wife she got miscarriage recently so i wanted to know is somebody did something like black magic . please let me know is it possible to know?

rehman said...

Assalaamu alaikum WRWB,
Dear Amel,

Hope you receive my email in your good Health & Emaan, I saw your posting on website and i am writing to you seeking your guidance & help.
My Father passed way due to medically Cancer but he was a victim of black magic as we found some ASH under his bed (Positioned - Head & legs) and we doubdted of some blackmagic and few of hakeem's also told the same and they were trying to cure the same also in parallel he was hospitalized but very soon we lost him within a period of around 3-4months.
I am only son to him and facing financial loss since 6months and drained almost to zero now and my career has come to an verge of exit & my job is also under threat and about to loose, not able to concentrate on any study or work so feared of any black magic spell.

I am the only source of income to my family and i had provided everything good to them till now and i afraid of their future as well, please help me..

Seeking your Help/Guidance/Suggestions etc... Please do needful

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum sir,
I am having some problems regarding black magic and I believe u can help me out with that.
Um having problems like - not getting things done properly , not being succesful, apparently
in everything . Even my love life, when ever I propose a girl she runs away 4m my life. It happened
like 10 times . SO, I am a bit worried . Um 21 nd um really tired of all my broken relationships.
Plz u gotta help me out with this. I need ur suggestions asap. . . . peace

Anonymous said...

Assalam alikum rahmatulla hi wa barkatahu

Amil saheb

i have read all your blog about the black magic and it break from quran, iam also a victim of black magic, i had a very good life, and had a very good job in hand, but due to evil eye and black magic cast by my sister and his husband i lost my father after my marriage 3 yr back, i lost all my job and saving and there is a problem all over. my mother does not like my wife she insists that she my wife is the sole responsible for all this, becz every thing happen after my marriage.

i am taking help of a amil in bangalore, to break my black magic casted by my sister and her husband, i did istaqara on this friday i came to know that still some black magic spell is there, i have done istaqara which is done on a tasbi in which we recite nadia alian sura and seeking guide.

amil saheb

please let me know how to completely remove black magic i dont like my sister and her husband due to property issue they want my mother to get killed, and i and my wife should go away from the place and house which i live, till now iam safe becz some amil did rest of the job to break the black magic, still i want to clear my self from all this, i am still not in job iam just doing odd job which i get 7k per month.

i still i follow your quranic method and blog iam really become a fan of you, please tell me some wazifa or some good sura when ever i want help form the almighty i get help form him or from his mokel. becz u know that we cannot do what u can do you are aamil we are a common people, so give a wazifa which best suit us to get help . u have metioned the sura faitha mokel where we have to listen to the mp3 recition for 4 to 40 days to get help. wheather we common people can do that, there is no harm, becz this kind of this is very difficult because only amil can do that.

please put some light on it.

asmeen said...










ali said...


it was my great honour to see the website whch was full of knowledge regarding the unseen jinns and jinnat so that we atleast get the information regarding the matters.
and this matter is increasing day to day.

sir my problem regarding these all baleck magic is from a long time and when ever i start any work first i dont get the work and secondly if i get the work by chance i loose always
i dont get the marriage even and all is loosing day by day.

plz tell me the solution and plz also let me know what is the problem actually and if possible who has done this all.

i will be very thankfull for the act of your kinndness.

mohamed ali said...

elsalam aelukum

my name is mohamed ali .i think iam blessing by allah to find you and your advises in the internet and specialy in the indian divin site.
what ined to tell you that ime and my whole family are affected by the bad magic work .the symtoms that you gave some of it are happening to us
i have suffered formany years may be since when i was in the primery school and now iam have graduted and iam working .
this things are getting intensified since i have got job and i thing now only allah is knows what i feel from this curse.
the same happen to my brother and our mother who she is now suffering from severe pain in here leg and she can not walk normaly=
please i need you to guide me and may allah reward you one day

imran said...


I have seen your website its really wonderful and much helping.
I am facing health problem from last few months like Blood pressure, cholesterol etc. I have also seen some dreams in which i have seen some najasat and gandgee.
I am looking for your help in this regard.

I will be obliged.

sahab said...

Asalamu Alaikum,

I have read your post on website. I want to ask you personally who can do proper work to treat someone who is affected by black magic, do you know anyone who is very good and also how much money will they take for doing the work.

Please Help


Walaikum Asalam

Anonymous said...

Hello, I saw your site regarding various types of Black Magic. I just have a couple questions as to whether I may be going through such or not and maybe you can offer a diagnosis and some suggestions if you think these factors point to such, as some weird things have been happening in the past that I feel should be looked at.

I had a woman who I was having relationship troubles with and now she doesn't want anything no more. I had called a psychic* when this had happened before, and she had told me she had to meditate on me she got back to me in a couple of hours and sincerely apologized for not getting back to me in the agreed time of 20 minutes later with a free reading. She had told me that this woman was my soulmate and that two men and a woman on the outside were using acts of Black Magic to control both of our minds and to end up seeing me dead in the long run. There are a couple suspicious factors that I had came across before I consulted this psychic*:

1.) Piggies attempted to contact me a total of five times, I refused to talk to them, when they pulled me over they told me that "it's not looking good" in regards to my name. Once I found out who they were connecting me to, I had found out that one of these people had been about to take a trip to see his woman, who he was planning on marrying, before he was arrested.

2.) On my birthday, when I had been coming home from NYC, I was just relaxing at the Cinnabon down in Port Authority. A prostitute had then randomly came up to me and said that she hadn't seen me in forever, but I did not know her, she ended up asking if I wanted to fuck, I was horny and excited and had convinced her, as she had told me "I can't" many times after she offered, I only paid her $55 (in the middle of Times Square), for some reason, and it had been suggested by a friend that someone had sent her to me. I get a bad vibe about that person to this day and when we had finished fucking she had looked as if she was extremely happy that I was alive, and she blew a kiss when we walked out. I also ended up getting paraphymosis.

Anonymous said...

3.) A different psychic* had done a cold reading and said that there was only one woman that I cared about and that someone wanted to take her away from me; later in the reading, she had said that someone had wanted to kill me; later in the year when I called her, she said that the same person trying to take her away was trying to kill me. All other psychics* say the same thing when I come around, that there's a lot of jealousy around me and that one-three people are trying to get me; or that what's happening is "pretty serious."

4.) I was suspended from my old college for two years and three months over a 5-minute fight. The school's investigation of things like this normally takes two days but in my case it was four days. Nothing happened to the other guy, and I was characterized as someone who was "violent" with "no respect for [their] system"

5.) A family member of mine told me that someone put nails under their tires.

*I am as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to psychics, but the other factors are weird, any suggestions?

Qamar said...

Assalamun Alaikum.

My name is Qamar . My children are not obeying me. for which I feel mental trouble. Please advise me for some amal to rectify the affairs for which I shall be grateful. Thank.

burak said...

Hi read your write up about black magic and I'm wondering if you could help us. We've been cursed for years and we're seeking for help. Would you know anybody? Thanks.

Appreciate your help Amel..

Anonymous said...

hi amel...would you know anybody who can help us remove our curses? I was advised to look for somebody who has been in the caves for more than 10 years. do you know anyone? please help us...thanks!

aziz said...

Assalam o alahkum brother, i have a problem from the last many years.
brother when i want to write or want to hold something then my hand start jerking and shaking.
brother please tell me truely, what is the cause of my this condition.
brother ALLAH give you JANNAT UL FIRDOS, amin
waiting for your reply.

shamim said...

slaams Amel
I was googling how to reverse magic spell and came across your website
I need help, as i am in a bad situation. we used to have a happy married life, but for some unfortunate events, it has taken 360 turn, my husband is insistent on ending the marriage and we have a 9 yr old daughter, want peace and recovery, have a strong feeling that some evil people may be casting jadu on us, cause nothing I do in good faith is working, except things get worse. it seems like god is punishing me, instead of judging my good intentions. i strongly believe shaitan has taken over. Please guide me as to how to overcome the control of shaitan, evil spell in our life, and restore it with God's direction

amisha said...

Assalamu alaikum,I read your blog on black magic.And i've been thinking,Why exactly is it that i feel like banishing this certain girl? Clearly,i'm jealous of her.but i assure you i've never been jealous of anyone before.I feel so angry when someone compliments her.Everything seems to irritating.I get angry at God for making her prettier than me and better,not to mention.I don't feel like being religious at all.I just wish that she's feel miserable.Misery loves company,i'd say.But i know what i feel is wrong and i really don't wanna feel like this.It's getting on my nerves.I just wanna be the carefree person i used to be.Before, i didn't have a single care in this earth.Now i surely feel like cursing her with black magic.But i won't cause i haven't completely lost my sanity yet.Before i lose it completely,I want to stop feeling the way that i feel now. So a little help please?

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Soname Sb,
I am really impressed by your articles & blogs on internet. I desperately want to contact you, please give me your number as I want to share some problem. I am in Dubai and I have much serious family problems with my wife and in laws. Your advise is badly needed. I will be grateful to you.

Anonymous said...

Aslam Alakyum

I Would like to speak to you. I am doing some of your waizfa, and had a few questions. Do you have an contact number?

shamima said...


i need ur help me and my family have been done unto, my mother died
because of witchcraft is we went to many people but nobody can help us,
can u maybe help pls

omar said...

Dear Amil

I need a bit of information and guidance from you. It is nearly 8 months since someone in my family did black magic on me. I still have shivers, palpitations, night sweats and feeling of uncomfortable, though I have had a lot of amal done. I would say it is nearly cleared because |I have been able to sleep better than before.

Could you kindly tell me what is the best course of action to clear this completely so I can go back to being normal as before. As some nights I do get disturbed.

What should I pray to clear this completely or do?

Please get back in touch asap as my brother is affected also. Can you a reading oh him to see how far advanced this black magic is on him and tell us what we should do. it has made my life miserable, my child who is four has suffered because of me and my marriage is nearly finished.


Jazzakumullahul khair

Anwar said...

ASAK Amel Sahab
I have seen and read your blogs online. I am contacting you for help today.
One of my brothers wife is sick since Aug 2010. She initially had pain in her back and legs and slowly her condition has started getting worse, now she is unable to walk and also not able to use her hands for feeding herself and doing other work. Her complete body is paralysed. We have shown her to all the top doctors and no one is able to understand what is wrong with her. They say it got something to do with her nerves.

In the light of quran and hadees, what could be done to alleviate her pain and suffering. She has been a pious lady, praying salat five times everyday, Fasting during Ramazan and also during the important days in the year. She reads quran regularly.

I have been told by people that it could be Sihr or some Shaitani amal that is causing her this problem. She has 3 small kids and her husband is really worried.
Can you please help her ?

Appreciate your kind guidance and help.

Jazakallahi khair

yaqoob said...

Assalam o Alaikum,

I have recently gone through your website. The information which I have read from there sounds very useful I want to share a personal problem of mine with you for a solution. Can I?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.

thomas said...

Dear sir,i sned you greetings from ghana in west africa.i thank you very much for your site.infact it has educated me a lot and has made me come to the realization of what is going on in the world.for i very long time .i mean years now i have not been myself cause all i do tend to fail but i have learn to encourage myself so i thought it to be normal but sometimes i feel i am under attack and need help but no one believe me.i believe someone has cast a spell on me,am under attacks from witchcraft or under blaCK MAGIC.all my life is dissappointing .when i move forward one step i come back nine steps i am grown up but still a child in money and hmmmm sad life.i know people used to jealous me when i was a child cause all who meet me will say hey u have a bright future and they started calling me president and up to now those |ho>8w1,ong time ago call me the president.i am very interllligent and have all but cannot make it in life.when ever i want to write an exams so i can get a good job i find it hard to get money to register.infact a whole lot and now some times i thought of ging up my dreams but something in me is so strong and i cannot just abardon my dreams.please can you help me and if you wantb me to tell you more i can .

Anonymous said...

my mother herself is a powerful black magician and has siddhi of durga. she is constantly making my energy drained because she wants that i should obey her all. after my marraige she does the same to my little child in revenge as i left home. she does heat the body and ejects all semen out and makes me and my child lifeless. she loved me but she does this because i doubted that she gives me something in my food to weaken me but she does this daily and i am unable to earn my living and in great distress.

Mahfuz said...

As Salam U Walaikum Brother,

I am Mahfuz from Bangladesh, age 29 years. After reading your article on I could not hold my self in writing to you. Brother I am in a very bad condition, could you please help me ?

I got married for 3 years, but my wife does not stay with me due to not getting understanding between e and her. She misbehaved with my mother which is very much impossible to me to accept it. Even she informed my mother that she doesnot want to continue the relationship, she want divorce. After that she does not contact with anyone of us.We had a daughter too, age 2 years. Still forgetting all the misbehavior and my past I went to her house to convince her but she and her mother refused to meet me. Not only refused to meet me, her mother treated me very badly. Ans then i took decision that it wont be very easy for me to continue the relation ship. I want to divorce her but they warned me and threatend me that they will drag me to the court and harass me which i dont want.

But nowadays I am observing that i am passing a very bad day. I lost my job, my mental condition is very bad, i always remain frustrated, i am not losing the job which i am supposed to get it, i am passing through a bad financial condition. Then i discussed with an alem / kamel , what he said is that they did black magic on me( something like Kufri ). How could i get rid of this ? He did pray for me and gave me a taviz. Is there any doa or taviz that i can use in getting rid of her. I want her to give me divorce ( due to my bad financial condition). Is this possible that she give me a divorce as soon as possible without harassing me ?? If possible please help me in getting rid of her. I request you, please save me.

I am waiting for your reply.

Anonymous said...


Amils use some technique where they do something in water and they can see your blackmagic situation and see the person who did it on you.
DO you have a blog or post that teaches that?

ozair said...

Hi Brother, Assalaamouralaikum,

While i did a research on the internet about blackmagic pain , i have saw a site where i have saw so many post from you and this has confirm me some problem that im currently facing at this moment and i feel like im dying or end of my life as so many people jelous of me , i have my own company, since 4 5 months i dont have work, i see its like a miracle as i never entered in this kind of situation.. i no so many people in my famillies and my neighbour jelous of me, they jealous of everythings i have as they think i have so many million.. even 1 million i dont have.. today i feel like im destroying .. i have so many debt.. i keep on ask money to lend and every customer run away for no reason even i offer the better deal ever to them , they go without notice, i can feel n see so many things goes weird and fishy.. i do dreamz of person who made devils to destroye me or may b some other person too.. this is affecting my business, my famillies, my fianC.. we keep on fight.. im someone very stress and get angry easily since i have become very stress due of debt and black magic.. i can feel there is somethings is affecting me as i do so many effort in my business but still it aint work! before it was working a bit fine not too much.. but now suddenly all customers has desappear or they keep on calling me but still they dont buy with no reason.. im very frustrating as i have so many things to pay and i cant find any help..

Can you please gor allah's sake , help me to find a way to destroye all these black magic and i want to have a normal life... may allah bless u ..

amina said...

Asallamu Allaykum

Dear Amal Soname,

I am a mother with six kids and I live in Canada alone, my parent passed away . i don't have family in canada but my children. I am seeking help if you can my husband become unfaithful not close to god, he was nice boy when we married and then after 10 yrs he changed and enjoyed vawahish, not feeding us, poeple saying there is black magic that separated him from his live,. after he left us I become sick(my legs swallen and then small dots apear and itchy,dark and weak then became scar wounds and infected after few months my heart covered water Dr said pericardites and Doctors not knowing why, after 2 yrs been on and off at the hospital I have been told that i have leukemia, that was 2009. Since I was not feeling good but work when I can and kept kids eat. the Dr told me you need bone marrow trans plant they tlod me only your blood shaws less palatelet counts but you don't have any sypmtoms f blood cancer
since I have no family or sibling in canada I only have on my father side and none of the are donor. I was only child my mother side I am not scare of death I do worship allah, pray pay sadaqa and I teach my kids slam and iman and they are gifted and saalihiin I don't even know where my husband live in this world, we were happy family and I lost him for good there is women who loved him as I heard and he said to her I will never marry you, all my life I lived among jealousy " what a nice children they got, what beautiful wife so many things hasadin talked over the years in my life that god gave me and blieve god will give back everything inshallah "

Amal can you please help me with your knowledge of slamic shifa and removal of black magic

Allah will repay you inshallah

PARI said...

Assalaam Alaikum Amel saahab,
Main kayi saalon se black magic ki wajah se pareshaan hu. ab to meri zindagi me koi bhi nahi bacha jispar main bharosa kar saku. mari izzat daulat,ghar,paise,poori life hi barbaad ho gayi hai..

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, I'm the least here in Taqwa and ancilliary knowledge, but were we not told that

* 3 times each of the 3 QULS
* Ayatalkursi, Dua Qanoot, etc were sufficient shields against 'anything?'

Frankly, with respect, let me say that the simple pathway is the simplest one - laid down by the Prophet (PBUH) readily available front and center to us all in it's simplest and pristine form.

Anonymous said...

Aoa. Dear my whole the family is target of black magic and there is always querl at home and no peace. my grand mother and wife passed away because of same thing. pls give some guidence to permanantly get rid of such things. is there any way to locate the aamil and the person doing so. my e-mail is

Unknown said...

Sir kindly tell me about the black magic. My wife has passed away due to ilness. But I m sure that she was stuck in black magic by someone.

Unknown said...

So kindly tell me the name of person which one confirm me about my wife. If she had magic on her.

imran said...

Dear sir,, my name is IMRAN , i m from india maharastra ,
city : - satara , i really have many problems in my life , my wife
and i had quarrel and she went to her parents house ,, i have many
problems in my business also , there are many losses and there is no
barkath in my business ,, and ghar me bhi bohot si problems hai and i
suddenly everything changed , i suffered from many problems and now
also m suffering ,, and m 100 % sure dat someone spelled black magic
on me , my house and my business ,, please help me ,, and please do
tell me how can i PAY you to cure black magic on me and my business
and my house ,
Yours sincerely ,, imran

Anonymous said...

I am a christian girl but getting married to a muslim boy after a few months. In the beginning my mother was against our relationship but all of a sudden she became very tolerant about us. But two days earlier I was told that she has planted a tawiz in my pillow. I found it and took it to the Imam shahib. He told that it was the kufri kalam and it was done on my fiance. Please guide me on what should I do and how to protect my fiance...I really need help. I had found about 21 tawiz under my father's bed after he died. I don't want anything bad happening to my fiance.

Anonymous said...

Few days ago i found a tawiz from my husband's bag.ii opened and saw the name of allah and some arabic words in a table.but some words r written in reverse way.i m so worried.plz tell me what iis it.


I am you have any item for invisibility

Anonymous said...


I can't help but write to you asking if you could help me in anyway. My husband was in love but we had many problems in our marriage due to black magic done to separate us. However we were fine but now again I can feel the same problems arising I suspect it has been done again I want tomknowsgo did it and what haste ally happened?

Anonymous said...

I think someone in my fianc├ęs family have done black magic on him to keep him away from me can you please give me advice on how this can be reversed