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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spell reversal for devastation with Quranic verse no.50 of Surah At-Taubah.

Assalam alaykum,
This kind of magic spell is done by the magician to make the victim suffer from a huge loss. There is some loss or the other frequently. This magic is done to harm to business mostly. The victims business gets ruined and within a short time he may become bankrupt if the magic spell is not broken. This type of spell can also be reversed.
Hisar is essential before starting the amal. (It has been mentioned in my previous posts).
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read verse 50 of Surah At-Tauba
إِن تُصِبْكَ حَسَنَةٌ تَسُؤْهُمْ ۖ وَإِن تُصِبْكَ مُصِيبَةٌ يَقُولُوا قَدْ أَخَذْنَا أَمْرَنَا مِن قَبْلُ وَيَتَوَلَّوا وَّهُمْ فَرِحُونَ ﴿٥٠﴾ (50)
If good befalls thee, it grieves them; but if a misfortune befalls thee, they say, "We took indeed our precautions beforehand," and they turn away rejoicing.

and in the end repeat the durud shareef 11 times. The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.
In case the victim is bringing about financial loss himself due to some mistakes he makes in conducting the business, then he should pray to Allah to send back the magic which has been done on him. If the spell has been cast on the business point, whether it is his shop or office, then he should mention the name and address of his venture and pray to Allah to reverse the magic from his shop, office etc towards the magician.

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sara said...

Salam brother

Are you able to help with stopping black magic

My mother in law has various magicians to do black magic on me

I am unable to find work and i am being attacked by jinns and i have other symptoms too.

Is there anyway u can help


Anonymous said...

Assalam WaLaikum,

Dear brother Amel,

My name is Aftab and my family and I have been inflicted with black magic for at least 15 years now. I have been personally harmed since I was a young teenager. I am now in my 40's and I still cannot find full relief. I learned about this after I was married about 15 years ago and have since met with many amils and in the short term they are successful but it comes back when they stop the amal. As a result of the magic I have been financially ruined, my health and my wife's health has been deteriorated. I can no longer have children despite having trying for over 7 years at least. MASHALLAH I have two young daughters but I was hoping for a farzan but it has not transpired. I still have hope that Allah will grant me other child even if it is a girl. I am no longer working because I decided to go back to college and get my degrees, because when I was young someone blocked my education through evil spells. I need your help with Istikharah. I need to know if someone is still doing black magic on me and my family. What kind of magic it is? Is it jinns, evil spirits or what kind of shiyateen is it and what kind of amal I should do to rid myself and my family with this evil.


shenaz said...

asalamu alaykum my name is shenaz residing in india maharashtra pune my husband expired seven years before i have one daughter and currently m running ma business of spectacles shop with my husbands brother in partnership currently our relatioN isnt going well though he has just invested money in d business but the business is solely run by me since five years he isnt behaving well with us by not responding to the shop problems and telling us to leave thE house n go as we reside in the same building as a joint family we have invested money in the shop seven years back but we dont have the partnership deed since seven years he has delayed the idea of making a partnership deed n so doing the same thing now by giving different excuses the shop sale is also not doing well now the shop isnt working well n we are not getting proper returns the shop is situated at karve road opp ranka jewellers in pune named city optics besides this business problem i have health issues like vetebras problem in ma back its a severe back vetebras(manka) problem wich is not getting cured and problem in ma left knee doctors are telling its due to age the bone is flattened and i have swelling on my face since months not getting cured the flat we are staying is ma husbands elder brothers but its are right to get the property papers of the flat and to own the flat but ma husbands elder Brother has taken undue advantage of his age n family n taken the authourity and ownership of this flat and are not giving us the flat in ma building ma husbands two younger brothers and ma sister in laws son stays and ma husbands elder brother stays else where and have three sister in law staying else where we dont get any support from any one in the entire family from the past one i n my daughter are searching for a shop to start our own business but we arent able to find one good shop in are budget and are facing many problems we wish that my husbands bwnership of this flat and are not giving us the flat in ma building ma husbands two younger brothers and ma sister in laws son stays and ma husbands elder brother stays else where and have three sister in law staying else where we dont get any support from any one in the entire family from the past one i n my daughter are searching for a shop to start our own business but we arent able to find one good shop in are budget and are facing many problems we wish that my husbands brother who is in partnership with us stops fighting with us and solves the business problems make a partnership deed soon

nazar said...

Assalamu Alikum,

It is very good article. Lot of information are getting through this Blog.
Allah may give reward for your Blogs and public awareness of Evil Eye, Jinne and Saithan.

I am an Indian Nationality, working in Gulf (Kuwait). In India, my area the black magic’s

Are too much. Each and every Kafir is the Servant and warshiper Sathan and Jinne .

When I read your article, about black magic effect symptoms, recently I feel bad smell

In my both hand inside the Pam. Still the smell continuing.
Some black spot appeared in my wright leg on feet.

There was a blue sign on my foot finger. But no any severe sick.

But I feel now a days my interest is loosing in 5 times prayer, Zikkir and quran thilawath.
I am daily reciting “Manzil” regularly.

Another effect I noticed, my stomach is effected with bubble sound like gas trouble,

Non-stop sounding is very irritable for me.
Pls. advise a remedy or give a reference to see someone who know the treatment in Kuwait. Also remember me in your Dua.

shoaib said...

Assalamalikum brother
I need some help regarding the magic which is effecting me a lot kindly , kindly if you could help we can I have your contact details or can guide me
Jazakallah khair

Anonymous said...

Dear please help i am effected by black magic for last 25 years.

Anonymous said...

Dear amel,

I have read your blogs and postings on numerous websites. I wanted to contact you for advise on some matter as I am facing a very tough time and have difficulty on my hands . Someone told me that I am effected with sifli ilm. Please confirm what is your contact number and if its ok for me to contact you ? Thank you


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
I am Shaon from Bangladesh came to get some help from you. Dear brother, we are facing some type of black magic. usually we dont like any mantra or anything to fight like other tantric or bad peoples. but now a days are changing. black magic are spreading tremendously. some bad people use to do black magic on me and my friend. we feel pain in body without any reason, piles problem, kidney pains, pains like pushing needle, feeling energyless, these tantrics also use to suck my energy, dont know how they do it, i feel i am growing old very quickly also sex is also damaged although i dont sex. i am totally afraid of these tantric people. actually they want to kill my guru. so that also damaging me or some for making him afraid. they also informed our guru to kill him. we are in great disaster and waiting for your help. Give us any way to protect us from sucking energy and these type of black magic.
Please help us....

meryam said...

Dear brother/sister..
I am facing very serious problem I'm female 20yrs old I was supposed to get engaged this week but every time I face problem my engagement is always getting delayed I don't know why after many researches I came to know that it's due to jadu my mother in law has been doing jadu on my fiancé she is not happy for our relation because it's a love marriage I don't know what to do my fiancé is complaining of headache and pain in his whole body he is feeling very weak and helpless he can't think what to do can't make any one convince and he is very Islamic guy but is even getting away of prayers and fighting with me please help me in this case I really don't know what to do.

I ll be looking forward for your reply.
Thank you.

sohaib said...

assalam o alaikum brother,

my name is sohaib . i am ill for the past two years. the actual problem is still not known. allopathic doctors have failed to diagnose the problem. i just want you 2 do my hisab and tell me if its black magic. i just want 2 go to the right person for detection and treatment. i just want to know that my medical problem is medical or its black magic. there is a girl i met two years back. i think she has done it on me so that i become ill and become reliant upon her. she also forces me to marry her and she is known to a person who says he is an amil. i hav also seen this woman having zana with this aamil in my dream after i offered 2 nafal with isha and recited ism - e azam (ya zahiru). i am confused, please tell me whether its really black magic or m i just suspecting. also tell me whether my medical ailment is really medical or its casted upon me through black magic. please help me. the amil whom this girl knows tells me that i will be all well if i marry this girl. i am marrying her now without telling my parents as i am afraid of her now that she will harm me if i dont and my parenst are dependent on me. please help me. i have been with this woman for two years but i dint do anything sexual because she does not attract me and i hate her when i see her face. but now all of a sudden i am attracted to her also. i just want to clarify my mind. another brother from pakistan has told me that this is black magic but i want to be sure. also i am very anxious after seeing that dream in which this girl was having zina with this amil (so called) and i was lying on the next bed. as soon as i got up they saw me and said, we thought u were sleeping. please help me and tell me what to do i have become very weak, physically emotionally and mentally.

madiha said...

Respected Sir,
Assalam o Alaikum
I am writing this in great distress.I am with man for two and a half years and we are getting married in a month. He has been sick in all this time and his condition is getting worse day by day. He has been doing all kinds of bad things in life like smoking drinking and womanizing. I have helped him to get out of all the bad things. We have not been doing any sexual act.Some molana from krachi has said that somone has done black magic on u which is making u sick.
I have been with him in every problem and now he says he hates me and he is afraid of me because i have done this magic on him and if he will not marry me i will damage him more. I am so worried about all this because if he marries me with this doubt in his mind we will never be happy.Sometimes he is very good with me and sometimes he is fighting and abusing. i am writing his details and mine.
plz help me

Anonymous said...

Amel Saheb
Salamu Alaikum

My daughter name is Maya until last year she was good now since about one year she doesn't listens to us she never offer Namaz She throws things she never cleans her room nor she allows us to clean all her food and clothes are lying on the floor when we enter her room she starts throwing things we are very much worried about her she sleeps all the day she is against every one she has bad friends she don't like Muslim friends please help me giving some vazifa or some thing to read I shall be grateful to you

Anonymous said...

Good Day,
My wife is getting a sudden jerk during sleeping & two times baby was expired before getting birth. Before jerk was feeling only in the stomach/womb and now feeling through whole body. She also recited 11 times Surah Waqia for a few months. She is regularly offering prayer, recite Holy Quran normally. Kindly advise a solution to get ride of that problem.

Anonymous said...

Please give a chance to meet you so that lives of children could be saved.

Please send your address and contact number.

It is really sinking boat.

Anonymous said...

Respected Aalim Saheb,
Assalam-o-Alikum, My family consists of myself, my wife and our two sons. After one year of my marriage in 1999, rift started between me and my wife on small issues. But the intensity of dis-likeness was low. Gradually my family grown and two sons on an interval of 2.5 years came.

And simultaneously the rift also grown up which has now become pure hatred. Initially we could not understand but now we have pin pointed the root cause of the problem. There is one lady in our relation who is not happy with my marriage and ultimately with my family. She has learnt Sifli Amlaat and every time she is reading something silently or some times loudly.
Whenever she starts her amal, some thing starts in our hearts and we are bound to think about all the fights we had in the past.

A feeling of anger, hatred and Talaaq arises in my heart for my wife and the same happens with my wife also. Even my kids suddenly faint or get angered. Their studies have hampered a lot.
Now she has personally told me to give talaaq, otherwise she will kill us one by one.
what other things happen in my residence.
(1) Dogs surround my house and start barking anytime even in morning, afternoon or night.
(2) Suddenly moles will appear in our bed rooms and moles will make noise. Some times moles attack us. Twice the mole has bitten my wife.
(3) Suddenly smell of botu will effuse in my house after dog barkings outside.
(4) Each of us will fell ill in rotation and doctors will be unable to cure us. Finally we will contact some Maulana then only we will get cured.
(5) Maualan has told us that you were in the effect of sehar.

That lady who is doing all these things is dedicated for troubling us.
Please help us and give a permanent solution in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

afra said...


please let me know if u can help me get my married life back on track through islamic means. i hav had problems since i got married 6 yrs ago. i suspect black magic and require consultation on the same.

Jabran said...

Asalam Brother,
Came across your website very informative may Allah reward you for this.
My Situation is really completed as Repeated Magic is done on just me immediate family but my extend family as well for over 10/15 years and even before and we are fighting with this on daily basis.
I see this as blessing of Allah as it has brought us more close to Allah/Deen but doing what we have to do daily to get protection has totally exhausted us now.
Would like to have telephone conversation with you to explain situation properly and also to understand clearly whether methods you are using are according to sunnah and get guidance/help from yourself.

Anonymous said...

My husband live me alone with 3 kids.he cheeting with me take all money and all property and married with 18 year girl . He is 56 year old .this is 5 time marriage .my kids going college need money and my daughter is problem in the leg . He give every thing for new wife. That is my money please help me

sara said...

iam so upset since 16 yr nothing work can u work for me pls

ibad said...

Asalaam Alekum,

Hope all is well with you,
My name is Ibadullah, I have been going through or have been a victim of some terribly serious and grave events since 2006, but I did not even come to know what had been happening with me till year 2008,
Since then I have been to several learned people, Imams, and Alims at different times, at least a dozen if not more, they all have said similar things and through my experience they are even correct too, BUT no one has been able to stop it or break the cycle of these events. Even though I know and believe only Allah can and will make it happen, but since I am not that knowledgeable I seek the help of people who may have it.

I am seeking for legal Islamic help to get out of this mess which is still going on and keeps getting worst and I do know my opponents.

If you are interested and can help me I would like to explain the details to you since a lot has happened in past years,

I would like to find out if I am reaching the right person and at the correct email and if I am able to talk to you over the phone?

Please let know at your earliest convenience I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.