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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spell reversal of black magic done on a corpse with the Quranic verse 36 of Surah Al Anaam

Assalam oaliqum,
Some times magic spells are cast on the corpse. This can be done only by an expert magician.
When a person dies the magicians place an amulet in his mouth. This casts a powerful spell for making the victim fall sick or in killing him.
When such a corpse gets buried the magic spell gets activated and it strangles the victim literally. He becomes sick and all he can think of is death. In some other instances the magic is done on the grave itself in which a new corpse has been buried. If some one is suffering from this kind of magic then this amal is suitable for the victim. However please go through my above mentioned posts regarding spell reversal.

The amal is as follows:
Read Durud shareef 11 times before and after reading the verse no.36 of Surah Al Anaam .
إِنَّمَا يَسْتَجِيبُ الَّذِينَ يَسْمَعُونَ ۘ وَالْمَوْتَىٰ يَبْعَثُهُمُ اللَّهُ ثُمَّ إِلَيْهِ يُرْجَعُونَ ﴿٣٦﴾ (36)
Those who listen (in truth), be sure, will accept: as to the dead, Allah will raise them up; then will they be turned unto Him.

The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.
After finishing the amal, one should pray to Allah help in to reversing the spell towards the magician.

The symptoms of successful spell reversal are as follows:
The victim may feel better.
The face shall get back its radiance.
The fear of death shall come to an end.
The victim may stop seeing graveyards in his dreams.
The victim may stop seeing corpses in his dreams

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Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Soname,

My friend and I are planning to kill an evil spirit that he feels strongly is responsible for the failures and bad choices in his life.

My friend is, who is like a brother to me, is a Jewish American white male and I am an African Black woman.

I do believe in the gift of salvation through the son of God Jesus and I believe that the power of evil was destroyed by his birth, life, death & resurrection.

My brother/friend does understand and honor the Lord Jesus. We also acknowledge other good messengers and prophets of God.
We have agreed to wake up in the early hoursof the morning to go on a mission of gratitude and prayer & to kill the evil spirit.

The idea that has come to my heart as a method is for my friend to bring mold to work with as he reads the message he has written about the intention to destroy and kill the evil spirit that has been affecting his life negatively; to now kill it for good and heal the past, present and future.

Please read below to see what we've been discussing regarding this matter we are planning; and please advice us accordingly if God puts a word of wisdom for us in your heart.

Any support of some kind towards this noble mission; in prayer, advice, etc.

Anonymous said...


I am in a big problem.
I have been married since february 2012 and my wife has NEVER wanted sex, she doesnt seem to have any desire for it.
I always ask her for it and I find myself almost begging for it, and we only have it once a month, and she hates it and doesnt enjoy it at all.
Even when we are having sex its always very quick and she hates it and swears at me for it, I feel so upset with this, I have explained to her many times
that it is haram to say no when a husband requires to make love to his wife, but we never have happy love making where we both would like to do it.
She also is not romantic at all, she doesnt like it when i kiss or hug her or touch her anywhere on her body.
Please can you help me by either giving me taveez or just some advice, i await your advice please.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem which can be only solved by spells as it
is a
mental problem which medicine cant cure.I beleive its more of a black magic. Thats the reason why i have opted
for this after doing a bit of research in internet. The problem is
described below and please let me know if this can be solved quickly. Also
please let me know if you need any additional details.

I am arun from mysore(India). I was in relationship with a girl from past 4
years. The girls father got to know about our relationship last month and
objected strictly since we belong to different caste and her father has now
brainwashed the girl nicely . He talked to me and told this cant
proceed as we are of different caste.i pleaded him prolitely to take
some time as its matter of our life. He went home and told to my girl
friend that I spoke harshly and didnt give respect to him at all and
played a double game.she got angry blindly beleiving her father and
She called me and told me that she never
loved me and she cannot marry me at any cost as her parents are important
for her.

On the other hand I have convinced my parents after lot of arguments and
emotions and they like her a lot now. Even she knows that. But even then
she didnt think about our love and my parents but decided to go with her
parents force to aviod me. Till the previous day she had kept promising me
and my parents that she will fight for our love and convince her parents.But
she some how let her mind loose because of some magic mantras or some bad
energy injected on her by her father. I want her back at any cost as
me and my parents like her a lot.

Her brother and mother had accepted our love. But after seeing her dad
upset they changed their mind now. Similar situation was there in my house
but i managed to get my emotions strong and won my parents heart. Since she
is a girl she is bit too emotional and fell for her parents tears. Please
get everything back and make their parents accept me as their son in law as
my mom and dad love her a lot now. I dont want to spoil a girls life by
marrying someone else and not keeping her happy as i have my love still
very strong in my heart.

They have done blackmagic on the girl and have taken her out from me completely.Please break it and also please get her back to me.

Anonymous said...

Brother, actually i am not sure if it is some sort of that problem or not.

I wanted to describe all details

Well here i do explain about it:

I am a guy of 19 Years.

While i was at the age of 15 & was in 10th standard.

I fall in love with a girl. she was of 21 years.

I wanted to marry her, but my Mother did never agree upon this.

We almost got engaged but still my mother did not got agree and at last all was broken up.

I used to go to shrine of Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq (R.A) who is a very famous Wali-Allah. and prayed a lot to get her.

After the Engagement got broken. she used to tell me about different people to go to them who were amil. It was like i was blind in love with her. but no one could do any thing else giving rubbish advises.

One thing i would like to tell you that Before going to the Shrine of Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq (R.A) i had seen two to three times his shrine in my dreams and after that i saw his shrine on a youtube video and it was exactly what i saw in my dream. I went there for the first time and i declared my self as their Mureed from my Heart.

I have seen his shrine several times in my dreams from different sides. The internal part which has been closed now. and a lot of instances. Graves of different sorts.

and i also have been seeing different Holy Shrines in my Dreams. i used to know in my dream that it is a dream and used to think to note some thing from this dream i.e the name written on the holy Shrine so when i wake up i do remember that which Shrine it was.

And alot of instances.

I will discuss my problem just later after few lines but i thought necessary to write all this.

Well, when ever i used to met any one from her family i used to get irritated.

Well, Just in the start of this year we have been totally separated, while we were still trying to get married.

I also saw in my dream that she has gotten married and when i went to the husband of her Sister i got know that what i saw was truth.

Well after that I started my own business for export of leather clothing. in the start i got inquiries and payments from customers, i bought my new bike which i had one already but i had sold before few days to start the business. i got payments from three customers in just two months and it was really superb for a start and the first orders they placed were unusual for this business.

Then a lot of people around me got jealous about me and even my relatives were showing there jealousy clearly.

After that when i sent the trial orders to customers, every thing got ruined. The customers received the parcels and praised them that the quality was so good and they couldn't get such high quality any where on lower prices. and said to place large orders.

But after that all of them got disappeared.

and after that till now i work really harder and harder but not that number of inquiries come.

Or if within a day some number of inquiry emails are received then they do not work with me and after some emails stop responding.

Please also note that I am a Sunni Muslim. I Love the Ahle-bait (A.S) and Holy Prophet (PBUH) more than any thing in this world more than my life and family.

Well, I have few questions if you can answer:

Has some one done Black Magic on me?

Anonymous said...

Some times also thoughts come into my mind that the girl to whom i love is putting blame on me and taking revenge from me. She had also once told me an incident from his relatives neighbors. her husband was living in abroad and wasn't coming back and an amil destroyed all his business there and he was then coming back.

I am really in need of help.

If it is the case, i can even pay you your charges to tell me some thing to read.

Also while i was reading your blog. i have noticed some symptoms which are in me about black magic:

I often had great desires of having sex. till now i have desires but i control them.

If i am wet at any night i just hate my self. i do not like it. i do cry and ask Allah to help me. I want my self to be in Love with the Almighty Allah. I hate sins. i wanna be a noble person. I do not really know what has happened to me.

I do not keep bad company as well. I really cannot find answers.

And one important thing is I love to read the Holy Quran. I love to offer my prayers. I often wake at night and while in the days of heavy winter i do Wuzuu with cold water and sit on the ground and read Quran in a loud voice.

One symptom is that pimples appear on my face. and it's a very great trouble.

one symptom is that from the past few months i am having throat problem. I have some times a very bad Cough. I had never a problem with my throat ever in my life. What ever i ate never had problem but now i have taken a number of medicines but it is not recovering.

Anonymous said...

One more thing,

I just remembered that I had seen two more dream relating to magic and a Holy Shrine while I was reading your blog that Aulia-Allah can cure black magic and after their Death they have left their Moaklat:

Once I saw that on the Shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq (R.A) in a room some people are curing black magic and I was also present there. I remember only some details.

While in another dream, I saw that I am at their shrine and there are two persons there and one of them gave me a piece of paper, like full sizes A4 paper and there was a Tawiz drawn on it and he said to me pointing over to a shrine to go there and ask them about your life and your future and what has happened to you. I could see the shrine was painted white and was near the shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq (R.A) but no shrine like this exists.

I asked him that where this shrine is located he told me that on the way to the market. There is a place near the railway track on which two boxes of trains had gotten lifted from the track.

and when i wake up i had heard from my Father that there is shrine within our city. i don't remember the name but the incident is that the Holy Saint had warned the train driver in a dream to slow down the train while the train reaches his shrine one or more times but he didn't. and the Holy Saint then two times overturned the train from the track and from that day till now when the train reaches near their shrine it's speed is slowed.

I feel to go there and have also heard that there is also a holy Saint who lives on his shrine and who helps people but i couldn't get a chance to go on his shrine.

I had seen this dream two months before and just after two to three days i sold my bike which i had bought from this business which worth 1 lacs.

I also have one more strange dream to tell you that once i saw that it was the basement of Shrine of Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq (R.A) and some stairs there and an old man wearing green dress with ornaments on his hands and neck was coming from downwards to upwards and i also was waiting for him and many other people. and when he reach to me i shake my hand with him and he said to me a strange sentence : Kay woh kisi ki Amanat ko Rond deta hai

I then thought him as a bad person and went away from him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Assalamalikum !

My name is Hameedha and I;m from India.
From my past few years we are facing the problem in each and every thing ,it may be earnings education and etc Hence we have ever found any solution for it .

And personally i'm facing many probes in my life such as i started hating myself from the child hood days i always use to feel that nothing good should happened to me i used to scold myself and i feel that sleepy in the working areas and i will be getting wet dreams from my childhood days i used to prayer alot but something never keeps me free i get tensed without any reason and shouted at every one and i will started crying for useless reasons

Never i used to wear some dresses my face looks like very bad condition .During my childhood days i look very beautiful @4yrs after to that i fall in sick all my beautiful face has gone away.and i always have misconception that there is a snake which is surrounded by my neck I used to explain this to my parents but they never pretend towards it. hence from few days i'm having this kind of feeling from few months which never tends me to do my prayers properly.

Some unavoidable condition I will be talking with myself , in side my heart always feels pain and during my working areas i feel very bad leg pain. i was not able to say it .

In my life time i felt real love in a person and both fall in love then few days passes away and then i was not convinced during that time and after to that he was not interested in me when adjust with for everything . Our relationship was in the pure sense of love nor him or myself we sensed love has something else very thing was going good but something happened to him he started hatting me don't know why always this is happening to . if he is not there for me then i won't get married in this life anytime. I'll be alone by always remembering Allah.

In my home always my parent keeps on fighting with each other and shouting and screaming they never listen more than that we are not in peace each and every days my parents always shout and scold me in the wrong sense Please Help me in the name of Allah.

Our relative also does like us that if we get some good things in our life they want us to shed i poor. But my parents can't understand it that there are in wrong thought about us .

I have called some spiritual persons in Ajmer i have informed every thing to them they told that our family has been block by Black magic.

Again that spirtual person told me that i was catch by the bhoot pari. So i was very bad thoughts and wet dreams.

I have been informed many times to my parents that we shall move to Ajmer dhargah but they never accept to me they scold me and beat alot and they always used to speak some unbearable words. i can't even listen to them

And first time i have asked allah that death . because i can't tolerate all these thing i can't even listen

Kindly give me some wazifas to read please give in the name of Allah.

I'm eagerly waiting for Reply with the answers Please provide it .

Anonymous said...

Salam Brother

I visited your website. And I see you are giving instructions on how to obtain Muwakkil and Jinns. Do you have any amal to remove debt and increase

Wealth and sustenance. Also any amal which will let me see My own mokils etc which could be amal I have done or to see Jinn.

Anonymous said...

as salaam o alaikum

we saw 25, 50 paisa 1& 10 rupee fall from nowhere and since then have been facing severe hardship as we donated the money along with our money to top it all i got married to a man who was addament in marrying me despite refusal from his house of which me and my family had no knowledge my husband was ok in the begning but started hating me soon after marriage and these two things have accumulated to sever problem and besides this every eye envied us because of our looks and our education now we are left withj no one and don’t have support no one is married and I live with my widow mother and times passing by soon please help what are ur charges won’t be able to pay much due to adverse financial condition. pareshani khatam hi nahi hoti barh jati hai

Anonymous said...

Salam Bhai,

My problem is, i got married 3 years before in dubai, my husband family is not happy with me and now the situation is they have sent me back to pakistan, and his family is asking him to give me divorce. where as i dont want to break my home, now my husband is not contacting me coz he is afraid by his family, also i think he want to leave me just coz of his family and he dont have guts to speak infront of his family. i need some wazifa or duwa atleast Allah can put some Reham in their heart and they can accept me happily.

Plz help me bhai, since 3 months im staying in parents home in pak, and very very upset.

Khizer said...

Assalamu Alaikum

For last 3 years, my life has completely changed and going towards downfall.
Until then it was all success for me.

I did second marriage and i believe the second wife did this to me as i divorced her.
I am becoming weak financially.
I cannot sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours
i am addicted to heavy drinking
i have strong urge to sex
my career is going down
loss of memory
loss of interest in life

Please guide what should i do.


sadiya said...

Assalamu Alaikum my name sadiya and i am 23 years old .till now i have not got married is there any black magic on me.if it is there means how to get rid of that.what is my sitara.and how my life partner wil be.and what is the dua to get better life partner.
Allah Hafiz.

Anonymous said...


I'm suffering from bad health for the past ten years, my age is 32 now.
I have many symtoms of black magic. Please help me regarding this.
I'll be very grateful to you.

Anonymous said...

i like my cousin we use to talk and now cannot

an evil lady has buried something that she had said and has done black magic

so that we can never be together as when the girl was going to be 18 she would marry me

she wanted to her mum also wanted this

now they both hate me for no reason

this lady who has done the evil works keep doing it and doesn't stop

her family don't beleive she does it

can u help at all

Anonymous said...

I am really glad to see this website.
I am really disappointed and depressed. My parents have 4 duaghters v are total 4 sisters in all.
I have a twin sister and we are almost 24yrs old now…my parents are searching match for us since last 4 yrs…but koi na koi pro baa hi jati hain
I am really afraid and scared for the disaster….my parents are taking lots of tension and worried….
Please please can u help me in this….can u please tell me wat’s the prob
Y v are not getting married yet…proposals aate hain but pakka nahi ho pata…koi na koi rukawat aa hi jati hain…
V try our best to overcome this…v read namaz 5 times daily…n sumtimes get disappointed too that our prayers are not answered.
I will be eagerly waiting for your reply…please reply me soon…please help me outL

farhan said...

Asalaam elakum

i am farhan . I feel like someone has done magic on me . how do i remove it or could you confirm it for me if i have any magic done on me and how i can protect my self .

Thank you

shahzad said...

Asalamalaikum my muslim brother i have been looking at some of your work on blogs of random websites i found on google. Mashallah you seem very genuine, full of valuable knowledge and are a respectable beng of Allah.Through Allah subhan wa tala Mashallah The Lord of Man, The Lord of jinn, The lord of the devil, The lord of the worlds, The Lord of the dawn, The lord of the sunrise and the lord of the universe and all of its creations i have found my way here to you today. I am a victim of continuous black magic and jinn. I believe in Allah his existence and All of his messengers. And i strongly believe he listens to my prayers and keeps me protected for falling off the edge beneath me in my life if you know what i mean. From my research some of your work looks hundred percent genuine and some articles im not too sure about to be honest.

The reason why i am writing to contact you today is because i would like you to help me capture my good angel Qareen (Hamzad) which i believe by the will of Allah Inshallah it will change my life in a good way for good Mashallah all praise be to Allah subhan-wa-tala and him alone. and every possible and most effetive ways how to capture the strongest version of my good angel Qareen (Hamzad). Brother i need all of your Amals in English Arabic transliteration, and with the english meaning and the Arabic writing. Please. If you would be so kind to able to manage to do this for me Allah knows i would be ever so greatful and i promise i will never ever ever forget you in my prayers to Allah because i worship Allah alone and Always will Inshallah.

I am very serious abt this and i would seriously appreciate any help you have to offer me my brother and to achieve this goal of mine.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and Inshallah i will. Thank you for even taking the time out to read may Allah bestow blessings up you for this.

Please reply as soon as possible i will be waiting

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I am looking for a spiritual professional helper, I am separate with my wife we have 3 children.
I also lose money and in debt and have several legal problems, stability with work please can you help.
I have also problem with premature ejaculation
I am ready to pay for the service.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum
my son Adnan who is 20 years old. Adnan started taking drugs last year, and our family found out about him taking drugs last month. All family were very upset and now Adnan lives at my daughter house, he does not live at home.

I am extremely upset because Adnans behaviour is getting worse day by day. My daughter is also very worried because she has two young children and Adnan comes home late everyday. he sniff drugs daily and also take some medicine, almost every day he starts vomiting.

The drug Adnan is taking is dangerous - he snifs the drug. His health is deteriorating. He wastes a lot of money. Also Adnan does gambling, he goes to the casino. Adnan socialises with bad boys and does not have good company. He does not care for family and says he does not like his house. i want my son Adnan to come home.
thanks you

mazahir said...

Assalaam-o-aalikum please help me as im completey in to a depression mode and all my business has gone bankrupt and im not in a position to even go back to uk im currently in saudiarabia and praying to allah to help me for my uk visa as they have refused for no reasons.. someone told me that they have done black magic on me for me to fail and my wealth will demolish and that i can me mentally ill.. and also i feel dizziness and feel like someone is doing something to me. please help me and remember me in your prays. insha-allah as soon as im back in uk with in 1 month if allah grants me wealth i will gift you soo much insha-allah you will be happy. just please sort out my problem why is there a force stoppping me to go back and ruin my business. jazakallah.

khalil said...

Respected Sir,
i am a Pakistani and my sister is trapped by some wicked magician on phone. Who apparently gave her few Allah names of Allah to say for several thousand times for increase in Rizzuk. Also, he asked her to do some thing like with onion etc.and she did innocently.

Now since last one month, the condition is that she is suffering with heavy magic and Jinns, (feel weight one arms, in mouth, and heart beat). Jinn says that wicked person is calling her for doing bad".

We contacted number of Qaries who removed number of magic things from her body and different Jinns. but after some time again same symptoms appearing and again and again we have to call Qari.

Now Qari also seems to be no further cure, he told to her ready Sura Baqara by herself. She is trying but evil do not let her read.

Being her brother, I am unable to see my sister in this condition, my heart is crying, and cutting, please guideus in the name of Allah, what to do.

Waiting for your kind response.

Anonymous said...

Assama Oalaikum

Dear Amel Soname

My name is Momina and I have been reading through your website and have found it very interesting and informative. Thanks for the good work you have put on for millions of others to make use of it.
You are a very knowledgeable and blessed person in all aspects of Islam. I will definitely share your webpage with everybody I happen to come across who are looking for spiritual insights.

The purpose of my writing today is with regards to my own life problems and issues. I have been suffering and struggling for a very long time with no success whatsoever in any areas of my life especially in finances as I am in extreme loans and debts.Many days I feel very disturbed with lots of issues and problems to solve. I have been looking for a job since a very long time but with no success. My Financial situation is extremely difficult.I'm under this pressure day in day out which affects greatly psychologically in all aspects of my life. In fact I have been struggling for my success since a very long time and I am always looking for answers.

I always feel like that my future is at stake and feel like that I'm held in hostage and feel the pain each single day. Life has knocked me down many times and after reading through your webpage, I started feeling there is a way about it. I too have dreams and wishes in my life, looking for stepping stones to greater fortunes and success all the time.

I am a very religious person, I pray, meditate, visualize and have very good attitude towards life and people, have love for everyone but I don't know why I am suffering and struggling with my life so much. Nothing seems to be working for me and nothing seems to be easy. Many times I gave up with life then again picked myself up with the thought that tomorrow can be a better day. All the struggles and pain have made me very weak and I feel sick with no success.

You have mentioned about Gemstones, planets , moon / sun effects, Reiki and so many other good things just to name a few. I don't know what's right and what's not for me and I definitely need professional help as my situation is not getting any better. I really want to see success in my life in all areas as life's not easy.

Thanks for you time and looking forward to hear back from you.

Anonymous said...


I saw your website and would request you to check my father. His condition is getting worse day by day. Many people saw him but no one could correctly diagnose and cure him. His details are as follows:

Name Saleem
His condition:

Jism Bhari feel hona aur chalnay me dushwari

Sans kam Ana and some time he feels breathe is stopped

Moun Tera hona and moun say bohat ounchinnnn awazeeeeen nikalna

We got every kind of medical check up and every thing is ok. When we give sleeping medicine to victim he easily get sleep.

Kindly tell what exactly the problem with him?


Anonymous said...

I need your help brother. Please help me.
My friend is suffering from very bad mental/psychological conditions. I think it is magic. Please reply me I need your help.

Anonymous said...

assalam o alikum
I am Unsuccessful in my life because i am facing many difficulties.i am ill from last 10 years,i feel my mind is block.i have no job,no respect in society
i do many rohani ilaj but i am not get well.i also read wzaif.i think io have also problm og RUJAT.
so plz do my istikhara

Anonymous said...

My son is under the influence of girl kala jadoo. He is not the same person please help me.

waheed said...

Dear respected Amel Soname! Asalimo Alykom,

Hope this message finds you in the best of health.

First of all I would like to say thanks and Jazaka Allah to your kind advice and information in the Internet which many Muslim sisters and brothers can use these useful verses and instructions. We sincerely appreciate that, and always wishing you the best!

Secondly, My name is Waheed , an afghan resident in Australia. I have been suffering from a serious type of magic since 2008, right after my wedding in Afghanistan, which to be honest really made my life unpleasant during this period.

In 2006 I got engaged with my second cousin in Australia, and then after few years of her school finishing, in mid 2008 she came to Afghanistan and we got marriage. During this period of time means from 2006 till 2008 during our engagement period, we have had a life full of love, however we were faraway from each other but, it was a really lovely time we have had it.

My wife had so many applicants means relatives who really wanted her to be engaged with either their brothers and or sons, but I was one of the successful applicant and person to be her life partner. We were so happy and to be honest really looking forward for a life to be full of love and joyfulness, but it is still opposite.

After that when we got married in 2008 effective the day of the wedding my our love, desire, and happiness completely changed and I still don't remember the first night of our wedding, it was a simple night for both of us, we only did one sex (Jemi) and that's it. The Jemi or sex was completely unpleasant and we both completely lost our desire and love to be with each other, I was not able to make myself ready to do sex and or love with her, we really wanted to stay away from each other and really liked to be alone and or to spend our time with sleep and or away from my wife somewhere outside.

During engagement period, I like to hear her nice voice, and after that to see her face and eyes every single minutes, but after wedding up to now completely opposite. I for got her nice voice, and her appearance is completely changed, or it may not be changed, but I think like this. means can not enjoy it.

We have seen many mullahs and got heaps of tawez while we were in Afghanistan, but most of those were waisting money, nothing else.

I have Al Hamdoleliah one daughter and one boy but, still have problem with black magic. These are the sings that we still have them and suffering a lot.

A- Absolutely no desire to Jemi (Sex). We feel weakness and to be honest tired of it.
B- If we do it once a month or two then we do it with 0% pleasant, we don't enjoy it like normal sex, its just like doing a job, that's it.
C- No desire to talk and walk or going out with each other. We live like two friends or two normal people but, no desire, pleasure, love, friendship and closeness.
D- We feel tire and really fad up, depressed, stressed and upset. sometimes angry and nervous over a small issue.
E- Completely lost our memory and daily activity.
F- Sleepy and feel tired all the time.
G- No desire to work and not happy when going to work.
H- Problem of Rizq, means financially and economically problem is a daily threat in our life.
I- Losing contacts and relations with friends, even sisters and brothers, we don't want to be in contacts with people except few, we are really going to be far away from friends and relatives and want to stay home, that's it.
J- Feel very sorry and hopeless both for my wife and myself, especially when we see other couples enjoying their life, and we are still opposite of them.

I am sure you are a respected scholar and Allah give you knowledge and understanding Al Hamdoleliah, as your Muslim brother I will be more than happy and will be in my five times prayers if I see any positive changes with this sickness which to be honest really suffering a lot from it.

Kindly please let me know if you may have any questions in this regard.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soonest!

Allah Hafiz,

Anonymous said...

i am suffering from black magic. i live in Egypt and i am a Muslim.. my mother is very religious and we 've been both suffering for a really long time.. we 've contacted a sheikh recently and worked on the Ro2ya Shar3eya treatment and it worked with me but my mother needed more work and sheikh told her he still doesn't know if he could help.. We really need some help.. if you could help us out or consult someone but a Muslim sheikh i would be really grateful.
thank you

buckus said...

Sallam o alaykom I just want to know I was staying at a place in munireddy road I want to know if those people doing jadu or anything for me can you tell me if there are other People as well. Also I want to know if ill get the teaching job in the mosque madressa or will I get any good islamic job or must I just get a normal job and will I ever get my own house and when and will have peace in my life my name is buckus

Anonymous said...

Asallamu Allikum Warahmatullah

Dear brother , First of all i would like to appreciate your sincere
efforts which you put in to spread awareness about jinn jadoo sihir
etc. Brother the aim that i want to learn a few things
about jinn and sihar as under

1 . Diagnose the patient properly whether sihar , jinn ,eyn or
phaysical problem etc
2 . To bring out the hidden sihar ( Haziraat e Sihar )
3 . To break the sihar / jadoo and if necessary reverse it
4 . To kill / burn an evil jinn if necessary

In this regard if you may provide any information . I
will be highly thankfull to you rest of my life insha Allah . I am
quite eagerly looking for your response please ;

Thank you Brother