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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Assalam oaliqum,
Some times magic spells are cast on the victim which uproot him from his own country, city or area. He gets compelled to leave the place where he has been living from decades.
He cannot return back to his original country until the spell has been broken.
The victim becomes restless and cannot stay happily even in the place where he shifts. He feels like escaping from that place too and assumes that he may find happiness only if he leaves his other destination too. This kind of black magic can be reversed by the verse 13 of Surah Ibrahim and the magician can be killed too.
This spell reversal can be done in the case of those magicians who do amali magic and not silfi magic which involves devils.
Hence in case the opponent magician is a strong one, then this amal should be avoided as this may stir a hornet’s nest as the powerful magicians have a whole army of devils at his beck and call.
Before doing this amal one should go through the previous posts of mine. Hisar is essential before starting the amal. (It has been mentioned in my previous posts).
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read this prayer

وَقَالَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا لِرُسُلِهِمْ لَنُخْرِجَنَّكُم مِّنْ أَرْضِنَا أَوْ لَتَعُودُنَّ فِي مِلَّتِنَا ۖ فَأَوْحَىٰ إِلَيْهِمْ رَبُّهُمْ لَنُهْلِكَنَّ الظَّالِمِينَ ﴿١٣﴾ (13)

And the Unbelievers said to their apostles: "Be sure we shall drive you out of our land, or ye shall return to our religion." But their Lord inspired (this Message) to them: "Verily We shall cause the wrong-doers to perish!
and in the end repeat the durud shareef 11 times. The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.

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Anonymous said...

My famliy n myself r going through a lot of problems ,thr is a lot of property loss n depts over our head now . There s hinderance in my marriage as well m losing wait , loss of hair , disturbed sleep n lot of depression n i was also engaged now tat is cancelled cos the guys family wr too demanding . i told i wont marry him i hope i hav taken the right decision . kindly help me c my istekhara n let me knw
i l b thankfull to u i need d result at the earliest and a solution for all this pls help

Anonymous said...

Assallamu Aleikum Sheikh,

Sheikh i have a problem and i hope Inshallah you can assist me.

Some years back when i was still married, my husband had an affair with a christian lady from Africa, and later he divorced me and since the time he met the lady , i have been very sick.
Many Amels have told me that i was be witched but until now its 4 yrs and am getting more sick.

Sheikh right now i am very sick, but my biggest problem why am writting is because after my husband left me, i met a man that i love very much and he was fully there for me when i started getting sick. The man also loved me and helped me alot in many ways Alhamdulillah.
But the problem is i have not been in good terms with him almost a year now, and am getting more sick from stress.
There are two ladys who are intressted in this man, and since they found out that this man wanted to marry me, they started doing witchcraft for me and this man, and then the man stopped all the marriage plans and sees me like his enemy now. He doesn´t even want to hear my name.

Last week i called this man and he was not happy to hear my voice. I was so disappointing and started crying, and the next thing was that i was vomiting blood due to the pain of loosing this man.

Sheikh kindly let me know if there is a way you can assist me , to remove the witchcraft between me and this man, and if you can make for me prayers for this man to love me again and be ready to marry me like he promised. I love this man very much and i don´t want to loose him nor commit any adultery with him. I am a mother of three kids , but one kid passed away due to my sicknesses. And my two kids both love this man that i love very much. And the man was always there for my kids when their father abandoned us.

Anonymous said...

i have big problem on my head .....i have got caught for my university 4 assignments ...i can get disqualified or can get penalties for it .....i have interview for this with my course leader ....i have been paring sureh fatiha alot ..praid 2 hawalakh but i dont seee my problem solving ....can u give me something strog to pray to solve this matter please .....for the sake of allah please help me and give me something strong to pray .....please dont ingnor me ...and please rember me in your duwas .

jazzah kallah

Sufyaan said...

Assalam alaikum,

My wife has had many problems since we got married. It would take me ages to write a list the things that are happening and have happened. I was wondering if you were able to check and see what is going on and who is causing this and whether you areable to help us pt a stop to this permanantly.

we have been to many people who have tried but not been able to help. After reading your blog online, you seem extremely knnowledgeble alhamdulillah in this matter. Would appreciate your advice.


Anonymous said...

Pir Sahib Assalam-o-Alaikum,my name is Hassan live in Gujranwala.Pir Sahib I have been sick for many years,it seems that some creatures move in my body and they cause severe pain in different parts of my body.They never let me do any constructive work,my life has become hell,please help me,I shall be grateful to u for my entire life.

Anonymous said...

Assalamo Alaicom

We've been together for more than 2years but things gets complicated. He had wife before who is still obsessed with him. We were actually going smooth until such time that his ex-wife told me that my loved one is having an affair. I confirmed it to him but he said not to listen to her because she tried before the same thing. I ignore and say some words that maybe touched her ego and the last word she told me is I will be having a very hard time with him and going to have headache. I ignore it. We were going smooth until such time that my loved one tell me that I'm annoying because I disturbed him. Until it gets worst for what reason I don't know. Until, I asked him that if he love someone already, he can tell me so I can let him go. He didn't say a word. I asked him should I let him go. He said, "no". Then, things become complicated because he don't have time. I keep calling him to tell me the truth if he had someone else so we can split up without regret but he doesn't answer his phone. I told him that if he don't answer, I keep sending bad words. So, he close his phone and then try to open it again. He told me that I told him I am fine and why I am making thing complicated. Wallahi, I don't know what happen. Until I can't sleep, I think of sex, I got body pain in my left shoulder, I got headache, I just wake up midnight because my heart skip a beat. I can't eat well because everytime I swallow my food, I wanted to vomit but I can't because I don't want to let my friends know that I got problem. Until I just heard that my loved one got married on June 6, 2013. Until now, we didn't talk. His phone ring but I can't dare to talk to him because I don't want to disturbed what life he has now. But I wanted to throw that number so I can't call him. Is it true that it is black magic? I let someone cure me. I feel quiet ok, I slept very good after the treatment. She read part of qur'an and hold a salt in her palm and rub all over my body. After the treatment, I slept well and my body doesn't feel any pain already. Until I come to search of this removing curse or black magic. I believe of this because I know a story that Mohamad (peace be upon him) has been under spell also before and being treated with quran. I just want to know if I can take back my love after all what happen that he got married to another? I used to read and do the tips you had about the Breaking Black magic for separation with the help of Quraan but I am afraid that maybe I got mixed up the others. Please, help me. I wanted to make things right. I miss him, I still want him to be my husband which we planned to before I come here in Saudi while he is waiting for me. All I want before is say sorry for everything I do that hurts him before ramadhan but if there is chance that he will come back to me, please help me. I don't know who did this to me. Is it the wife or the girl he got married now because that girl was also stalking me in facebook. Please me even if a simple advice.

joyti said...

Dear Sir/ma'am
I really need ur help as my father started drinking alot and evryday he starts from morning till evening he keeps on drinking. I have a doubt that somebody did jaadu tona on him he is never like this. He belives in allah so much though i am not muslim but we really believe in allah. If you could give me a solution. He was himself telling us that soneone did supari on him that within this period he dies and al.. please i really need your help if u cn give me any prayer to recite i cant read urdu it would be really kind of u if u can send me in english.
Looking forward for ur reply and kind help.
Thanking you

Anonymous said...

Please help me my husband wants a divorce but I want to save my marriage. He hates me now. Please tell me some dua or wazifa or something to make him love me

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel soname

I have read your article on breaking black magic for separation and I need your help. I am engaged with my Aunt's daughter and its been 1 year 6 months since we are engaged, we never met before our engagement but after our engagement we fell greatly in love with each other. During these days of 1 year 6 months 2 times our nikah date have been delayed, we were so happy whenever our nikah date was fixed but we got heart broken whenever it was delayed. Since the start of 2013 we both were fighting each other very oftenly without any reason but some how we both manage to solve the problem between each other and we both keep calm and loved each other dearly. Now one month before that is on 30 may 2013 suddenly my fiancee out of nowhere told me that she does not love me anymore and that she wants to get separated from me I called her and I have asked so many times what happened what went wrong why are you saying such things in sms she told me m sorry and that she dont know what she's doing what she's saying she cant think right what's happening to her and she apologized for it. But then again after few days she started talking so differently our families again fixed our nikah date on this 27th of ramadan but this time she was not happy as I was and she constantly told me on sms that she does not love me anymore and now she hates me whenever I tried to talk to her to figure out the problem she refuses to talk to me and but then whenever we talked on phone she cries and apologizes that she does not know what is happening to her why is she getting mad at me every time she sms me but then after sometime same thing happens again. After so many times this happens I talked to her mother and explained everything going between us so that may be she could figure out whats wrong between us but after that my fiancee started hating me even more she even abuses me curses me for no reason and after few days my in laws again delayed our nikah date.
I go to an alim and he told me that a black magic spell have been cast on her and her heart has been blocked from you thats why she dont wants to be with you and wants separartion and this magic is to break your engagement/marriage the amil gave me some taweez and something to burn I did all but nothing happened till now as she lives in Lahore and I live in Peshawar its 350 km away I dont know what to do how to stop this magic from separating us if you could help me with the grace of Allah in breaking this black magic I am so suffering from it plz do reply.

Anonymous said...

Dear and respected SIR
AOA..I hope you are fine and in the best of health.
Sir i read with interest all your blogs , all of them are extremely precious and highly informative. while reading your blogs I decided to rite to u personally to ask for your help
Sir my name is rabya i got divorced in 2006 have two sons 14 wand 12 .they both are with me. my parents are dead .i live with my mothers brother.I have done my MPhil.
Sir i am facing extermely hard times.
i have no family that can understand me.i was doing a job in a school had to leave that. i had planned to shift to dubai because my sister is there and i thought would do a job there but i wasnot allowed to shift by my mammu and nana. well,the point is that all my ways and means of doing anything for myself are closed completely. my sons are in the hostel because my mammo dosent want them to be home for fear they might be a problem due to their presence. i miss thm very much. apart from that my entire day is spent all alone , no one to bother about me to let me do a proper job . I was getting a good offer in a university but again my mammu did not agree.
sir i have my entire life infront of me .. i am very frustrated and exasperated, please tell me a wazifa can i do to make my life the way i want to lead it, that is to have an independent house to take out my children from the hostel and to do a job. i do not have any peace of mind left. my nanna abu keeps ignoring me as if i as a useless thing. sir i have NO simply NO family how i can talk to regarding my problem because no one is ready to listen to me or actually understand my problem...i feel so suffocated so jailed up...sir is there any reliable and accurate way that can guide me to have my freedom once again and independent set up that is? I am even ready to get married if the man accepts my sons.. but there is no one presently. As i said all my ways and means are closed..bad luck lingers like a shadow .And i can say with surety that everyone is extremely jealous of me ,they cannot tolerate me being better than them,thats why they block and refuse me everything. so many times i decided out of mere frustration to do a wazifa from your wedsite to command a moakil,but i am not that pak,full of humanly sins and wonder if i can succeed. sir please help me OUT,I am ready for any kind of amal as long as it guarantees my freedom and ability to take my on decisions.
recently i thought of shifting my sons to a hostel in murree, called lawrenc college, with the idea that i will also apply for teaching there, but although i have made a plan ,i am not positive that my grandfather or mothers brother will allo w . sir is there any wazifa i can recite to make them listen to my decision and not refuse me?

Anonymous said...

My name is Muhammad Arif, I lost my business, then job at the end my wife left me its all happened in sudden. My brothers, relatives & my best friends leave me alone. now I am suffering, I have no job, no business, even i don't have penny in my pocket. please help me what should i do to get back in life

Anonymous said...

Asalamuallykum Sir,
What should we do if we cannot find mollification even after reading Quran and offering prayers regularly. What should we do if we keep asking Allah for something for years , and when that time came, Allah didn't provide us with that particular necessity. This is my situation. I have been asking from HIM for my particular wish , day and night since 3.5 years, and when the time of deliverance came, I was disappointed profound. That time is passed now. It cannot be reversed. But my faith in Allah is strong MAshaaAllah, and I am still asking for that wish, although the time is passed . Shall I still ask Allah for that wish, although I know it very well, that HE had to reverse the time to fulfill that now. Or shall I accept HIS decision. i am very much disturbed. Sometimes feels disappointed from Allah but in seconds I try to gather my faith back. Please Help me to keep me to the track. May Allah Provide you with Your desires and Provide you the gift of your supplications here and hereafter

Anonymous said...

Asalm u alikam my name is Imran I live in uk I came here 10 years ago I got married here then 4year ago I hav started a problem I get fear of traveling in plane motorways can't live alone at home I have fear of dark I do t like dark here in winter I don't like going out of my town too scared cant not stay in lifts dont like going to crowded place feel trapped all this started 4 years ago if i go to work i get scared that something will happen i went to to work last 7 months 8 time but could not stay on work for more then 3 days i don't understand i pray aswell read lots of wazifa went to so many amaal but this problem of mine got worse all the time worries people say som1 did taweez on you I can't work know its so much feel like something will happen bad then feel scared. I lost my job coz of this Problem i owe people money thay after me i hav no life i pray to god all tome i am reading quranic ayats or allah name i have no one here i am totally alone i am thinking if i keep like this my mattiage will break i hav childern i am in so so much deep trouble instead of becoming welloff i got so much poor that sometime i cry i dont have anytjing but only Allah if only for God sake can you tell me what is problem .my wife always fight and argue with me i try to talk her but she does not listen she is too disrespectful to me .please for God sake help me salaam u alukam

mofaha said...

As salamo alaikum,brother
I m a muslim aged 51 yrs and i live in MUMBAI india and i need ur help very badly as i m in very big trouble since last 10 yrs my life has turned into hell b4 ten years i was very happy prospering in business and earned quite a lot of money,
but my fortunes turned ugly b4 10 yrs,I lost all my money my wealth i was in so much trouble that i had to sell all my wife gold i had to sell my 2 houses my money disappeared i got in debt,i lost all my business i have became a pauper now i have got three sons i cannot get them married as i have no money to buy a house to keep my daughter in laws.
I went to many amel they told me that someone has done black magic on u i have spend so much money on these amel they were all fraud n they have gobbled up my money.when i asked them the reason these amels told me that somebody continuously is doing black magic on me n my family n they cannot break the magic spell everyday.
I have got tired and sometimes have contemplate to commit suicide.
I will b very much obliged if you kindly show me some amal to get rid off this nonsense and help me bring my life back to normal as it was 10 yrs ago.


jay said...

Salaam I wanted to know if you can do istekhara for me for health issues please I get really painful pains when I breathe n generally around my body mostly shoulder n neck

lalita said...

salam valekom my name is lalita i am in great trouble my in laws have done black magic on my family i have only 1 daughter but my daughter , my husband & me are fighting no peace of mind my husband hates my daughter and me does not give a single fills at home what ever he earns he gives 2 his brother and sister he is completely under his brothers and sisters i need ur help . i only want my husband 2 love and care 4 us and cut his relationship with his people

nida said...

Asalaam o allaiqum brother,
My name is Nidha and .i am facing terrible problems in my married life... using abbusive language,beat me once, misbehaves, and many other issues are occuring since last 1 year almost... i want to know if he or i am under any spell.... is there anything to be afraid about... he threats me of divorce all the time... please help me as soon as possible... waiting for your reply... Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

hello i review ur website and i want to contact u regarding my problems, can u please send me ur telefoon number so i can contact u and speak with u. thank u

Anonymous said...

i dont know... from past 5 months every thing is going bad against friends my studies is effecting badly and it is because all of sudden without any reason the person i have been comitted with got change... he has become so rigid with me that he says he left with no space to settle everything... before this eveything was so perfect.. and because of this my life is disturb totally.. i found no interest and asap i want to settle everything within us... i have been saying prayers but im not getting that peace even he is not showing any flexibilty in his behavior.. i dont know what to do now im tensed alot

Anonymous said...

recently something very strange happened with me and my family.

Everything was going perfectly fine untill end of 2012. And from the beginning of this year we realized that we all are effected by a sifly magic. And there is something wrong with the house as well. Everyone in the house are out of job except my elder brother and he too is facing problems in his office.

My father was earning a handsome salary and now he is at home since past 6 months and where ever he is applying for the job nothing positive is happening. Almost nothing is left in the bank accounts.

I've graduated in 2010 as a B.E Mechanical and Energy Engineer and since then I am hunting for jobs and haven't succeeded yet. Then in the meantime I started recruiting students abroad and till yet all my clients got rejected for the student visa. I am still apply for jobs and struggling to settle a business as a visa consultant.

We bought a house in 2008 and at that time we all were in excellent condition in DUBAI. We had money, health and happiness. I feel we had golden time since 2006 till 2010. And when we enter this house in 2011 everything changed. We have a huge burden of home loan.

And when we consulted one of the amil in our region he said that there is bandish on my family specially me and my father. And there is something under the ground of the land on which the house was built.

If you don't mind can you please see whats wrong with our family?