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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spell reversal done to create disunity in a family with the help of Quranic verse no.55 of Surah Aal –e Imran

Assalam oalaiqum,
If the magician has cast a spell to create discord within a family then such a spell can be reversed and send back towards those magicians who do not use devils to caste magic. To know more about the pros and cons of reversing black magic, my earlier posts can be referred to

The amal is as follows:
Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after reading the Quranic verse no. no.55 of Surah Aal –e Imran

إِذْ قَالَ اللَّهُ يَا عِيسَىٰ إِنِّي مُتَوَفِّيكَ وَرَافِعُكَ إِلَيَّ وَمُطَهِّرُكَ مِنَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا وَجَاعِلُ الَّذِينَ اتَّبَعُوكَ فَوْقَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِلَىٰ يَوْمِ الْقِيَامَةِ ۖ ثُمَّ إِلَيَّ مَرْجِعُكُمْ فَأَحْكُمُ بَيْنَكُمْ فِيمَا كُنتُمْ فِيهِ تَخْتَلِفُونَ ﴿٥٥﴾ (55)
Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute.

Try to read it as much as possible for a successful magic reversal. The more number of times the victim reads this special verse, the stronger will his amal become.
Pray to Allah to help all the family members (their names should be taken along with their mother’s name) in sending back the magic to the person who has been sending it to you.

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Anonymous said...

assalmuyalaikum brother

i'm a muslim 38 year old female. i tried to follow this dua that u mentioned here. since i have started reciting sura al imran 55 number ayat with dorud i'm not feeling good physically, it could be totally my mind but i recently daignosed with high blood pressure and other physical problems. please advice me some thing what i should do. thanks in advanced. tc /assalam

Anonymous said...

How r u? I needed your help and plz if you can only help me.My business food and spices is going through a very difficult time and has nazar and bandish,jadu on it.Its this year that has really put the shop in bad state. The shop sale has gone down 60% and is dropping day by day,we have so much karz and bills are hard to pay.Also dushman are non muslim that are doing this to me.waar are coming on us personally.Nothing seems to work .some amils helped but of no good Plz help me.

Also I would like to learn muraqaba .like kisi ki kirdaar aur amaal ko dekhna,its shahood io believe ,can you plz help me
jazak allah

ayesha said...

assalamualaikum how are you my bro. i visited to your site of wazifas for curing black magic yesterday ... dear am in need of your help personally .. am so tensed and in depression......yesterday wen i got to u i thought u r r in front of me just because of god .... after allah i want ur help dear . can u help me plzzz ? reply me that i shall send u my problm after knowing ur consent...jazakallah waitng for ur reply....

Anonymous said...

Its been one year I got married.
Me & my husband never had gud relationship between us like alwys misunderstandings, fights, no bounding, & we dint have gud relation also and my husband.
My husband's family torture me a lot they never let me and my husband even stay together for second. His sister's and parents brain wash him about me with unwanted things.
It was not even a year completed my husband fought with me and left me at my parents house and went and now he says he wants divorce from me. I am very dishearted and through bad depression.
I hope you will understand my situation what am goinng through please give sone wazaifa which can sort out my problem.
I hope their is a solution for every problem. Please reply me as soon as possible.

rizwan said...

My name is Rizwan and i was suffering from black magic since 8 years. i loss my health and beauty and i am lossing my future. i am unable to earn money because my thoughts got wronge everytime and i turned into loss. i am much worried. 4, 5 years ago i did some studies like Ayat ul Kursi and Surah Ikhlas etc, but i unfortunately told to my father. now this study is not working on me till no dam and not taveez also work on me i am always at a very great loss. i want to know that is there any way that if i do study it show me effect and i get ride of black magic problems.Please help me in this regard.

jabeen said...

Assalamalaikum i have been going through alot of problems and have gone through alot of ppl i relly need help because i need to know who is behind all this magic i do suspect my husband because i am doing all the sunnah treatments through a imam here in the masjid who treats ppl like me n still not getting better i did listen to the ruqia tape n felt anxouis n dizzy this has been going on for a long time i need it to stop inshallah no one tells me the truth i need to know cause i feel i am in danger n my kids too my in laws hve been doing to for a long time inshallah will remember u in my dua n u remember me in mine hoping to hear from u soon inshallah.

zaid said...


I wanted to ask you something regarding healing.

One of my relatives is suffering from severe psychiatric disorder that he has to get admitted to hospital multiple times over the years. I feel pity for him because its not his mistake...and when his symptoms get worse his parents send him to the hospital where they give him injections,Shocks & heavy tranquilizers which i feel dull him and damage his physical health.

Brother , do you know any Quranic healer who has treated such cases successfully? Or atleast patient has recovered and functioning back in life.
This relative of mine was normal before until this illness in his adulthood devastated his life totally.

i will appreciate if you can give contact of a Quranic healer who has expertize to treat this illness

maryam said...

what way can you help me get rid of magician and bring back my live back , my love back

shumaila said...

aslam o name is shumaila .my dad i am sure he is suffering from black magic.can you do istekhara for his suffering.and get to know is my dout true.i suspect my second mum.she is doing it to get all the mum is dad,s health is deteriorating.he is getting thin and weak.he is very aggressive with me and my brother all the time.he obeys her like a pet obeys his master.she abuses me and hits me he takes no action.he is angry with us for no reason.whenever we go before him he starts having extreme pain.please do me the favour.he is calling her nam even while he is sleeping.

shahid said...

I am suffering from black magic and I want to cure of this. Please give me your contact no

khadija said...

Asalamu Alaikum,
My brother recently had a psychotic episode and the doctors still do not know what caused it. Now that he is fine, he is telling us that a close friend cast a spell on him. While in his manic state, he kept claiming that he was not crazy but fighting the spell casted on him. Now my question is Can people see and know who casted the spell on them? He said that he can never talk to the lady who did it cause he feels hate towards her? and What should we do?

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Wah Rehmatullahi Wah Barakatuhu,

I am 28 years old and currently looking for a good marriage proposal but since long time I couldn't find one. I feel there is something blocking my happiness.
Also, there is a guy who contacted me some months ago. His is 30 years old but a divorcee. He has a child. Sometimes I feel he is the one for me, but sometimes I get confused as he gets angry and irritated with me.

Please for Allah's Sake, enlighten me on this matter.
I am really looking to get married soon with someone good... and frankly I am attracted to him... but I fear a lot.

Please Help me... JazakAllah Kheir

Anonymous said...

As salamu alai kum,
Amil sahab i and my family has been target of sifli amal and indian hindu black magic since last 20 yrs.i was rich and healthy and my business was blooming tremendously but out of jealousy my brothers and their wives along the help of my maid have done all this magic and amal on me and my family they have even feed us magical potion with the help of my maid. which she has mixed in our food.
since than i have lost everything me and my family members are constantly sick i have lost my wealth even i have sold my house i m homeless now and lost all my business too.I have gone to many amils they all have extorted lots of money from me but have miserably failed to cure me.
Its my humble request and i beg u to show me some way to get out of these jam i m in and free me and my family from this amal and magic sickness.
Show me to do some amal so that my business which has been stopped start running smoothly.
Shukran May Allah bless u with everything.
Allah Hafiz.

nab said...

Hi asalamualaikum i am a female muslim from Mauritius got your website on youtube i actually have watched symptoms of black magic and found that i get some of and so does my husband i am young only 25 and i dont really know anything on this

Tajudeen. said...

Assalamu Aalikum mr. amel soname,

my name is Tajudeen.i have seen snakes (anaconda), lions, tigers,
wolfs, rats, elephants in my dreams one after another. i need to
overcome our hidden enemies who are always disturbing us and our
relatives because of jealous. is this possible to bring our enemies in
abroads near to us by prayers or spells?

magicians are harming us more and more. surely they are reading our
mind. (whatever we think in our mind they came to know immediately).
how do i stop this mind reading?

whenever we like, our relatives to get cure from illness, either they
passed away or will get more illness.

i want to know who is doing this.

kindly help me to overcome jins and our human enemies.

Anonymous said...

I am 28 year old girl..I am going thru many problems..i feel burning, scratches, movements under the skin,i feel very hands,some times my body shiwer by itself..koi rishta nahi lag raha hai.bahooot parshan hai ghar wale sab plz dua karen aur wazeeefa batayein please.

Rafi said...

Assalamu Alaikkum,

My name is Rafi

I got married in 2002 with a Hindu girl - I did a big mistake that i fallen in love with her and after so many restrictions and diversions i got married with her and the day when i marry i dont know what happen to me as if i am unconscious though i am a strict follower of Islam. After that i properly converted her to Islam

After that she never follow our religion by that time first child was born because of that i couldnt give her talaq and patiently waited for her to change but not happen. from that day problem started in my life and i am falling down each and every moment, i couldnt stand in one job even if i stand some problem arise and again falling down. like this in this 10 years i lost everything like peace, money, health, everything gone.

Please help me out from this i am dying.

shazia said...

Assalam o Aliekum Brother,
I have gone through your website and relly liked the content which is really informative and you are not exploiting like all many other Aalims online or in real. I am glad I have found your website.
I would appreciate if you could help in suggesting some reading to remove the magic done on my husband, by his first wife, since last month. She has cast through some magician spell on him so that he just obeys and follows her and to break our relationship. Also through magic, she has blocked his ability to use his mind. This is what I have come to know through some Aalim. After the magic, my husband has completely stopped to talk or call me (we live in different countries). Even I was hospitalized twice and we informed him but he never called to check on me. He does not pick up my call and refuse to talk to me if I call up in his office. The problems have started since his first wife and his own family came to know of our marriage and they are forcing him to divorce me. the only way I get to know about his well being is through his father, who regularly contacts me.
I really love him and I know he loves me too but I don't understand why is he avoiding me now. I have always supported him and will always do. This is my second marriage too and i really don't want it to fail.

Please do something to help save my marriage and for my husband to return to me with all love, care and support by removing the magic on him / us and by reversing it back to those who have done it.

asma said...

As salaam alaikum,

I had got engaged two years back and at the beginning all went well. later on we always had problems between us and six months back we broke up. His parents always used to tell me over phone to leave him. And one day we finally broke up. But again he met me one month ago and said that he will marry me. He stays abroad. When he told his parents about our patch up, Slowly again things starting going wrong. He has started to neglect me after he went abroad to his parents. And says that he will marry whom ever his parents tell. I still love him and want him back. I think he is under control of magic or whatever. I can't do the amals which u have uploaded cause he does not stay with me and he is far away and I can't even meet him. Please suggest me something so that I can destroy the affects of magic on him.


shazia said...

Aoa i have read about the procedure for cure of black magic for nazla zukam. can u tell me that how can a person perform that whole procedure in single day if a person is a there an alternate for it? plzzz guide in this regard

beenish said...

Asalam o alaikum bhai mera naam beenish hai...meri shadi ko 8 saal ho gaye hain shadi k 8 months baad mere husband ki shalwar gum ho gai thi aur meri saas ne koi fikrmandi ka izhaar nhi kia aur phr mere bete ki pedaish hui to chillaa naha k mei waps aai susral to meri bhi shalwar gum ho gai...aur uss k baad se mere aur husband k halaat bht kharab ho gaye hain husband mujh se nafrat krna shuru ho gye hain aur hamara physical relation ahista ahista khatam ho gaya to bilkul hi nhi hai relation hamare drmiyan...mujhe marte bhi hain jb ziada ghusa aa jaye to...aur apni ami k sath bht ziada attach hain itne ziada attach k apni wedding night tk ami se discuss ki thi aur mere sath kamre mei azdawagi taluq qaim kr k neeche apni ami ko batate hain k kia kia kiya aur kaise kia...yeh sb meri saas ne khud bataya hai mujhe ta k mei badzin ho jaon mei shohar se...aur shohar ko mere se badzin kr diya hai...meri saas mera ghr torne pe aai hui hai...roz mere husband ko khana dabbay mei daal k deti hai halanke hamara ktichen seperate hai aur mere husband mere se le jatay hain salan lekn neeche maa ne alag dabbay tiyar kiye hotay hain...mere husband ka bahir bhi chakar chal raha kisi se aur bahir husband ne 7 lrkiyon ko beti bhi banaya hua aur kehte hain k mei ne inki shadi krni hai halanke woh lrkiyan mere jitni hain...mtlb 29-30 saal ki hain...meri saas ne mere susar ko bhi mere se badzin kr diya hai ..mere susar na mujh se baat krte hain na salam ka jawab dete hain...mere parents k ghr nhi jatay mere hsuband bilkul jana khatam kr diya hai ...batameezi krte hain mere hsuband mere parents ko mere ghr walon ko ghusay mei galiyan dete hain aur Apni ami k samne abb yeh kehna shuru ho gaye hain k mujhe iss aurat se(mere se) sakht nafrat hai iss se kahen yahan se chali jaye mujhe zehar lgti hai yeh aurat...aur iski maa kehti hai k beenish tm soch lo abb k tm ne kise rehna hai...kisi faisle pe aao tm aur asim...aise mere bete ki zindagi na kharab kro...aur meri saas bht khush rehti hai abb...kyu k mere husband ab hr waqt apni maa k pas hi bathe rehte ..raat ko ghr aa jatay 10 bajay tk aur phr apni maa k pas baithe rehte hin raat k 3 bajay tk ya kabhi 4 bajay tk room mei atay aur jb puchti hun k ap itna late ayen hain to kehte k mei apni maa k pas baitha tha tmhen kia takleef hai...yeh kaisi maa hai jo bete ko barbaad kr rhi hai...apne pas baitha k sirf mujh se nafrat kr rhi aur bete se nafrat krwa rhi bs bete ki brain washing krti rehti usay pata nhi kia kuch khilati pilati hai...saaf jadu zahir hota hai abb...aur mei ne kafi logo se pata bhi krwaya hai sb ne kaha hai k jadu k asaraat hain asim pe...plzz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Meri madad kren mei bht sakht pareshan hun meri saas ki waja se meri zindagi azab ban gai hai...shadi k shuru mei meri saas ne aik saal bht tamashe lagaye thay uss se bardasht nhi hota tha k mei aur mere hsuband humari understanding kyu ho rhi hai..issi liye saas ne jadu k zairye hamen alag kr dia hai..ab yeh halaat hain k hum dono husband wife aik hi bed pe sotay hain lkn alag alag blanket mei..aur aik dosre ko hath tk nhi baat krte hain hum...baat kren to bs lrai ho jati hai wrna khamoshi...mera husband ghr ata hi nhi hai mujhe aur bete ko bilkul time nhi deta ...jitna time gr pe hota neeche maa k sath guzarta hai aur phr uper room mei aa k so jata hai bs...