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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spell reversal with verse 92 of Surah Taubah for money related problems.

Assalam oaliqum,
This is a kind of a magic spell which makes the victim fall short of money. He becomes so weak financially that even basic necessity like food, clothing etc becomes a problem for him. He becomes distraught as he cannot make both ends meet. Tha amal done with verse 92 of Surah Taubah is powerful enough to break this kind of spell.
Hisar is essential before starting the amal. (It has been mentioned in my previous posts).
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read verse 92 of Surah Tauba
وَلَا عَلَى الَّذِينَ إِذَا مَا أَتَوْكَ لِتَحْمِلَهُمْ قُلْتَ لَا أَجِدُ مَا أَحْمِلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ تَوَلَّوا وَّأَعْيُنُهُمْ تَفِيضُ مِنَ الدَّمْعِ حَزَنًا أَلَّا يَجِدُوا مَا يُنفِقُونَ ﴿٩٢﴾ (92)
Nor (is there blame) on those who came to thee to be provided with mounts, and when thou saidst, "I can find no mounts for you," they turned back, their eyes streaming with tears of grief that they had no resources wherewith to provide the expenses.

and in the end repeat the durud shareef 11 times. The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.
After finishing the amal, one should pray to Allah help in to reversing the spell towards the magician.

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Mohammed Abdul Shuaieb said...

Assalam walaikum,
My name is Mohammed Abdul Shuaieb, i am a diploma engineer, still not yet employed, to be very frank to you bhai, people of our locality are very much scared of this group of religious clerics, god knows what this psychopaths want, they say they want to become like TALIBAN of this place, in todays civilised world is it correct to pressurise anyone, if it is right then according to them all non-muslims in the world should die instantaneously, did our HUZOOR SALLALLAHU A-LAIHI WASALLAM teach us this way of leading life, ALLAHUAKBAR, i don't want a dailogue about it, god knows what will happen, anyways brother can you please tellme any particular wazaif or any particular ayat or any particular Hadees to get rid of all sorts of BANDISH upon me, like some thing done on water, my clothes, my footwear, etc. please brother, just do it in the name of ALLAH and our master HAZRAT RASOOLULLAH SALLALAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM,

Maria said...

salaam. I got your info from online. i m in a critical situation. My husband and i are separated.. we are living in two different countries..i believe his mother has done some black magic to separate us.. what should i do from being far apart from him to break this?

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alakum Brother,
Please borther, My husband goes here and there for wrong ladies, which soura , which dua, or which asma I have to read or keep with me that my husband loves me and stop his affiars?

and I have a bad enemy who hate muslims so much and for that she does black magic on my life to make problem between me and my husband. Please Help me how to punish that enemy?
فی امان الله

Anonymous said...

Assalamu-alaikum wr wb

Brother i am indeed in need of money with in 4th of this sept
i dont know what to do.
What amal is to take and i m trying to sale my land and my friend's land for making money since last six months but getting no success not omly i play but nowadays i m not gettin any big break to play and earn.

i need Allah's help nd my muslim brother's suggestions and dua
brother give me an advise to take an amal and pray for me

1more thing
my friend whose land is to be sold by me is also in need they are facing problems related to black magic (kufri/jadu) and their amal is not workin

mere dost or uski family wale shayad sihir ke jadoo pe atak gaye hai
usne 1000 bar din pe sura ikhlaas parne k vee amal liya tha

help me brother, pray to Allah for me
plz read my message and reply

irfan said...

Salam brother how do we get good morals
I am,suffering from black magic nons stop I'm reading all the surah can u help

raja said...

I am a big fan of you because of your services on the web.

Can you plz guide me as I need help. If you can provide me a contact of a Powerful Amil
but who does not practice Shirk and has fear of Allah. Is not like the fraud ones who make
deals with the Jins for the time being and then start doing Sihr on you themselves.

I don't want to meet anyone who take high fees and make you coming back again & again
and start creating problems for you after solving the problem for time being. As I had many
bad experiences.

Anonymous said...


My problem is that somebody is casting Bandish on me again & again. I break it using various Islamic methods but as soon as its broken and things start moving same day or after a day or two it again happens and everything goes wrong.
I know the symptoms that's why I am sure. When it is done I lose interest in work, things which are moving fine and steady suddenly start getting wrong and come to a stop. Body pain, lose interest in Prayers. Feel sleepy even after sleeping for 5-7 hours, Bad temper, People stop talking to me ..... I FEEL ISOLATED COMPLETELY. Other problem is Bandish on Marriage. The proposals come but suddenly everything gets quiet and there is no activity at all.
I Recite Quraan daily , Pray regularly, Give Alms... try my best to live a clean life. No bad habits.
I know quite a lot about these issues myself as I have researched on these matters over past ten years. But Can't solve it myself and the people I went to were either not powerful enough or Shayateen in the form of human beings. Who start doing sihr on you so that you keep coming back to them and they keep making money.

Anonymous said...

Asalam walekum wa rehamtulahi war barkathahu

janab i have read your blog i liked it very much its full of knowledge i have learnt many things from it i thank you for the knowledge you
have put down . janab after reading your blog i felt you can help me.plz help me i have no one to help me and i am in immense pain.

its been 2 years 11 months since i have got married . 6 months after my marriage i got infection after 1 month i was having back pain after consulting
5 to 6 doctors there said i was having disc problem advised 3 months of bed rest then i was suffering from vertigo (dizziness) . my back pain was not
at all subsiding as i was suffering from this last year in the month of February i got pregnant as i was on medication for back pain doctors said
either physically handicapped or mentally challenge baby will be born then i had to abort my baby after some time i was suffering from neck pain i
visited doctor he gave tablets due to which i got allergy this happened before ramzan till now what ever tablets i take am getting allergy and i still have
back problem(disc problem) and also neck ache ... coz of all these my body turns numb there is a tingling problem . janab am really fe timed up with my life
there are times when i felt like committing suicide . its not only with me my husband too has something the other health issues since we have got married
ours is a love marriage. janab i dont know anyone to consult regarding this matter .plz help me day day am loosing interest in life.i feel as if my body is
rotting from inside .

looking forward for your reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Amil sahab,

Asalam o Alaikum,

We urgently need to your help to remove black magic and jinn, pls advs your contact number.

Do you reside in Australia.

Jazak Allah Khair.

Anonymous said...

السلام علیکم
Dear Brother,
Please Guide me on reading any dua to destroy non muslim enemy, who hate muslims so much and for that all time they call me and before also they have done black magic in my life to destroy my life.
I am suffering so much , my husband cheat me, going for rented ladies, give bad words of mother and sister all time, beating, shouting, drinking, gambling , sitting with wrong friends and go to hotel for bad ladies and pay his money there, and all time he make the life tight for me and my kid.. he beats my little daughter every day... Please Brother, guide me with any dua to read to destroy this man, who has destroyed many ladies life and do bad naami for many.
Please let me to give him any at least temporary punishment , anything to make him ill may he understand his mistakes.... or anything to finish him..
I lost my father and he laugh on death of my father and daily repeat and laugh about death of my father...
he broked my glasses 4 years as my father bought for my eyes to see well, but he broked and did not give me any glass for 4 and half years and i suffer so much with seek eyes.
is that right that reading 300 times of
صم بکم عمی فهم لا یرجعون
after each namaz can make him suffer for his eyes?
is there any thing to do to cut his right hand as he beat alone ones as he think he has power as a man, to beat alone ladies, and my daughter, as he does wrong sins of going for bad ladies too, that something to do that he lose his right hand? that in that way, he become in need of me for his everything ? because during years he beats me with those hands and do a lot sins with them, and has made life so tough and rough for me, let him to be in need of me for everything..
Please brother, help me what to read?
as i am an alone muslim in hand of this man.

Anonymous said...

My husband was born in Pakistan city Hyderabad
now current usa in california
He was a very intelligent man, always very sharp, but now what happens is he can't think.
Whenever he starts talking he stutters and has to think and isn't able to express what he is saying
Also where ever he stats working, the company starts failing. His last job everyone would get a lot of sales
but he wouldn't get sales. He had bad production but he works very hard. He just started new job, and since he has started the owner is seeing some problems starting in the company. The owner isn't showing too much interest in him like he was in the beginning. Where ever Arif goes he has problems with work and overall in social life as well. He isn't able to express himself and doesn't listen to the right thing. Whenever someone talks to him its now hard for him to listen and focus. He wants to do things but it seems like something always stops him. He doesn't take too much interest in the kids either and myself like he used to. Everywhere he goes everyone gets sale except him. and people don't like to talk to him , they usually ignore him and don't treat him too well. People always make fun of him and don't take him seriously.

Iram said...

I read some discussion and duas you have prescribed online. Please help me I have been told that there is bandish or aleemi amal done on me to break my marriage. For the past 2 years my marital life has gone worse very bad. My husband doesn't want any relation with me nor kids nor home. He stopped coming home meaning he doesn't sleep at home for the past few months (he says he sleeps in his car). He comes home only to change and if I try talking to him he only threatens me. I have tried so much I do pray 5 times. Please help me if you can before its too late. I have been married 13 years and have wonderful 2 kids and a great husband whom I do not want to loose.

fatima said...

assalam o alaikum sir,

my name is fatima. my life has alot of problems. the problems keep on increasing, i have been trying my best to eliminate the problems. i have been trying to find out the solutions to my problems but nothing works out. they keep on increasing. i visited many scholars , they told me there are evil eyes of the people on me since so long plus some relatives n friends have caste black magic too. they treated me, i felt a little bit better but again things turn against me. every affair in my life has got badly disturbed. nothing is working out. i have recited n practiced so many Surahs of Quran, i tried many things but the problems do not get solved.

i request u to plz help me out.. i do need help.... plz guide me....

reply awaiting


fatima said...

i hereby would like to mention more symptoms/conditions:
1. i feel badly doubtful while taking Taharat, performing Ablution and more disturbed and doubtful while saying Prayers, i.e. i repeat the Verses many times, e.g.
(Takbeer-tul-Ahraam) ALLAH-U-AKBAR, i repeat many times, many other verses i repeat many times. secondly i forget how many Ra'kaats of Salat i prayed, three or four?
I feel doubtful while Reciting Holy Quran or any other Sacred Verse or Dua.

2. i am 33 and still single, only five to six proposals were there throughout this entire period of my life till now. i am educated an MBA, beautiful, belong to a respectable family but there is no sign of proposal at the first stage and if there is one proposal, they visit us, talk to my family, like me and then dis appear.

3. all the affiars of my life, my job, my studies, my health, my relationships, success, marriage, every affair is so nice in the begining but suddenly everything turns against me, people near me , blame me, talk ill of me and leave me. every time i get shocked and hurt.
4. i meet alot of accidents, recently sprained my ankle while using the stairs at the office inspite of being so much careful in everything.
5. lose money alot. donot earn much but lose alot.

dear sir,
i went to many scholars,they looked into my details, most of them said people from my friends and family have done some sort of magic to destroy my whole life, to fail me in every affair of my life. blocked my luck in everything. some say i have evil eyes on me since the age of eleven/twelve which has destroyed every affair in my life. they treat, for sometime i am a bit better but then everything gets worse. i pray and recite myself, i feel relaxed for a while but the same, soon everything changes and turns against me. nothing is working out. no matter how much i have tried, nothing is working out. i could not achieve what i longed for in the field of studies (when you happen to go through my details, you will find out yourself)
i am losin every relation one by one, losing success, losing money, losing job, above all, i am turning old with no success, no money, no marriage, no goals achieved, empty handed.
i have become hopeless and day by day this hopelessness increases.
please show me some way out, please help me.


Mahmood said...

salam since long I am in financial problems, please tell me is there any salution, many peoples told me that there are some ASARAT on me but how to come out no one give the salution. please guide me or help me.

shanaz said...

I have some family problems like children problem son does not care very much and I ask him to come home he does some times stay couple of hours and leaves but then months pass byI do not see him does not talk very much. My emotions are on roller coaster. I am very tired and into deep depression I am afraid that some day I might not do some thing drastic. I want to get out of it but unable to come out of it. Seems like every body is angrey with me and they do not understand me that how vulnerable am I. I try to read lot of stuff but? I hope you will be able to help me.

Anonymous said...

My problem is some one is attacking on me by magic and from last 3 years i m finishing that and he or she is doing again and again, so tell me how to get rid of that? and i don't know what to do?
and every one knows i am the most Antillean and smart person of my family and there are different people who always ask about my study my self and my job, and when i get job after 15 days or long i just resign and all i have symptoms of black magic, some time they attack me on bandish, some time taveez etc. and i have treated myself a lot, and day by day i am going weak, my face going dark and there i feel different problems in my whole body, SO my 1 problem is i want you to take care of my that magic,
2 i was playing cricket from club, every knows that i was very fast bowler in my club and my dream was to become cricket star and i have asked from Ulma, and i did different istakharas which pointed me . that i will be very very success in cricket, but i don't know what happened ,suddenly i stopped palying cricket and even i was feeling scare from cricket club.
so the 2 problem is if i become cricket star just because of you , SO belive me i will pray for you For long long time and i will give you A BIG Geft for AKhirat, like prayers, etc. and hope you will understand what i mean . So please soname Uncle i have been from different ameel etc they just played with me and waste my money and time.. plz you are my last wish and if you could help me i promise i promise i promise i will make you happy in whole life and i will always REQUEST TO ALLAH for you to give JANNAt ul firdoos and also make you success in the World.

Anonymous said...

sir, I have seen your wazaiefs about magic and very impress to u. I am a victim of jado since 2001. I have done a lot of treatment myself by several amils but ill till now. My problem is that jado is present in my stomach and amil can not finish it. I have done several amals of holy quran but till now not sucessful to finish my jado. Please help me.given to me any wazeifa that my magic exit by vomating or motions. Thanks sir.

Zareena said...


This is Zareena. Can you please do Istikhara for my job and marriage?I had so many problems with my previous job. Every time i am getting contract position but i am looking for permanent position in software company.This is not happening from past 4 months i am idle.Can you please do Istikhara on behalf me and let me know at least i can get job in this month.

And one more thing. My parents are very concerned about my marriage. We have financial issues once we cleared them. then only i am ready for marriage. And i like a guy . And can you please let me know whether this match will good for marriage?

I will wait for your reply ..please reply me soon... Jazakallah Khair..

saila said...

Hi Amel,

I need some help. We have issues in my home from a very longtime and nothing works out well.

There is never a pleasant atmosphere around and always there seems to be problems around.

Is there a way that you could find and help me, whether a black magic has been cast on our family.

Please advise.