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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spell reversal and slaying the magician with the Quranic verse 127 of Surah Al Imran

Assalam oalaiqum,
With the help of the Quranic verse no.127 of Surah Al Imran, the magic spell gets thwarted and the magician gets killed. However, this amal is ideal for those magicians who do not possess devils. It can be safely used only against those magicians who do amali magic.
The amal is as follows:
Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after reading the Quranic verse no.127 of Surah Al Imran
لِيَقْطَعَ طَرَفًا مِّنَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا أَوْ يَكْبِتَهُمْ فَيَنقَلِبُوا خَائِبِينَ ﴿١٢٧﴾ (127)
That He might cut off a fringe of the Unbelievers or expose them to infamy, and they should then be turned back, frustrated of their purpose.
Try to read it as much as possible for a successful magic reversal. The more number of times the victim reads this special verse, the stronger will his amal become.
Pray to Allah to help in sending back the magic to the person who has been sending it to you..

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Anonymous said...

Asalamalikum Brother,
I have been a victim for 20 years of very bad black magic, and i am possesed by a jin.

I live in the nederlands, and my name is fareeda
The person who did he is a hindu man, he has a indian restaurant

My life has been totaly ruined, infact my sones aged 23 and 18, and my husband have joined forces with my work and family and are giving me a

bad name

This jin will not let me leave the house, and is creating evil day by day

the indian mans aim is that when i am old i will have nobody, he has full possession of one of my sons, and i think my youngest daughter who he will in future be using to
destroy me and give him full access to me, so when i die there will be no janaza, not respectsable muslim bureal, but he will claim my body and probably creamate me like the hindus

he said me and him will be together for eternity, as he used to work with me 20 years ago, and we argued, but recently i have come to know he is doing everything

in am not afraid of living alone or even dying as i pray all the time, i am afraid of him taking my sould and taking me to his world after death.

Day by Day i can see my boys do not beleive in many things in the islam, but i taught them much, my oldest son reads the koran in dutch and i say this is not right he said it is

Please can you help me brother.

Allah hafiz

nazeef said...


It must be fate that i came upon ur site

I live in a small country called Fiji. Maybe my problem and that of my family may still be nothing compared to what others are in or gone through, but there comes a time when u wish death was a better option.

My family have been to many maulanas and have spent immense money but the problem at our home never goes.

If you can help in any way then i will tell you what our troubles are or even if u would pass me the knowledge necesarry to ward off whatever keeps coming to trouble our family, I would be forever indebted to you and offer a special Nafl namaaz for your increment of knowledge and all jaaez wishes you hold.

I would be looking forward to your reply.

Khuda Hafiz

Anonymous said...

As sallam u Allaikum brother I am in trouble at the moment and I was wondering if you could please help me as I am desperate for it. Could I contact you anyhow through a phone or anything please?

Anonymous said...


I have been on your website and have read about the information listed there. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to help me with my problem? Over the last 12 years I have been working with disabled children here in England, I have worked tirelessly for these children because I feel this my life where I can be a service to these children who i love dearly because I also have a disabled child who is terminally ill. Recently in the last year I have been going through problems at work due to fault of one individual who now has blamed everything on me. This woman has the backing of one of the senior men and both these people have set me and another person up. My house was raided by the police last July where the police took my computer and other things which the police still are not giving back to me. I have been interviewed once and now in the next 2 weeks will be interviewed again. I honestly have always done what I thought was right for my work and other people working with me. I really feel that the 2nd interview will be to set me up and take me to court. I feel I have lost my reputation and prestige through all this process.

Please help me with my problem as I am struggling.

sharqa said...

Asalam Aleikum

I am 28 year old girl facing lots of difficulty related to marriage.

I am facing extremely hurdle for good proposal or Nikah/ Marriage.
Please suggest me some easy and strong wazifa to solving my marriage problem soon.

Waiting for your reply.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have seen your posts when i was doing research about black magic removal.

I am having troubled married life and my husband wants divorce, he is not agreeing to stay with me and everything about me looks negative to him.

He only talks non sense about me with others. I am sure someone has done black magic to break our relationship.

How can i get that cured. My MIL use to give something to both of us to drink on NO Moon day and then he use to fight within 24 hrs after that.

Please help me save my relationship.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Amel I have one question about one of the amal you have posted.
First I would like to thank you for giving some of us hope that we can do something about our situation.
I wanted to ask about 'How to devastate your enemy" do i do this amal after every salat? (Namaz means after salat right like Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha)
And my MAIN question is what if i don't know who my enemy is do i have to have their name/or names in order to do this amal or any other ones on your site?
How many days should i do it? how would i know when to stop? is it when i hear something about the enemy?
I Kind of have an idea who the enemy is but not 100%

It started a year and half ago ..
I started not being able to breath running out of air and having ear pain. It first started with veritgo thn buzzing sounds till this day i hear the sound...
I'm always lightheaded when i go outside. I had to quit my job its been a year since i had a job... Every time i apply for one my heart beats really fast racing.. and gets scared..
but now it got worse every time I do something for myself like going to school my heart beats really fast it starts to get scared and i end up dropping my classes and same for food when i eat healthy my mind start to race about that food effecting me or causing an illness.. Everyday im here thinking about what is happening to me and I don't know what to do anymore...
I don't know what to do anymore especially when it comes to breathing.
also I feel something under my skin moving around most the time.
I pray and recite quran. I am not that good when it comes to quran thats why i think my enemy keeps attacking me with black magic.
But I do know the easy surahs and thats why im so thankful I found your site.
Thank You So Much. Please get back to me as soon as you can so i can.

Shamim said...

My name is Shamim.
I've been a resident of India.
My business is off the last 2 -3 years.
Before I had a very good business
But I do not know what my business was completely paralyzed.
I have all the mass was ended.
Who now totally empty

Anonymous said...


I have read about some magic from website about black magic I would like to ask you something that if one person feel back ache which is always moving from one part of the body to other part of body. some time this person feels somebody pinching and poking... Before back pain this person was suffering with chest pain, when doctor saw this person the doctor did not find any thing wrong on his body... Will you please tell me what is it ? And help me... Give me a respond thank you

zia said...



Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,
Sir, actually we are suffering from black magics since my mother got married 42 years back, first my father family (his mother and sisters) started to doing to my mother and still it is continuing and now my father stopped speaking to my mother since 6 years back and he now stopped eating at home and having food in hotels since last 2 years. he is now 72years old and very adamant till now and my mother is 62years old, he speaks very rare to me and my brothers and sister.
we are totally 6 members in our family my father,mother,my elder sister 40 yrs, elder brother 38 years and my another elder brother 36 years and me 34years.
i have one elder sister is married has one son 17 years old, she got married to my fathers elder sister(main lady for doing all black magics) son. she is also suffering from fighting with her husband and he drinks a lot and lot and listen only to his mother and his sisters wordings and drinks at home itself and passes urine inside the house all the places. he wants my father my mother my sister and my two elder brothers and me all have to suffer a lot and he wants to break all our relations within our family. already 2 pregnancies got aborted after first son which was done by her in-laws family. still some of our relations are bringing some powders and spreading inside her house while visiting her house.
my elder brother got married 6years back and his wife is also doing black magics to make my brother stop speaking with us and now he is not with us and contacts us only through telephone and he has 2 daughters.she never allows my brother to come and meet us and she keeps on fighting with him and now a days we are unable to believe that what ever she says, my brother says yes to her without thinking.we have not even seen his daughter more than 3 times. he will stand on the road to show his daughter and takes her immediately and never brings her to our house because his wife will fight.
my second elder brother is 36 years old and till now he didn't get married and he loves some girl and that girl is very bad in way of speaking and my father is not giving permission for him to get married with her because of love marriage.
i am 34 years old and got married 11 years back and i have 10 years daughter and 2 years daughter, my husband is a very adamant person and he also fights and does so many things and he does these things because of his mother father and his elder brother wife widow( because my husbands elder brother passed away). my husband is working in out of city so i am staying in chennai with my parents with my daughters. my in-laws and his elder brother wife are staying in my husband own built house and she is making me to not come there and doing all sorts of black magic and keep on giving to me and my husband to fight and my children that is why my elder daughter always not well and my second daughter 2 years old got operated in intestine when she was 26 days baby and still she is having side effects.
so many problems are there that we all are facing in our family my mother , my sister, brothers and me. i have written above is very short and there is more to explain, we found these are done through black magics only with a help of an aunty introduced by one of our friend. aunty has a power to see in water and says all the happenings.

Anonymous said...


My mother facing a big problem with her teeth and she feels every time LOHEY KE TAR, LOHEY KI PATRI, JALI, DORI (THREADS) and some time she feels that her teeth fall down and hanging on the DORI and some time she feels sand (MATTI) in her teeth. I don't know what is going on with her teeth. She has consulted many Dental Surgeons and when they Diagnose and X-RAY the reports are cleared and no LOHEY KE TAR OR METAL detected in the teeth. Now the current situation is that she cannot properly eat ROTI due to problem in her teeth and it will affect on health.

Could you PLEASE check what is happening and she every time dishearten,crying and thinking about her teeth. Also please advise me to read something.

Anonymous said...

Assalaam waalaiykum

What duaa can I read for financial and debts difficulties

naqash said...

Salam, Brother! I don't know who you are and where are you from but I need to know if you can find out if someone is effected by magic or not. Our family was famous for being united, but now its not. I know anyone can do it for so different reasons but our whole family is sure that some of our relatives has done this to us and still doing. Could you please help me?

Anonymous said...

As-salaam-alaikum Sir,

I have seen a lot of posts
can help me out with my issue.

I have a brother SHAHNAWAZ of age 22 (India,
Bangalore). He is very very abusive towards parents and hates at the
sight of seeing them. We dont know what to do. There is always
fighting at home. And he abuses both mother and father with abusive
words. We want peace at our home. The condition is very worse. I hope
you understand

We consulted many alims and they say its because of sihir, I have read
the wazifa ya mumeetu 7000 times continuously for 8 days and I am
still doing it for myself and for my brother and I am giving him water
to drink.

Please advice me what else I can do to get my brother to the correct path.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

adil said...

salam sir,
hope you doing well, my name is Syed Adil and i have been living in london from the last 7 years. i was running my own little business from 5 years but from the last two years things have been changed,which was getting worst day by day and at the end everything is finished means i lost my business. i am having some weird feelings from long time like i have always pain in my lower back, my short term memory is getting bad,feel hopeless.feeling tired always. even when i am around with good friends still not happy,cant really describe my feelings. i was searching on internet last night and i found a website which was saying signs of black magic,just to let you know i never believed on this black magic or taweez and stuff. but what i have seen on that website was signs of black magic was like weak short term memory,pains on back,hopeless about life,loosing job and some other stuff so i felt like may be somebody did magic on me which can be wrong more likely. now i just sw yur pages so i thought to send you my problem so you can send me details about how to get rid of black magic if it does exist on me and how can i find if i am under the influence of black magic or may be i am just suspecting myself? AND yea last night i went through a website which says if i say surat e nas 41 times but at the start and end by durood shareed 11 times so i can see in my dream the location of the taweez which i tried but couldnt see anything last night. plz help me coz i dont have any job and i am so hopeless and feeling very lazy like i dont even want to go out of my house but i was never like this before. i am writing about my details at the bottom. i am pakistani by nationality

Anonymous said...

Assalamoalaikum wr

I have some questions about Black magic.
How to know if i am a victem of black magic and nazar e bad evil eye. What is cure and care.
or if you want any information about me i can send you.thanks Jazakallah

Anonymous said...

Salaam brother which country are you from? Iive read some of your blogs and your knowledge on topics related yo magic appears to be excellent. May I ask who your teacher is and whether you also help people through magic related problems.

I'm sure you here all sorts of magic stories. I wont bore you with mine however I disparately require the help of some one who does not charge and does it for the sake of allah. The magic on my household is of every type from voodoo dolls to blockages and jinns and affects health wealth unity and even stop us marrying. Plus the magicians are not stopping and are relentlessly doing it on us for decades now and have killed some family members and trying to kill us all.

Your duas advise support are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Salaam my problem is that i am not well i suffer from a medical condition which gives me really bad joint and muscle pains which prevents me from my day to day activities. Every time i ask my GP for a medical certificate she goes mad even though she knows im suffering i am going to see her tomorrow. Will she give me a medical certificate. Please help its like a constant battle with her

soman said...

Asalamualaikum dear sir,

I am going through miserable life due to black magic from last 10 years almost.can you possibly help me please with it?

Anonymous said...

Asalam o Alikum Brother,

.i also need ur help brother.

actually my husband bussiness is going down day by day actually u can say its finish now n i have quite big family. somebody told me tht someone done a bandish on his business n v have cell phone shop also n last saturday it is also rob n everything is gone especially all cell phone n our one car also they stole. plz plz help me by quranic way.. wat must i do. im so helpless n in problem.. can u plz plz tell me somethg for bandish ka tor... n can u plz tell me something to read tht my problem vill be solve... plz help me plz brother.
ill be really very greatful to u. kabhi apka ehsan nhi bholongi....

Anonymous said...

I am unable to get married. I dont like people who come for me, and whom I like, they leave me. Its not important to me whether its jadu or not.
I have a busy life due to home responsibilities. Can you suggest a short but very effective amal from quran or Ism-e-Allah, so
I can get married soon to a comaptible person with the permission of Allah.

If it works, I will make dua for you sincerely.

safina said...

Asslaam alaikum,

I have been looking on the Internet and came across your website.i know it has been a while since the post in 2009,but I would be grateful if you could let me know if you could help me.there seems to be black magic on my family and if you could guide me as to who can remove it.

nebahat said...


i saw your post on google that how to get rid from black magic. i think my husband is been affected by black magic and he is not with me anymore because he is under some girl's control.. you mention onbly the victim should perform it.. can i do something for my husband using Quran Aayat to get him rid from balck magic... please reply. may ALLAH bles you..

jatinder said...

I am jatinder singh. I am badly affected by black magic.Now I am going to explain everything
from where it starts.In april 2012, My friend got black magic attack. Someone
did love spell(vashikaran) on her. That boy(who did it) and her mother wants her so they
sent an evil spirit that spirit get angry if anyone try to take care or love that girl. So she try to
avoid me and our relationship got broken. But then that evil spirit put some bad affect on me thats why
I did not get my field job from last one year and I got money loss and a lot of stress. In july 2012
I came to know about black magic and I try to remove it with the help of some tantrik but they all
totally failed. Then In oct 2012 gaganpreet(affected girl) again try to communicate with me and then
she told me that
she usually have headache at night time. She always remain in tension and stress. She dont like to talk
to anyone. She also get body pain sometime and she usually cry daily. We still talk just like friends. But
that evil spirit control her mind and giving her trouble. Last month she was thinking about suicide(death).
I got my field job in sep 2012 but due to black magic my mind refuse to go. Please
save us from evil spirit otherwise that spirit will ruined us. Spirit main purpose to give her stress,
financial loss and break up relationships. Please help me to remove this evil spirit from her body.


Anonymous said...

I am currently having Islamic treatment for black magic along with my family, i came across ur website which explained black magic in a very simple way, But I would like to know does this magic effect me that much that my relationship breaks off or can who ever did this evil to me and my family not fear Allah. Is black magic allowed in Islam? We all have trials in life but a never ending trial is much worse? Which is what my family and I going through. Of course I believe in Allah but is their anything I can do get my fiance back and get married. Why should I let these evil people win and ruin my life. I'm probably not making sense but I just wrote what I thought. That's not all there is more but I don't want to sound stupid,

Karthik said...

Dear friend,

I am Karthik, living in mumbai. , when I was searching for the solution/remedy for the blackmagic which was imposed on me from my childhood days.

I realized this very lately , just 7/8 yrs back only. Now, I am 38 yrs old, unmarried and living single.

This black magic has been done on me and to my whole family. Since, our whole family is scattered and never spend a single day happily together for so many yrs. It is always very pathetic situation as one or other always getting admitted to hospital, including my age old parents and bro/sis.

I am looking seriously for a remedy on
1. who has done on us? how much severe it is imposed on me, my family and on my home.
2. how can we come out from this, without harming ourself, i.e my family members?

From the month of dec 12, my situation is worsen and i became weaker financially, as I was laid off from my manager job from Tata communications. I am jobless now. No interview calls, nothing. All the progress on marriage, other financial stability are all stopped.

Can you please help me? guide me, how to know it? Please brother, I read all your documents on blackmagic.

How to recite on verses, is there any full line, sentences or paragraph which I have to pronounce, before I go to sleep, inorder to get in my dreams about the woman/man who had done and how much severe , how to remove it..all, with the mercy of Allah.

Please, help me.

Anonymous said...

I am a married woman 4yrs with no child I read ur site in that for coke band....... for reciting surah waqiya it was return to get ijazat we have to do istikhara 1st I did istikhara n I didn't get anything that day. For my marriage etc I have did istikhara in which I left to Allah . I request u to please do istikhara for me from ur precious time for child problem n what to read etc thanks for ur help.Allah Haafiz.

Anonymous said...

i have some problems in my life in my marriage life and some regarding to money
so please i need istikhara
help me

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum


since 4 yrs for my marriage. I hav 1 yr old child. Now the marriage hav come for divorce.

Can you help.

Anonymous said...

May ALLAH bestow his infinate rahmat on u always for this pious
work u r doing.
Please help me i m in too many problems,after my amijan death i becme
a victum of black wife and i got divorced,my work n business
closed good friends got separated witout no reason.they
started hating me.i m 32 years old and alone.whenever i talk to any1
they want to fight me,hate me.no1 likes me.they make fun and laugh of
me.ths lonliness is killing me.watever n whenever i try to do work i m
I was always good to every1.i ask sme alims they demanded money.which
i m unable to give.
please help me as i runied.i feel like killing myself.please
understand my situations plz plz.

Ahmed said...

Here is a list of 45 verses (or parts of verse) to remove the previously mentioned spells.

Padlock S 21 v 30: Awalam yara allatheena kafaroo anna alssamawati waalarda canata ratqan fafataqnahuma

Buttons S 20 vers 26 27. Wayassir lee amree Waohlul AAuqdatan my lisanee

The Sea S 26 v 63: Faawhayna ila moosa ani idrib biAaasaka albahra fainfalaqa fakana kullu firqin kaalttawdi alAatheemi

Tree S 6 v 59 WaAAindahu mafatihu alghaybi la yaAAlamuha illa huwa wayaAlalamu ma fairy albarri waalbahri wama tasqutu my waraqatin illa yaAAlamuha

Hole, bridge or well S 22 v 31 waman yushrik biAllahi fakaannama kharra my alssamai fatakhtafuhu alttayru aw tahwee bihi alrreehu fairy makanin saheeqin

Cemetery S 6 v 122 Awaman cana maytan faahyaynahu wajaAAalna lahu nooran yamshee bihi fairy alnnasi kaman mathaluhu fairy alththulumati laysa bikharijin minha

Shoes, footsteps S 38 v 42 Orkud birijlika hatha mughtasalun baridun washarabun
Read twice:

Clothing S 7 v 26 Ya banee adama qad anzalna AAalaykum libasan yuwaree sawatikum wareeshan walibasu alttaqwa thalika khayrun

Picture S 7 v 11 Walaqad khalaqnakum thumma sawwarnakum thumma qulna lilmalaikati osjudoo liadama phasajadoo

Hair S 19 v 4 wahana alAAathmu minne waishtaAAala alrrasu shayban walam akun biduAAaika rabbi shaqiyyan

S 2 v 102 from fayataAAallamoona minhuma ma yufarriqoona bihi bayna almari wazawjihi wama hum bidarreena bihi my ahadin illa biithni Allahi

S 3 v 106 Yawma tabyaddu wujoohun wataswaddu wujoohun faamma allatheena iswaddat wujoohuhum akafartum baAAda eemanikum

Brand S 5 v 64 kullama awqadoo naran lilharbi atfaaha Allahu wayasAAawna fairy alardi fasadan waAllahu la yuhibbu almufsideena

Star S 5 v 89 La yuakhithukumu Allahu biallaghwi fairy aymanikum walakin yuakhithukum bima AAaqqadtumu alaymana fakaffaratuhu itAAamu AAasharati masakeena my awsati ma tutAAimoona ahleekum aw kiswatuhum aw tahreeru raqabatin faman lama yajid fasiyamu thalathati ayyamin

S 25 v 23: Waqadimna ila ma AAamiloo my AAamalin fajaAAalnahu habaan

S 6 v 95 Inna Allaha faliqu alhabbi waalnnawa yukhriju alhayya mina almayyiti wamukhriju almayyiti mina alhayyi

Stung doll or cola nut S 33 v 10 and 11: Ith jaookum my fawqikum wamin asphala minkum waith zaghati alabsaru wabalaghati alquloobu alhanajira watathunnoona biAllahi alththunoona
Hunalika ibtuliya almuminoona wazulziloo zilzalan shadeedan

In that situation, they tried the believers: they were shaken by a huge shake.

S 42 v 37 from wa'idha three times: waitha ma ghadiboo hum yaghfiroona

Blood S 5 v 3 Hurrimat AAalaykumu almaytatu waalddamu walahmu alkhinzeeri wama ohilla lighayri allahi

The period of blood S 2 v 222 faitha tatahharna fatoohunna my haythu amarakumu Allahu inna Allaha yuhibbu alttawwabeena wayuhibbu almutatahhireena