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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spells reversal with the help of Quran:

Assalam oaliqum,
This is another easy amal for reversing spells such as spells for blocking marriage proposals, prosperity of business, chances of getting good jobs, straining relationships and breaking them, creating hurdles in the life of the victim, etc.
It is advisable to go through my previous posts about spell reversal before doing this amal. Since this amal requires discipline and spiritual strength. Hence, it should be done one one’s own responsibility.

Hisar is essential before starting the amal. (Its has been mentioned in my previous posts).
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read this prayer

and in the end repeat the durud shareef 11 times.
The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.
This amal can be started at any convenient time.
1 The following symptoms prove that the magic spell has been reversed:
2 The heart beat will get back to normal.
3 The mind becomes peaceful.
4 The feeling of burden on the mind and the heart will cease.
Any kind of disfiguring or discoloring of the face will get cured.

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Anonymous said...

Asalam alaikum,

I need you to help me please. Can you teach me which surah is for to read on the stone and throw to some ones home, please don't take me as wrong, I leave in Australia my brother married to a muslim grill we brought her from pakistan, she got 2 kids from my brother and she run away with non muslim guy.

I want to destroy his life, he is giving us very hard and difficult time day and night, My brother is trying to take his kids his wife back from that guy. both his kids are grill one is 6 years old second is 5 years old.

we are worried about both children what they gone learn from that kind of mother and that non muslim guy.

haseena said...

hi my name is
haseena could you please find out why me and my husband argue over very little matters and why do i feel he doesnt care about me as much

usman said...


i want to start to burn the following naqsh which i got from ur website to kill my enemies what will the best time of the Islamic month be to start this amal

do i first write my Eminem name and under my Eminem name i write there mother name and then under that i write mokil please kill this person

if i was to put some attar on the naqsh on which number would the attar go on or is it better to cover the entire naqsh with attr front and back for extra strength to the naqsh

if i was to give the zakat of the naqsh i would i do that

thank u for ur time

mahboob said...

aoa dear sir i m facing very crucial financial
and personal matters in life.
please give a kind attention to my problems.
i m un employed and unmarried still.
i m here in dubai in search of job.

shahzad said...

my name shahzad
livivg in birmingham England can you find out if Toona Magic has finished from me

Anonymous said...

alamu alaikum warahmatullahi
The reason why I write this letter
to you is ask of your favor and
all the Muslims brothers. I am a
student of knowledge (religious )
where I met bad friends and
completely change me I came to stop
everything in association with my
religion and engaged in all sort of
evil doing(act).i was friending girls
and that led me to commit zina
(fornication) and later I ask Allah
subhanahu wata’ala forgiveness,
few months ago I was sick and I
made a hiv test ,my result was
negative but still am not fit and from
all indication the sign and
symptoms of hiv positive shows but
not yet confirmed by physician.
Now, what I want you to explain
to me is the fact that hiv positive
have no cure or treatment. And in the
glorious Qur’an Allah
says:(Allamal insana malam ya’alam)
don’t you see that people did not
know about the cure that’s why they
are saying this, but as we Muslim
are concern Allah is (Ashshafi’u) and
every sickness have cure unless
if the knowledge was not reviled to
mankind or the cure might be
spiritual by supplicating to Allah and
asking to heel you from the
I also want you to explain the
benefits and importance of zamzam
which is mention in the hadith of the
prophet (SAW) WHICH SAYS “ MA’U
you see that using Zama and
the name of Allah as (ASHSHAFI’U) will
help in the cure.
Finally and most importantly I
want you to ask Muslim brothers in
Islam to pray for me to stay negative
because I will soon go for my
last test.

Rohit said...

My name is Rohit

for the past 15-20 yrs I have been doing all wrong things in my life. I always had health problems, bad habits of smoking, drinkig, sex...& all bad habits...I have lost health, education, always problem in job, marraige etc..

Lost lots of money in Loan, credit success in life since 1992. Can u please help me brother in coming out of this problems an getting success in life. I have strong desire to settle down in US/UK/Australia and also have good & beautiful wife. But always problem in life & no success & there is big health problem.

I have anklosis spondilitis (lower back spondilitis) for last 8 yrs...Can u please tell me what is the problem with me & how can u help me to come out of this problem permanently...

I would be grateful to you if you could make my life smoother, faster & easier just like before in my school days..

May allah bless you...

Anonymous said...

As-salaam Mohelekom,

I would like ta ask you if you know a good Amel to remove black magic, jinn, ETC. I live in Holland The Netherlands but I can not find anyone how can help me and my famelie. It is problems after problems.
Everybody in the famelie is sick and has pain and problems. It gets worse every day and it makes me depressed. My mother has 9 children and it is like the problems are passed to ower children. My mother sad that our grandmother had same problem. I want it to end with this genaretion so we can live happy.

So I ask you please with tears in my eyes help us. Cause when i see want happens in the live of my children and my famelie. I just wanne die instead of live. It is just to much and i am afraid for my children and there future. Cause when we ask people for help they say we are grazy and they laugh at us. I hope you can help us and may Allah Subhan Tahalla The Almight give all muslim joy. And protection to muslim in the world from evil. Inschallah Allah subhan Tahalla will help me.

ahmed said...

assalamu alaikum warahamatullah
brother AMEL i am fully all ears to hear from you,because am worried
to start hearing from muslim brothers to say we are including you in
our prayers so that i will have a total peace of mind.But i hope i am
not obsessing right? thanks brother may Allah help us and wipe all our
worries the seen and the hidden of them.AMEEN

akrina said...

please remember me and my husband in your prayer. we are having some kind of pain all over our bodies from head to toe that we use all kind of pain killer but no luck.

Agnella said...

My name is Agnella . I am a graphic designer and well for myself.
Then too i am not so enough happy. my relations dont last. Always face rejections in marriage proposals.
i see dead snakes or snakes in my dreams & lizards in my house.
can u help me in this.

malak said...


i have a question and i was hoping you could help me. How so i know if someone is affected by any Amal. I was very serious with thi guy, and we where already talking about nikah but then suddenly he changed his mind from i don't know, i need time, i found someone else in les then 1 week. is this normal. He is religious though but now he hangs out with a bar tender girl. is this a normal situation or is there a chance that there might be something wrong? and how can i find out and can i help him. right now we don't really talk because i told him that this is haraam and stuff. can u gife me any advice please??

Anonymous said...

Brother Soname,

Hope you are fine Inshallah. One muslim lady(new convert to Islam) is forced to marry hindu. She asked me for prayer for cancelation of marriage and her protection before her christian brother sent her.

She is in another country and I cannot contact her until she comes back. I am praying for her and done some qurani wazifas and amals for protection of her faith and chastity. I am hopeful from Allah will give her way out.

Can you also suggest any taweez to cut those people away from her and make immediate seperation between her and that alliance as Allah has forbidden muslim ladies form non muslim men. It is our duty as muslims to use any power Allah has given us to help in such cases. If you want me to write in urdu please let me know. I can write in urdu also but pls try as fast as u can reply if u can offer any help in this regard.

Looking forward to your answer.

simeen said...

dear amel.
i've seen you write few things, so if you could pls help me out..

i'm married to a man who i think is inlove with another woman..
he doesn't regard me in the same way.. yes i'm his wife and all...
but he respects her, appreciates her.. he says he finished with her..
but she always calling him, texting him, emailing him and using terms of endearment like babe etc..

he says he's not responding to her in those terms.. he only writes to her interms of keeping in touch with a daughter they have
(this issue is complex).

is there something from the quran i can read to make my marriage prosperous, so that he admires and loves me more than her (is this selfish of me), i don't feel it is.
i'm trying to build my marriage with my husband, who says he love me and wants to be with me, but this woman doesn't give him a chance she's hooked him, and continues to keep in touch with him probably so that he leaves me and returns to her.

inam said...

Dear Amel Sahib

I am going through a very rough situation, we are continuously attacked by black magic and in the process have lost a sister to all this nuisance. Is there a way to get rid of these nuisances and we live our life normally.

Currently my another sister is have epileptic attacks and we know a amel who is helping us to the best of his limits. He is working and unfortunately cannot recite continously.

I hope a positive answer from you inshallah.

bushra said...

Esselamu Aleykum.
I need your help.
I have problem with my current job.I tried to change more than one years .I have done alot of wazifa and reading daily 500 times darood minimum , salatul hajat, salatul tesbih , but no result.I have may be obstacles i do not know, but have a very good education and work experience.Could you give me some wazifa or advice me.I do not have any sheikh or friend except ALLAH CC.
Allah hafiz

minhas said...

assalam u alikum
i know that omeone has done magic on me . but i want to know who has done it so i can get alert from that person. i am not feeling well having headaches 5 or 7 times a day lot of hairfall. having fights with my husband every second day for no reson. and many more problems.
please just tell me who is doing it or is there anything he or she has kept in my house i can take out. i just want to get alert from the person there is no other reason to harm them in ny way bcoz i dont want to do it . please help me. i will be waiting for ur reply.
allah hafiz.

shah said...

Dear Sir,

me and my wife have problems,she does not care me, looking me, i became angry and watched her then she is telling i have doubt on her, not talking to you, does not listen to you, she lives on her fathers house

Latifa said...

Assalam mu alarum

My name is Latifa
Are u able to help with black magic cure
It's been a year but the person doing black magic to us still won't stop
Shukr to Allah I am much better than before

I have one child And his 10
I am still not able to fall pregnant because of the block
My forehead feels like something crawling in it and it pains

Are u able to help

murtaza said...

salam sir,
hope u r fine. i have 1 year son . some astroger told me he will die because of me. becuase of my curse. i m ocd patient becuse of this i got fear and depression and continous negative thoughts are coming like my son will die and others. i m not saying but thoughts r coming wht i do. pls give suggestion . i want safety of my child. total 100% protection

daud said...


I hope you are fine and doing well Amel Sahib. I am writing to you with regards to my cousin sister
My cousin sister has run away with a hindu boy and it has been 1 year now.

We tried help of many amels but could not reach any result till date, most of them say the boy or someone from our family has done black magic on her and that's why she did this.

I request your help and your guidance in the above matter,

Waiting for your reply and thanking you in advance,

Quadeer said...


My name is Quadeer

I am not able to do any work nor i am able to concertrate on anything have these days it was not before my marriage i married a girl of my wish ,now she also does not like me it seems and not haapy with me .My married life is also in mess now due to this i dont what to do my parents also got fedup with me and dont know when wil kick me put of home ,i am in middle east now for searching for a job for which it is 2 months now and that also i m not getting .I am having 5 years experience also stil not able to get any good job.I have listen many times RUQYAH on youtube also but stll i dnt find any changes in my life i am getting very depressed also dont know y so I am very frustrated and dont know wht to do i am offering prayers also and making duwa also stil i m felling helpless.

Please try to help me out and suggets a way for my MARRIED LIFE and to find a better Job .


Anonymous said...

assalu alaikum i am from nellore. Andhra pradesh india kindly help me
for a true sufi shaykh for taking baya and for spritual development or
if u ready give me baya through online please help me

taiyaba said...

i saw your website i hope you can answer my question.
2 days ago i found a small wrapped paper in my walet, there was written a 4 x 4 table with numbers in arabic. i can nbot remember if i put it there myself or not, maybe someone gave me and i cannot remember. there wre 5 numbers in each block which all began with number 1. i have suffered a lot in my marriage, and still tehere is no relief. i am wondering if those tawwez with such numbers always have negative influence? why not just write quranic ayahs in arabic, why numbers? i am wondering if the paper can cause the troubles in my life. i have thrown it away now in water.

bisma said...

i am having problem with my fiance since last 3 months. he is not talking to me. i am so upset. he is only one in my life. my dad is dead, my mother married someone else and live separate. i live in uk with my sister and grand parents. he is a good guy but since last 3 months he is not talking to me. he is running away from me. my life is so upset. i cant eat, cant study cant work. i feel helpless. i have done so many duas so many wazifay. i have done ya wadudu wazifa.

please help me.

sadiq said...

Hazrat As salamwalekum,

My self sadiq works in a small firm in Hyderabad.

Hazrat recently my sister in law(Bhabi) ke upar ek shaitaan aa gai hai.We all are very afraid and we are unable to understand what to do.

I offer namaz and read quran daily. Kindly tell me some surat so that i can read it regularly to avoid such evil spirits upon me and my family.

Waiting for your early revert and your contact number.If you know any aamil in hyderabad then please let me know so that i can contact him directly.

shoaib said...

Salam Brother,
i just read your articles about signs of balck magic, brother i am 38 year old guy and i am having some issues realted to that from last 8 years. its a long story plesse reply my message so i would know that i can contact u, i want a suggestion from you

ismed said...

Assalaamu'alaikum Sheik,

I would like to seek for help please.
I think my whole family have been under black magic attack for a long time. It seems to be that there is a "blockage of sustenace, blockage of finance". All our businesses, work, everything have stopped. Debts keeps on pilling everyday. My father have contacted some poeple in Mauritius for help, but no one has been able to help us till now. Our situation is becoming worst by day. We genuinely need help.


naheed said...

Hi there,

My friend has jadu on her & she has very bad headaches & has bad spots on her forhead & im very upset i want to help her. How do i break this jadu???

Please help !!


faisal said...


my name is faisal. i need some help regarding my marriage problem, i want to marry some one and she also wants to marry me, my family already meet her family, but her family is totally against of this marriage, her mother is going any person to get her away from me, plz do kindly help me. i dont have much time to wait. waiting for ur positive reply.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaek!Pls explain better to me what durud sheriff really meant?