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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

how black magician done black magic to people

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Anonymous said...

how do i find out if somebody is casting a spell on me or not?

Anonymous said...

Falamma alqaw qala moosa ma jitum bihi alssihru inna Allaha sayubtiluhu inna Allaha la yuslihu AAamala almufsideena (10:81). Wayuhiqqu Allahu alhaqqa bikalimatihi walaw kariha almujrimoona (10:82)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Amel,

I read out of quran the prayers, because have very strong black magic, devils
spirits, ghost and sifli ilm. This a 3 stupid and blackmail me also in all of my

Can you help me urgent and cut this and how much are the fees ??

If you need further informations, I will send it today.

Anonymous said...

assalam o alaikum, my question is this if someone is adding wrong (nahs) things in meals and other liquids to have control on someone( in wrong sense for example the husband or children start hating their mother or wife or quarrel with her) so what should be done to clear that negative effects on the victim who has eaten that nahs thing.

kindly help me out to clear this because i have been the victim for many years .

Anonymous said...

asslam o alikum,

please tell me the method to know if a person is suffered from black magic and if magic spell is added to the food stuff to have control on someone so how it can be removed ... kindly help me out.

if there is any fee for this then kindly reply... i will send you my email id as well for the reply if required .

thank you .

Anonymous said...

i need urgent wazifa for mu husband who has illegal relation with non believer lady who is pregnant now. He was non believer before as well.we have 3 daughters together they are so small but he left me with 3 kids. i want him back and also get rid of that lady with kid she knows she was our friend i went to my parents home and she started to sleep with my husband.i need a powerful wazifa to ruin her life as well.
please send me urgently.

Anonymous said...


I have seen your blog and would like to consult few things, if you can capable to answer it, I will be grateful to you.

I was told by few magicians and religious person that there is blockage or bundish on me and even on our family due to the black magic but they didn't capable to tell me who did this. If I want to investigate in detail such as :
1. Who did this if relatives, what was there name ?
2. How long ago it was done and who was the target ?
3. How this magic was done, it was done on me or on our
parents or brothers ?
4.. Is this black magic (effects) still there or gone ?

Hope you understand the purpose of my email. Will wait for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum i am 27 year old male and have been in love with this girl for 3 years and just recently she told me she doesnt love me anymore and she wont pick up my phone calls or messages anymore. I am so heartbroken. And also i got opinion on another amel that she is under effect of blackmagic jadoo. I need assistance since i cannot financially afford because im inly student in school no job. Please help me anything . Thanks jazakumullah khair.

Salahudeen said...

Assalamu alaikum.

I am a Muslim of 40 yrs. old., My daughter age 11 yrs. suffering from Kidney swelling, and she could not eat, head ache and stomech ache. Vomiting.

Doctor after scan found her kidney swelling and not functioning properly. Now undergoing treatment. I read your blog and suspect some SIHIR or freightned etc.,

Pls. advice me your treatment with help of QURAN PAK. OR How you could help me in this case.

Jazakumullah Khaire.

Your earliest reply would be highly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Salaam brother

I found someone on the Internet as I am currently facing a huge court battle. My ex husband left me for Sikh girl and now wants my child.

A guy in Pakistan said he would help. I sent him all our photo and details.

He then said he did black magic. I said I didn't want a spell doing.
Now this man said he is going to make sure my ex husband wins the court case and I will lose my child as he is going to use my photo and do black magic.

Please help I don't know what to do.


sobia said...

I live in chiniot . My husbend home is Lahore. I have totally three years married life. I have two babies. My husband dont want to leave with me . My in laws also going to babas or peer for magic . I am at my parents home more than one and half year my husband come only one time for seeing his son when he born and now my son is one years. My husband want married someone else may be he did or not.
please help me or give me phone number and address muge koi wazeefa batai

yaseen said...

salaam. my name is yaseen i am from srinagar kashmir
from last few years i am suffering from strange things like heaviness
in whole body headache a strong bitterness in mouth and sometimes when
i close my eyes i see a snake infront of my eyes and strange
mind is not working properly there is a lot of noise in my mind please
help me

sujata said...

My self sujata am living separate from my husband due to his anger and behavior. i got married only in September 11th,2013. Hardly one month is over and he is not supporting me. After honeymoon 10 days i stayed with them. He wants to divorce me but I do not. I want him to apologies to me and come back. Please help I am very disturbed. Please i want to stop my husband from divorcing me If there is any astrology solutions to stop my husband from divorcing me. My mother-in-law is washing his brain and doing some black magic on him regularly so that he hate me and she is successful.

I don't have money. I tried all remedies from past 2 months no use.
I am depressed and is now in that stage i may die.

My father-in-law and my husband are going to come home to speak but my father-in-laws intention not good he is always telling us to separate instead of giving advice.

I don't have money also to spend. I am very much disappointed and was thinking to commit suicide because i love him so much but he have changed a lot and hates me i cant bear this.

All people gave guarantee that he will come back leaving everyone but no use. Now they are saying some bandhan they have put which have to be broken then only he will come. I don't know now who to believe. All are cheating.

faisal said...

Asalam O Alicum Respected Sir,
I hope you are fine and feeling well.Sir i am going to sharing with you. i have one hidden problem which i cant understand that what is this? is this Jin is this jadoo is this Nazar? the symptom is one hidden thing is presence on my pillow when i sleep it is touching myself but i cant watch it.i just understand at first time when it happen i thought its my disturb mind nothing is here but day by day i observe that i am not mental is it some thing but i cant understand its hidden spiritual power may be i am right .one problem is also here every time i am thinking a lot about success ideal life like establishment / business etc.but my all works going fail in implementation. i want to succeeded in any goal of life what can i do? Here i also want to share with you that my family like my mom dad even my brother and sisters are also disturb because they are fighting mean to say that their is not tolerance.before a long period we were satisfied but about 8 years me and my family is disturb suffering suffering....! Kindly observe my sorts of problems and tell me solutions about my abode problems and my own problems I hope you will help me Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I have come across your website on Islamic black magic and have found it very informative. I and my family are Muslim and have been having problems for many years all due to an immediate family member. I have consulted with various "amels" who are able to assist but only for short periods of time as this family member has not ceased attempting to tear my family apart and has done extensive damage to us all. I would greatly appreciate if you knew of any amels in the United States or with the New York area, though I am willing to travel, who could possibly help. Every amel I have seen has stated the exact same findings and persons involved. Any assistance you can provide with someone who I can consult with would be very much appreciated.

luda said...

i am a 27 albanian muslim woman. i know i have black magic on me done.. the signs are all the how i feel proves it... how i act with my family proves it... but i have a great heart... i have a pure good heart and i only want good for others.. .but as for me... nothing good happens to me... only bad... bad bad bad.... i feel like it may be getting worse because i never thought about killing myself but that is all i think about... my relationships all end up in heart break and end every three to 6 months... never last longer than that... but when i am gone....they all beg to have me back... i need help desperately !!! i love god i love my family i love myself... but i don't understand why i cant sleep i don't understand why i want to hurt myself i don't understand why people are hurting me.... please brother can you help me????

hasina said...

As salamu allaiqum

Iam Haseena, an visually impaired person.
In an accident I lost my eyesight, when I was 20 years old.
Please suggest me, due to my sight loss I am not able to read Quran, but I do
5 times prayer.
I am a very unlucky girl. I am facing lot of problems in my life.
I desperately want to get rid of unnecessary problems created by my
enemies and relatives, so please suggest me what can I do? Please help
me to get rid of the problems in my life?
Brother, in your website for every
remedy you have ask the victim to read one or the other sura from
Quran. Is there any alternative for blind persons or how they can make
use of the suras which you have suggested in your website, ass I am

Please help me, Brother.

Thank you,

ofei said...

I am suffering from severe catarrh and headache for so many years .i have gone to hospital for treatment but no answer . i have so many x-ray pictures but the doctors said he has not found anything wrong with me . I have visited so many spiritual men in islam ,only two of them was able to give me small relief for sometime but after a while i still feel very bad .please can you help me.

zaynab said...

Asalamu Alaikum wa RahmatullAllah
I saw your blog through my vigorous browsing
And I am very impressed jazakAllah
I will I will find the solution to my problems here
My first problem is that am over 30 and still not married I have done a lot of wazifa but still am single
The second is I work but my earning is not much and I have people dependent on me can you please give me a wazifa that will assist me with another Job so I can earn more
Awaiting your swift response
JazakAllah khairan

Anonymous said...

Assalam u alikom,

I am a muslim in search for a rohani cure for black magic. I have confirmed with one of the imam that there has been magic done on me and my wife. I know for a fact that its my khala as she enjoys playing God (Nauzubillah) and i just hate it.

Everything i do is almost done but just never quiet finishes. My wife is always sick and crying while she takes medicines for months. Everyone asks the same questions.

What your name? Your fathers name? Your mothers name? Your address?

And the story finishes here. Everybody tells me i have magic on me . While i do live in australia , i work in at IT firm, it is ALMOST embarassing to tell anyone that sometimes on bad days i hide from friends cause i dont have money to eat for myself(no barakah in money). I live near the mosque and pray everyday for protection.

I would much rather die of a magic then to do SHIRK. Allah is my only creator and i hate to ask for help to anybody. I consulted imam of our mosque and he said its a disease so there is no harm in getting cured.

While i dont know whether i will have enough to eat the entire week, i am happy to sell whatever i have to if you can cure this brother.

Dont tell me the obvious things, i know i am cursed with magic, tell me what i can do to lift this.

If there is a jizya involved, let me know in advance so i know before hand if i can afford my treatment or not ?

Jazak Allah Khair.

Looking forward to your response.

Looking forward to your reply.

Anonymous said...

I got your address of one of your sites and i was wondering if you could help me, i have a number of people doing blackmail on me and feel like someone has took my blessings and luck, is their anything i can read to get them back?

Unknown said...

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته.
Dear brother, i have no words to describe my problems. simply i am in huge trouble as i am financially ruined alot of loan on my head, living with my family in UAE, From the help of Allah i am on job but very low salary from last 8 years no increment in salary nor any business in my office.
have sent more than 2000 job applications but useless. every thing is stuck my son registration in school is pending as he is mashallah 5 years now.
i dont know what will happen :( need help from some one sent as an angel from Allah.

Michael said...

Hello Sir, I am in a state of confusion please help me. Recently I got my transfer order to move to another state and my problem is I got enemies who might do blackmagic or plant evil stuff in my property in my absence. So what I want to know is if they do any of the above mention will that effect me since the property is in my name. Thank you