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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There is no permanent remedy for black magic

Assalam alaykum,
There is a reason why magic cannot be blocked.
Although I have made several attempts to block magic permanently but in vain. The magic can affect the victim despite all the blockages. I have seen a number of amils, buzurgs and babas at the shrines trying to break the black magic spell but not trying to block it, as it is simply not possible.
I have performed a number of Chillas and also given charity for various amals, such as zakat e akbar, zakat e kabahir, zakat e akbar al kabahir, yet the magic gets blocked only upto 80% maximum. Some part of it does affect the victim at any cost due to the following reasons:
Lets take the example of Prophet Mohammad (SAW),
1 His namaz was the best.
2 His religiousness was the ultimate.
3 His prayers were sincere and accepted by Allah
4 His heart was full of Allah’s love
5 His mode of conduct was the best
6 He himself was the best amongst the human beings.
7 Whatever our beloved Prophet would say, would be heard by Allah.
8 He is the best in both the worlds.
9 His recitation and pronunciation of the holy Quran was the best.
10 His wazaaifs were the best.
11 His intentions were principled
12 His sweat smelled like a fragrant ittar
13 He was punctual with the namaz always.
14 Allah accepted the his worship he did in the Cave Hira
15 He never harmed any body in his life
16 He was the head of all the prophets who were sent by Allah.

….and a lot more can be said in his praise. All the offices, websites and the data storage of all the PCs would not be enough. They would fall short of enough space which is required to praise him.1,24,000 Prophets have preceded him, but he was the most superior of all
So when black magic could harm such even our Prophet Mohammad (SAW), then we do not figure any where. We are much inferior to him and cannot hold a candle before him.
People have high expectations from some amils and believe that they can wipe out black magic forever. However this is far from true. Our beloved Prophet knew of a lot of wazaifs. Yet he was vulnerable to black magic. So how can we become immune to this sorcery?
I hope I have succeeded in making my point clear. If the magician is casting spells continuously then instead of vainly trying to block magic and having an illusion that it can be permanently blocked, it is better to keep breaking the magic spells as and when they are cast upon by the magician.

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rahima said...

iam rahima my head is paining to much cause of black magic whenever iam going to spell .they are doing again again iam totally hopeless plz show me the way

mamun said...

My Dear Brother Amel Soname,
Assalamualaikum Oa Rahamatulla,
I am writing to you from Bangladesh. I am very much applause at your suggestion in blog about black magic relief. I would like to meet you
I am suffering from black magic for ten years. So many kind of treatment I had taken. But no improvement. I think you are the right person who can do something for me. But I am very much interested to know which is your country and what is your address. By the grace of Allah you please tell me the truth.

mohamed ahmed said...

Respected Sir,
Assalamu Alaikum,
For the last fifteen years I am the victim of black magic,
family, money, business everything is on destruction,

Please let me know what can you do for me,
how can you help me,

sparkupcity said...

hi my names is hamdan im palestinian . i need help . my grandma put a spell on my mom 20 years ago n my moms face is all messed up from the blackmagic . is there anyway to remove the spell or shud we leave it to allah .

Anonymous said...


yuvaneswaran said...

Sir im suffering from black magic since 1995 n still cant find the
cure. I need ur guidance sir. My name is yuvaneswaran born on
3-3-1978, 8:45am kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Thanking you.

omer said...

aslamalykum amel.

my name is omer i ahve been afected for the last 10 years but i
couldn't get reed off
from my right eye is afected but both have some kind of getting red
and water i feel like nerves
lately i find out that was black magick .how can you help me .

thank you remedan kerem
i always remember you in my pray.

rabia tariq said...

Amil shahb i had effective blackmagic six years please give me breaking solution of brain and money

Talib Hussain said...

I have just read your 64 points about black magic and its all true. I have been suffering from non stop black magic for at least 9 years. No body will fix me because they all want money and mobile phones. Ive got lots of bandish and lots of ginns and monsters inside me. My kids, wife and mum suffers from the same stuff im very ill and with no money everything is going backwards.

Please do reply to me

shadi said...

Dear Mr Soname,

Read your post on internet regarding black magic. We always had some doubt that a spell has been cast on our family but were not sure. Now after reading your post I am sure that it is so. We have been suffering from the spells for last 20 years, where it started from my mothers health being affected and now mine my fathers n brothers. No one can think clearly and lot of misunderstanding. We are suferring from 90% of the symptoms that you have listed. I even got divorced, my husband just left me without reason, just some random decision he took.

We are hindus, but i do not believe in hindu priests n pujas as they just dont seem to know their job properly and are after money only. We are very liberal in our religious outlook and we also have a english translated Quran at home which i am reading right now to understand Islam.

Can you help us out, is there any proper priest from a mosque who we can meet and who can help us get over this. I am willing to do whatever is required within the scope of the Quran to save my family from all this unnecessary pain.We live in Mumbai. We would accept help only from a proper priest from a mosque. We are afraid of babas n all.


asslam o alkum

I am facing problems in the year 1993-2003 so my grandfather given one ayath and suggested me to read to overcome from the problems and I may settle in the life. So I read for two times and alhamdu lilla I gain through the ayath. On third time when I started in Mar/Apr 2009 I completed for only 20 days on 21st day I unable to get up since I got faint, unable to open my eyes. I dropped the reading.
I met with accident in the month of June, 2009 and now still unable to walk properly due to pain. There was no injuries on top of the body only inside injuries, bone fractured heavly and operated by doctors.I am giving the ayath below please suggest me why it happend and can I continue for fourth time and complete the said ayath. And what is the ayath means,my grandfather died so I cannot ask him the meaning

"Bismilla hirrahman nirrahim
Wala haula wala quvvatha illa billa ill aliul azeem
allah humma ela asailuka ya khadimo, ya dayamo, ya fardo, ya haryo,
ya qayyum, ya jal jalale wal ikram fa intho wallav faqul hasbi alah lailah illal lahu walahi thavvakkaltho wahuwa rabbul harshil azeem"

Allah Hafeez
please suggest accordingly

Nishat Ali said...

assalam waley kum

brother this is nishat ali i am from delhi. we are suffering with black for 20 years we had to close our family bussines because of it. we are unable to get marry of our three sister. any time my all family member have pain in their whole body. even we had to sell our house new we are rented. we have gone to severl person to get rid from it but no body could tell us solution. we have come to know it is siplee you are requested brother for godsake give us solution. we would be greatful

Dramane said...

Assalamou Aleikoum,

My sister has been sick for black magic since 14 years.
We went everywhere but no cure.
Please can you help?
If you can, tell me the way and fees.
I am in west Africa

ahmed said...

Dear sir,

Have been reading your posts for quite some time. They appear to be very interesting but is it possible to cure oneself by reading the sura's as noted by you.

Have been suffering from the last almost 15 years from scratches on my body when I wake up or even when I am awake. These scratches are on my back, arms, forearms and sometimes on my face. Face and ears instantly going red without any reason. My speech becomes very bad and I start to stammer.

Have also seen at night while lying in bed without lights in my bedroom, something like black cloaks flying all around me. Sometimes when I am lying in bed at night, I greatly get very scared that somethings there and looking at me.

Financially - things are getting worse and worse. Debt is on my head and things are looking quite bad.

What do you think it is and what can I do to treat this problem?

jawad said...

Dear Ahmad, It is very important for you to understand jinn they live in a parallel dimension and serve as medium for black magic. The things u r experiencing are no doubt due to black magic. Now brother there are two ways man goes to treat it first is to go to a witch doctor mostly disguised as babas and faqirs second and sunnah way is to treat urself through namaz and sabr. Brother i have had this problem for 7 years and i lost my job , wife and a lot of other things because of it until 2 yerars ago when i chose salat and patience instead of any baba and faqir. Dont worry my friend no power until Allah wills can harm you in this world. Brother do these things which i mention to you below and be patient u will see the results in a few days. 1. Devote and submit yourself to Allah and make him your saviour with true heart 2. Pray five times a day 3. Keep urself clean 4. Try to recite quran every day and read translation 5. If u can pray tahajjud do it. Now to your question about reversal of black magic no it doesnot reverse black magic but Allah will protect you from its harm if you recite quran daily. Now I Know man is impatient and he runs to witch doctors for treatments but i assure you brother if you follow the sunnah Allah will make a way for you to kill the black magic affecting you and this will also bring you near to him

McVicker said...

as salaam alakim!
during the past 7 years ive been under attack from the evil forces of shaytan and his jinn.I think ive been put under black magic and someone (a evil magician)put different jinns inside of me.When i talk they talk over my voice so when i talk i hear theres and not my own. My eyes roll back sometimes or i automatically stare at the celing or the wall when the black magic comes on me.I think someone sent the jinn after me too, when i have dreams/nightmares i feel myself moving or floating, i feel like im gettin bit in my sleep, i see black cats and crows all the time. I have bad realtionships people will like me then all of a sudden be mean and turn on me. And i wake up with tiger like marks on my arm.Can you help?

yuva said...

Sir I'm suffering from black magic for a long time since1995 and I need your help. Thank you

sameer said...

hello amel je my name is sameer khan i hav visited ur site and i became very impress from ur knowledge about black magic actually i am suffering from black magic cateriry which u mentioned in ur website that is for leading one astrey actaually i was in 10 class and having exams of 1st term in pujab school i was briilient student i was studying at night and i was having a chemistry paper at tomoroow i was having studying chemistry book and suddenly my head becoes shook with very hight intensity and i feel that balls r producing my stomach and i was feeling that it is mixing in my blood i had a fit and i called my mother and my father i was not in my sences my mother gave me sleeping medicine and from that i am suffering from black magic actually i hear evil sounds in my years and i feel that voice comming from my belly i was punctual in ibadat and say my prayer to mosk but after getting this desase i was gripped in darkness i was brilient but all in vain by getting this desease i feel depression too actually this evil spirit brings about all failures in my life and i thing good peaple my enemy actually this evil spirit controles me and causese me to led us away from right path into the malley of sin so i was very upset with me life and i feel that i am behing in every matter of life so ppl help me i have been suffering from this black magic since 3 years so have told u all my symptoms and so ppl help me in this condition i will be really thank full to u i want to take ur personal no and i want to talk to in detail so that i ll be able to live life in a gud way ppl help me in this condtion i ll really thank full to u if ill get rid from this black maggic thanks a lot i ll waite for ur reply ALLAH HAFIZ

Anonymous said...

Salam Aleikum,

Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim.
my situation is that I suffer from black magic effects.
I have sensed it for quite a while but I did not know where to turn. I did not want to go to other people who do black magic themselves because I don't like it. I wanted to deal with someone who feared Allah and was clean and spiritual.
I prayed about it, and alhamdulilah, Allah tabarak watAllah guided me to your site.

My troubles are in my love life. I am 35 years old, educated, very beautiful and healthy, Alhamdoulillah. However I have not been able to have a relationship longer than a couple of weeks, and till now I am not married. I have had this problem now for 10 years. At the time I broke up with an ex, who I discovered practiced voodoo, and did it on me. Despite that, I discovered it and broke up the relationship.
After that I had a couple of men who I have dated and who got angry with me because I ended the relationship when I was unhappy and realized it would not work. There is another guy recently who I don't really know personally. He heard about me from my cousin and called me to propose marriage to me but I told him no. All these men (3 of them are from my country in Africa, and people over there do some really bad things).
I also have some women who, because of jealousy, have done some things to me.
Despite it all, Allah always keeps my faith strong, and helps me preserve a good heart.

Lately, I have been having a lot more troubles in love. Every man that I meet wants to marry me right away and is serious about it, but very quickly and for some unexplained reason they completely withdraw and don't even talk to me anymore. I have been silently dealing with it, but now I need a solution.

Right now all I need is to wash myself from all the black magic that's been done against me, and improve my relationships so I can find a husband.
Is this problem something you could help me with?

rizwana said...

Dear Sir ,

A.O.A I felt a panic attack while i was sitting in my office just after offering the Zohar prayer ,I felt that my whole body has become senseless and no power in my entire body .I thought that i am going to die at that time . I admitted in a hospital at very next moment . Doctors admitted in Neuro Ward . I completed my all sort of tests like CT SCAN and MRI etc . They are all normal .I Consulted so many senior doctors regarding for my procurement . Ultimately Doctors advised my it is all due to anxiety and depression .Now i am taking 4 tablets on daily basis before to asleep. Mean time i also consulted so many Peers , spiritual healers and Buzur gane din .They told me it is all happening with me due black magic spell . Moreover i am offering prayers regularly from the age of 7 years old and also different tasbies like 3rd and 1st kalma shareef and dourd pak .

It is my very humble request kindly guide me about my problem .i will be highly obliged you.I am feeling mentioned below symptoms of Black magic which are given in your web site/
1-The Whole Body in pain
2-Back -ache or has pain in kidneys.
3-Fast Heart Beats.
4-Become irritant.
5-Feeling anxiety.
6- I have fear in my heart.
7-feels like some one injecting pins in body.
8-Feeling Sick and hot
9-I forget where i put things.
10-pain in feet and turn swollen.
11-My Body feels weak for no reason .

Please reply me at your earliest . I would be thank full .

Anonymous said...

best remedy listen surah baqurah, surah safat using mike on ears
\fareed ahmed saudi arabia

kamara said...

Salam Amel,
how are you? I hope fine. I have read your posts on black magic spell reversal. They are very good stuffs. I really have a problem which i have applied a number of methods including yours. But still the problem persit.
I have been experiencing a demonic attack for the past seven years or so. It usually come around me at night while i am sleeping and rape me. It even turture me sometimes. The most stressing thing about it is that it constantly tries to prevent women from loving me thereby destroying every relationship i engage in with any woman. This is what has been bothering me much for the past seven years.
It tend to resist every treatment i apply. I do my prayers and read Quran regularly. But still it persists.
So please i want you to pray for me so that it stop desturbing me especially by destroying my love relationships. This is what is disturbing me most. Please help me.

Anonymous said...

salaamu Alaykum Aamil

I trust that you are well Inshaa Allah. I am writing to you for advice
Inhsaa Allah. I have a christian colleague that has nightmares about
demons etc. He said he once went to a church where people were lying
on the floor and crying and the priest was saving them. The priest
called him up and he was saved but that night he dreamt about a female
demon and she was swearing at him. He also had a dream where he was
fighting a bad creature and the creature's name was Imam and at that
time he didn't know wat an Imam was. He then says he had a dream about
the world that was ending and everyone was running wild and there was
chaos. He said God raised him from the destruction and placed him in a
cave with a muslim person and this muslim person was on their knees
and praying and he said in his dream he sat down besided this person
and prayed with. What could the meaning of these dreams be and how do
I help him? Please advise me?

Saba said...


I had some questions regarding black magic/bundish. I was told there is some kind of bundish or blockage so that I won't get married. I was wondering if you could help me out? I have been reading different wazifas and such but don't know if any progress is being made. Could you look into this and see if there is any still on me and give me a solution. If you could break this magic off for me or give me something to read or do please. I am 20 years old and my parents are worrying about me a lot. I just want to be happy and make them happy.

My name is Saba

If you need any other information please let me know. Your reply is appreciated, thank you.

Anonymous said...

As-Salaam Alaikum Brother,

I am writing in regards to my brother. His name is Farhan We are in Los Angeles. I am not quite sure what his problem is, but he appears to be very confused, isn't focused about life, and is unable to accomplish his goals. We have tried guiding him, and explaining him, but it looks like he just does not get anything. He does not seem to have depression, it just feels he is highly unmotivated about things. The way he is living his life, I am concerned that his behavior could be a result of some black magic. I want to clear this doubt. We have asked him to pray 5 times a day, and he says he will do that, but never does it. We are frustrated, and knowing whether his behavior is a result of black magic would clarify our doubts. If not, we will be clear to adopt other methods to guide him.

JazakAllah Khair,

Anonymous said...


I wanted to know if you can help me as my husband is under magic spell
casted on him by his family and now he wishes to leave me as a result
of this

kareem said...

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatulah.... May the blessings and mercy of the almighty Allah continue to be showered on you and all the entire members of your blessed family. My name is Rasheed, a Sunni Muslim and a resident of Lagos, Nigeria. I stumbled upon the site you recommend for cure from black magic and witchcraft some days ago. Please, I have been suffering from that kind of problem since several years ago(more than 20 years back!) Mine is in form of serious memory loss , and loss of personal academic intelligence. I have been praying to Allah since the time I noticed the problem, but there have not been a tangible relief. When I know came about your information, I decide to get across to you. I have tried the number of the man you mentioned, but I have not been to establish a connection with him. he problem has really affected me as I have been in a stagnant position education-wise. I would have loved to come down to Pakistan there had I have the required money to do that. Jazaka Lahu khairan.

ansari said...

assalam o alaikum

With 2 or three years with my head hurts. But it seems very angry about 1 year is a thing of the heart is broke and living alone. Now my wife is an angel who wants to marry me. He died to give him some measure knowledge.

nuru said...

salam alekun waramatulahi wabarakat, i was very happy when i came across your site may Almighty Allah reward you amin. There is something i want to ask from you, please is there any Taweez to make someone become invicible to people?

Amaar said...

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam,

Salaam. Please can you help. I was a happily married man. My wife and I had a wonderful marriage by the blessings of Almighty Allah. However, after a trip to visit her family abroad, her behaviour became very strange and she started disrespecting me and being rude to me. Before this instancem she was a very dutiful wife. I was very concerned. Things got worsem she said she wanted to leave me and eventually she did.

I had a dream. In it I was guided towards the truth after crying to Almighty Allah for his mercy and help. I love my wife very much and asked Almighty Allah to guide me as to what to do. I had twakkul on Almighty Allah my Creator, no one else. In my dream i was told by a 'voice' that my wife is very confused and disturbed but that she still loves me. An evil person has tried to destroy your marriage with their 'sharr' (mischief). I was instructed to be very patient as Almighty Allah would help me.

A few weeks later, an old person heard of what had happened to me and how my life had been destroyed. People said he was an authority on witchcraft/sihr/jadoo/black magic. He perfomed an istikhara and in his dream he saw that my wife and I were never mean't to part, there was a lot of love between us but some people were very jealous of me and our love, they couldn't see us happy so ONE particular person had done serious black magic on my wife. This person told me that the man who had undertaken the task was a non-muslim and had used the blood of an owl along with a piece of my wife's garment and buried it in a graveyard. This elderly person further stated that this sihr was mean't to cause division between me and my wife permanently with no way back.

I have tried many amaal but i have not managed to break the spell. The effects are stil there. She is not the happy person she was, her personality has changed for ther worse and she seems to go blank when trying to remember the 6 beautiful years of our nmarriage. She is known to have told her mother that she misses her husband but doesn't know why she left and whenever she thinks of this past life, her mind plays tricks and she goes blank.

Serious stuff, yes ? Thank you for being patient and reading . Please help me. My question is simple :

How do I break the spell effectively and render it void ? I will do anything. I will undertake a wazeefa. I wait for your reply in earnest.

Anonymous said...



mujahid pasha said...

assalam alaikum

plz help me i am suffering from stammering (hakalna ) from my child hood i want a cure for this plz help me out

Unknown said...

May Allah help all those people suffering from black magic