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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reversal of spells to shake up one’s faith in religion with Surah Baqarah verse no.28.

Assalam alaiqum

In certain cases a spell is cast on the victim to shake up his faith in Allah and his Prophet Mohammad (SAW). The victim loses interest in worship of Allah.
This verse can help in reversing this type of a black magic spell if the spell has not been cast by devil/jinn. This is chiefly because there are some repercussions involved in sending back the magic towards a devil who is a magician himself. The posts which I have written so far have elaborated this point.
This amal should begin with a hisar for self protection.
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read this prayer and in the end repeat the durud shareef 11 times. The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more effective will be the reversal of the black magic.

كَيْفَ تَكْفُرُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَكُنتُمْ أَمْوَاتًا فَأَحْيَاكُمْ ۖ ثُمَّ يُمِيتُكُمْ ثُمَّ يُحْيِيكُمْ ثُمَّ إِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ ﴿٢٨﴾ (28)
How can ye reject the faith in Allah.- seeing that ye were without life, and He gave you life; then will He cause you to die, and will again bring you to life; and again to Him will ye return.

The symptoms of the magic being sent back are:
The victim may stop feeling irritated on hearing the name of Allah. He may feel relieved instead.
The victim may start taking interest in offering namaz.
The victim may stop feeling
The feeling of detest on hearing to Quranic recitation will end. The victim will start taking interest in reciting Quran also.
Complexion will improve.
The headaches will come to an end.

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sana zaki said...

Hi please pray for me in your namaz, unforuntely my namaz has stopped due to black magic , i

happy said...


How are you, hope you are doing well .... I saw your postings It was good...... I was looking for some information like this but, I never got it anywhere, all i got was about Hindu Mantras & Yantras..

I am interested in these kinda topics, where are you from?


Anonymous said...

Muhtaram ul muqaam Amel Ahmed sahib Asslamo alaikum,

I am fighting with a jadoogar but I am unable to defeat him/her. can u please help me. I am a student of Phd in punjab university lahore. i daily recite surah baqra to control it.

symptoms of my problem are

where i go cats appear there
sometimes cats severly fight with each other when i recite holy quran
in the evening 3 or 4 sometimes more owls came daily
now a days 1 bat and when i do not recite surah baqra 3 or 4 bats come
something does not allow me to sleep it press me from my back and even does not allow me to sit.
i see different balck shapes in air
i see different shadows on the roof of my hostel and home
one black circle about the size of pea moves around me when i recite
there are so many others things
I have visited all peers of pakistan but no results I even challenged different pers to break this magic many tried but no results
now I myself has become amel for smaller things like jinn nikalna but still fighting
sometimes i read surah baqra 7 times a day
surah yaseen 41 times surah muzammal surah abbasa, surah falak, surah nas in thousands times etc

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Brother Amel,
I am Bangladeshi but reside at Malaysia from the time i was young with my father. Now i am currently at Bangladesh for visit while my father is at Malaysia. Its been a year that this kufr got my father tightly. He is blocked all the way. My family is a broken one, my parents divorced when i was young. Now my father is totally broken in finance, my studies are stopped. Amil's i visited says this thing can't be done by Quranic verses ,which will have no effect on it. It has to be removed by kufr itself. Recently my father got involved in a deal and its been stucked for 6 months and present where we are in debt and threatened to pay back. His rizik is stopped , character, peace In short words he is been Blocked. Now i am just speechless...

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
I believe you are Generous and understanding.
I need to discuss with you about this a little first before any action.
At the same time, its not possible for me to ask him for symptoms, he will not like me asking him all this.
I have some knowledge about all these things. Whatever he does he does not succeed and end up making a mess and the ones involved, also suffers. He does have some neck pains Etc. due to stress and ageing, he drinks too. I have destroyed quite many amulets two years ago so now the enemy made it permanent.
In short, someone has to take the napak (kufr) out of his body, Preferably a Jalali mokel. In amil language has to vanish it off (lohey ko lohey-(kufr) sey katna parta hai) then cure his sifat.
But the Best, will be to send a Jalali mokel for immediate action as things are getting worst. What do you suggest?
By Allah, He will reward you for fixing families as you already know Allah chose His Most Loved One, "Muhammad (SAW)" to Struggle, just for mankind.

asma said...


Can you advise
Me my husband was perfect until later we went apart found out from various maulana that jadoo involved
Please tell me shat can I do to get my husband back as he doesn't realise black magic done on him
I haven't read Quran but read in English I do no my surahs please advise me on what I can do to break spell n find out where the tasilman kept

shana said...

I am a victim of blacmagic and I do know the people who are doing it.I have tried everything Its to that stage that they are really out to destroy me completely.Can you tell me a amal to do that can reverse everything back to them or can I do amal e tabahe ,can you guide me.I did amal on surah Lahab for 10 days as I was in that suituation but did'nt work.Please do help me.

kulsoom said...

assalam wale kum

my name is kulsoom ,iam married and have one baby boy,i have got two brothers ,my mother is alive ,my father died of cancer.

there was a time when our family was good enough in terms of health ,wealth and in terms of family respect but now
there are certain kinds of problems which are persisting from last couple of years

1) my elder brother becomes drug addict
2) there is a huge loss of money ,that we are now in debt
3) my younger brother is always in loss whatever the kind of job or buisness he do
4) there are times when me and my husband dont want to live together
5) maximum number of relatives dont want to meet us
6) the respect and the grace of my family is lost
7) the education of my both the brothers have totally spoiled
8) the dreams i usually saw are related to toilet, urine, shit,dog,dead body and sometimes i even scared in my dreams

is there a kind of any black magic
if so please give me a solution to it

Rehana said...

Asala Mu Alaikum

my name is Rehana i am from srinagar kashmir (India)

i want to know that i am very much depressed and feel very lonely and pai in my whole body i dont know why this happen to me is this black magic
i also want to know i dont know who has stolen my money ,,,can you plz help me in finding the person

Anonymous said...


We are a family of five, me the middle one. My name is Sajid , parents are looking a girl for my marriage and its not set anywhere. I dont know why. I have 2 bro's, my mom & dad.
My elder bro' is not at all going to work, he keeps on going outside from home and come back after some 7,10 or 15 days. So we admitted him to a rehabiliation centre where they will take care. I don't know why it's happening like this. My younger bro is working in wipro and got an affair with a girl in the same company and got married. Our parents made the marriage successful. After marriage, he is avoiding to give money to us, we dont know why.

randip said...

hello sir

I am really in trouble
I have lost my job and unable to get other job
My wife was running a finance business which has stopped all of a sudden
We were having a very good earning but all of a sudden we have lost every thing
We are aware that some one from our relative has done some black magic on us
can you help us break the black magic.

Bobby said...


My name is Bobby from London.

I have seen many video's and now i have come to yours.

My probems go back more than 10 years. My dad suddenly passed away from Alcoholism in 2002. At that time i failed my university exams in Law and i never gained confidence after this.

Since this 10 year period, i have lost every job i had, i started many business and not 1 single business has worked. I employed workers in my new business and all have left me.

My brother went to India in 2009 to get married and ever since his wife entered our house there has been even more problems. He is more concerned about her and has fights with his family so much that we are now all separate. He also has a child with this girl and now she does not let any of the family see the child.

Money never comes into our home but always leaves. I have also now been accused of fraud and i have a court case against me. I have run out of Ideas on what to do and how to solve all these problems.

Please help every day is being waisted and nothing in my business works also. I feel like black magic is at work somewhere and i think it has been going on for many years.

julie said...

I recently went with a witch doctor and she told me somebody Hayes me and my family that they pit a spell on us and they threw ashes of a dead mean man on the front of our house we don't have friends.over our house nobody wants to come over and hang with us like we used too web have been having not so good of luck .

Anonymous said...

I have gone through your web page and feel its very useful. I want to ask some thing about myself.
I feel i am under some effect of magic spell since long time specially about my marraige.
Plz can u tell me something about this and guide me how to get rid of it.

rayhan said...

Salams alaykum

I know someone who keeps dreaming of the same people over and over again and in the dream it says they have done black magic on him what does this mean?

nabila said...

Slam my dear brother,
I hope my islamic brother is in good health and mind. MashAllah i have read your articles brother and they are so good. You are doing a really good job of helping others may Allah reward you for your good efforts InshAllah.

Brother i wanted to ask i have been a victim of black magic for 8 years. I just wanted to ask i have the same problems occuring again after the molvi said he cured me :

*Feeling useless
*Feeling suicidle
*Arguing and swearing over little things
*Scared all the time
*Fear in heart
*want to cry
*Short memory
*Ill or the time
*Not becoming pregnant

My child can not talk clearly has poor speech he is now 4 years, has very bad temper tantrums, gets angry eats alot. He is showing signs of autism but can he be under black magic. can u tell me a duaa that i can read on him so he can talk and get rid of his anger.

I hope my dear brother will help me on this please. if u need information on me and my son to see whether we are a victim on black magic plz do ask.

Thankyou my Brother

sara said...

i have a sister she is ill since 3 to 4 months she was fine before this but donot know what happened she become quite. she donot eat anything donot speak and when she talks nobody understand what she saying .she says somebody speaks in her mind. plz tell me is she got any black magic , asaib plz guide us and help out.

Olga said...

Hi there.

I am in position when i looked into my sofa and i saw two dogs one shadow one from the paper and from shadow dog i get two lights after that very strange things start to happent do you know a spell how to take it off. And also one of my friend pronaunce a spell infront of me which interapting my life now. Some details she calling thy self a which and i read about that that mean abusive bich who don't have any confidance. Do you know how to take it off as is horrible staff to. May you wright to me the answer please as i need to b e rescud and is hard to work in such condition as say i bacame almost desable in my min.Olso i get thriough hipnos i were looking into one place person were behind door also didn't stoped yet. Please do help me.
P.S. I found little answer soname word it did help me but i don't have whol pazzle to stop it complitlly.

alexandra said...

Hello my name is alexandra
Ive been having bad luck since i was 8my mom gave me up for a quy and i just grew up being tossed around. . everything i do nomatter how hard i work itll last for a lil while then fall when im happy same thing happens its like something hates to see me happy and ruins it i have bad luck in love a job and life sometimes i can feel when somethings around me i have dreams that happening but i dont have alot of money and ive went to multiple Places and they'll said the same thing about the black cloud an someone putting something on me or something no wanting me happy i ask if u can help me please out of the godness in your heart

firdos said...

Hazrat Saheb
I was jobless from 2nd April, 2010. And my wife was also killed by these Khabees Jadoo spelling
people on 2n Feb, 2011. you can confirm from your spiritual power also.( her name is Suraiya)
I moved to USA on 4th Feb, 2012 along with my only daughter (17 years old) and I stayed 2 months with my one brother in Florida,
and moved to New mexico state to my youngest brother, Hired an apartment and he was supporting financially but I took money at the condition to
give him money back. Now I have to pay bck about 13000 dollars US. I can run till October 2012, with the money I have in balance.
And he has no more money to support.
I have tried hard to my best to get jog but still badly defeated in getting a job as small as mechanic or rig maintenance supervisor, Drilling supervisor,
or petroleum Engineer. There are more job opportunities in oil field to which I am experienced and got master degree in Petroleum technology.
The enemies are performing more strong mantars/ majic to confined me and destroy me financially.
I want to tell you my other two brothers are also angry, for no reason and inclined to evil brother and his wife who spell jadoo, in Karachi and convincing
to to get our house all for them.
So I want to request you hazrat saheb for some additional Taweez, or some thing to get start earning,
And please let me know if there is a need of paid amel to consult continuously to fight against evils and to kill those killers.
Please help me specially again to fight against enemies, so I shall continue the education of my daughter before her marriage.

I shall be willing to provide more information if needed.
Awaiting your response.

Allah hafiz with best wishes, May Allah give you more great position.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikoum my dear brother in Islam,

I'm a 19 years old and i'm married but i've some problems in my marital relationship. My wife is not satisfied sexually and i'm conscious that she's not really happy with me, i'm getting frustrated.

( please excuse my english and my manners of talkin)

Really, i'm aware of the small size of my penis and its weakness. I would really be grateful and very glad if could prescribe me wazifas ( aamals) (Allah'S Names wazaif or other wazifas) which will help me to have (grow) a bigger and large pennis , and very strong for satisfying my wife completely.

Also brother, i want one more wazaif to become more pretty and good looking man and to have beautiful face and skin without acnee .

Brother, i've been searchin for reponse in some Islamic sites but i didn't get any answer, as i see on your blog, you have knowledges about wazaif and you're the person who can help me. Sincerely , i need your help my brother in Islam.

Hope you will write me very soon.

Salam alaikoum brother.

May Allah guide us and give us uncountable blessings.

irfan said...

asalaam alaikum;-
i got friends here in uk i mean couple wife and husband and they got 3 childrens one of them is missing how missing i gona explain to you they went for holidays in purtugal in 2007
they hire a flat for the holidays so one day they leave 3 childrens in a room for sleeping and they went for dinner just few yard far away from thems flat a resturant so every half an hour they went back to the flat to see the childerns are safe so same day at 10 o clock night time some body came their flat and enter the childrens room and took one of them and vanished the child some one took is a 3 years old they trying to finding the girl but they failed now in this time she is 8 years old but she still missing and no body nows who took the girl where she is ?is she live or dead. so my subject is can you helping us to find the girl please
truly from your heart?can you help in this case we gona pay you?please reply or if you are not then you know some one can help us.thank reply me

sadia said...

My name is sadia i got married almost 1.5 years ago. now he left me without any reason and getting married again on july 15th with girl i love my husband very much. my husband relatives are very much involved in siffli and kala ilam kind of things.

I want that my husband came back to me is it possible.

ateeq said...

Br Amel Soname

I need help from you regarding a powerful sihr done on my family since my childhood. It's my chachi (uncles wife) who is responsible for this heinous crime. We have taken help from several Amil's and Alhamdulillah it's been beneficial but only to a certain extent.
I want to talk to you in detail about all the problems that we are facing, please provide me your number
May Allah(sbt) bless you and your family and make it easy for all Muslims ....ameen.

Zeeshan said...

Assalaam alaikum amel saab ,

This is Zeeshan writing to you. I want to know how to determine if someone has done black magic to us. Can you please help me with this. Also how do we know who has done it as well?


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

I have found your information very useful and have a lot of knowledge of these problems as i have been suffering now for years. I do find the cure from amel and have spent so much money but the one who is doing these things on me continues to attack me and my husband. The person has been round my house again 2 weeks a go and thrown something in my gutter. After this i have been suffering pain in my shoulders and chest. Difficulty breathing and depression. Please tell me how i can cure this by using quranic verses.

Thank You

latif said...

salamoalaykum ,
I have been on your website and found it most helpful,and feel that i have been afflicted with many of the symptoms over the years,which have increased in the last year or so.Please could you advise me of anything else i can do to help me.I am a practising muslim,Alhamdulillah,i have tried various ruqya treatments and hijama,but i am still getting symptoms every single day.Please can you help me brother,

rabani said...

Dear Sir

Apart of that I have many other problems.

since ten years , my body weight is 45-47 kgs.

i have many family tensions, in relation, and in my community wherever I go and I am not respected,

No body will respect me and my wife.

whatever i eat , it is not absorbed by body, rather Alhamdulillah I stood alive, thats'all,

nothing else, no more improvement in my life, and in my body.

i appears as a school boy ,even after marriage.

I am not having good job, so for that even after marriage I stay out of my city and I am in Bangalore doing a job, and in for a month or every 40 days I go and meet my wife, (so you can understand what my problem is) it is from two years . the same thing is happening.

I am not getting an Idea how to survive my life without money and staying out of my wife,

to carry my wife along with me, I dont have enough money to pay the rent of house.

by seeing me all my parents. relatives & friends get irritated, starts speaking about me, as I am a very bad man, I dont have manners to respect others, you have done such a wrong things like that, just used to play of me. no body likes me
and they will tell, as i dont have knowledge, I am not intelligent. I am a poor boy,






I WANT TO BECOME STRONG IN MY MENTAL HEALTH(because my heart beat becomes fast when i stand before my enemies and I will get shivering ).

and wherever I go I will get disputes generally. even I get disputes with my wife also, many times, 2-3 times a month.






Aliya said...

Salam, i am big reader of your blogs and appreciate all the help you are giving the ummah to fight these evils. However i have a question i have a baby who is not producing heamoglobin (red blood cells) she is terminally ill. We are having blood transfusions for her regularly. My question is since both me and my husband are infected with sihr from many different sahirs would this have been the cause of the babies illness. Can jinns and magicians be responsible for this disorder even though the doctors say it is genetic. I am only linking the two because my husband dreamt of hair with knots coming out of her mouth and he saw a churail holding the baby to her breast as if to breast feed also i dreamt a churail was banging on the house door and asking us very agressivley to give her the baby! The baby cries alot and often is frightened she will wake in the night and does not recognise out faces. Sorry for a long text since you are knowledgeable on this subject i am bothering you. Also i should add she was critical a few months ago after i had cupping with ruqya her heamoglobin level rose from a mere 5 to 10 in three weeks alah walim! Any information is appreciated jazak allah khair in advance.

majid said...

Dear Amel

Asalaam O alaikum

Hope you are fine by the grace of Allah S.W.A , I had seen your blogg on the net, my family has been suffering from a long time in these issue but since last 4 years things have gone to the worst situation. We are based in Dubai UAE, we use to have good business but everything is gone cars / business/ izaath(respect ) we came on road no house no money, family separated , false cases , gone to jail for no reason at all and still having new cases on my brothers and no visas passports lot of problem.

I am from qadriya silsila my peer stop talking to us
went to Mulana Basir ( he said you have sipliee amal and you all will die he do kaat but after 1 year he stop taking and meeting
than met 1 Sahab from Hyd India - may ALLAH rest his soul in peace last he said was I did not realize your family case is so serious of which he got sick sick & and died.
Than I met 1 amel from India he told me to read so many wazifas but still we are still in problem

my family (parents + sister wife & kids all are suffering)has been suffering a lot but May Allah bless you for giving so deatil information because everything you wrote is happening with one or other member of my family our kids are unabe to go out also as soon as my son goes out our enmy has last slapped him also he is 10year boy
I wanted to know what is happening and can we get out .

we have always been praying / have done 7 umrah alhumduilla /haj/ atheqaf .. we try our best to follow all the sunnah and hakaam e- shariath
can you advice